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We'll Make Our Own Paradise Then

Novel By: elphabalives17
Young adult

They always said I was brash, and could get anyone to go along with my plans. Hey, I was Aries, the daredevil, after all. But does that excuse me for getting my freinds to cross the country and commit felonal crimes one after another? My name is Rena and this is my story. View table of contents...


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You dont understand, Rena," groaned Luke, "If I dont get in, I am frikin' toast! It will litterally kill me to say at CMS any longer!" Sighing, he threw himself back in his chair. I gave him a hard look, rolling my eyes. Sure, my best freindhad it bad where he went to school, CMS, he fought 1 on 6 fights constantly and had been suspended 5 times for it. But he was going to get into RMS. I was desperate for him to, as was my best freind, and his girlfreind, Tammy. It was a very small school.

Infact, my class at RMS, freshmans, was the biggest... and we only had 50 students... well we would have 50 students even when Luke got in...

"Ren, I really dont think I can make it in. They know my record...." Luke moped, not glancing up at me from across the otherwise empty table we were sitting at in the small town cafe. Tammy, we call her Mouse because she could pass for a 4th grader shes so small, hadnt come with me to town (I had to walk daily) so Luke had met up with me so I wouldnt flip out on my own. I had been followed by two CMS boys a few weeks ago. Even though I carried a knife at all times, it made most of my freinds nervous. SO some one was always with me. Today it happened to be Luke.

"They will ley you in Luke. I'm certain of it... And if theyu dont I have a very good plan."

He shot me a rightfully suspicious look. "Luke, in our group of freinds, are any of us overjoyed at home right now?"

Now the look he gave me was pained, sad, and full of greif. His mother had just lost a long battle with a certain didease, and his father wasnt around much, never had been if you catch my gist. Tammy lived with foster parents, who she didnt overly enjoy. I had my own problems. My parents had money, but, like the situation with the twins, Ann and Allen, well our parents werent around much. Nessie was emo, and not well excepted, and her brother Derek, a year older and held back, was just as depressed, though very smart, and into philosophy.Suzie, we have always called her Heraafter the greek godess mother of all, ya know (Also insanley jealous like hera!), had a kinda troubled familly. Her parents were in the middle of a big divorce, her brother was going off to college soon, and her parents were putting alll the blame on her. Danny, the love of my life, had just been abandoned by his older brother, who had raised him, and dumped him now, he was staying with Nate for a while.Even Nate, who seemed to have a happy home, was majorly depressed whenhis Hera wasnt holing his hand."I... know." Luke told me quietly later, and I knew the same thoughts had ran through our heads.

"Well, just leave it to me then, ok? I have the idea of a lifetime.... Luke, how much money do you got saved?" I asked, as a plan began form in my mind. This was my area of expertise. I would think this plan out perfectly. I was brash, and I was an Aries, the ram, the daredevil... The wren does mean, in the celtic ways: determined, quick witted, light hearted, active, creative, agile, sharing, and freespirited. My freinds call me Ren, because of it... well thats not the only reason of course, but yhou get the jist of things.

"I have several hundred in a saftey in my house, and a thousand in my bank account."

"Yes! If we can all have it like that..." I trailed off, the thoughts bombarding my head all at once. It didnt bother me, I was glad to have the sudden adrenaline rush.

"wHatever you say, REn. Just... dont get ahead of yourself.... None of us will like that to much!" Luke said nervously, and I smiled at him easilly, when I heard my mom honk outside, twice to tell me to hurry up, and that she was going to come out in several minutes, ahe was running an errand doen the street.

I jumped up, and gave Luke a fist bump, brushing my shaggy bangs outa my eyes. "See ya!" we both said in usion, as I jogged off, stopping only once to check my reflection in the front windows of the cafe. All was good. My dark black hair in its stylishover the shoulder curlystylewas flared out nicley. My slim yet still curvy body stuck out in the right places in the pale blue t-shirt that read 'Kiss My Bloody Irish Ass' in white letters and the light faded mini skirt with white leggings. I was very pale, and I was obnoxiously out in the open if I wore dark and bright showy girls like my deeply freinds did. My light brown eyes hid behind thin almost unnoticable frames, I had nearly read myself blind, and had to go to the eye doctor myself in 5th grade.

As I studied my self in the mirror, I saw that my mother was gracefully floating back to the car, a few bafs on her arm. I ran and got in before her. She stepped in, not speaking for a few minutes. When we were close to our house, she finally said, "Your father and I are leaving for a few weeks, Renalie, I am trusting you to care for yourself. Clean the house, find a ride to school, do your homework, and maintain your grades. We are leaving in the morning. "

Though I was used to my parents abandoning mr like this, it still hurt. I thought suddenly of something I had read in The Giver at school today.

"Mom, do you and dad even love me?" I asked, sounding... I think anxious, sad and hurt, truth be known.

My mother pulled into our four car garage, sand turned to look at me, and I thought I saw on her face what I hadnt seen since I was young, and we did everything as a real family. "Dear of course I love you, more than a lot of things. It is a troubled time now, my daughter, and I am doing my best to make sure you have a real future in the world. I know we leave you alone alot, but whe we are home we try... Maybe not hard enough. But yeas I do love you, as does your father."

"I love you to, mum." I said quietly as she got out of the car and walked into the house, sending our maid out to getthe groceries. Blinda got off whenever mum and dad werent home, I was always taking care of myself then. Probably a good thing, Blinda liked to slap me. Hard.

I ran up to my room, a kind of suite I'd created out of our 5 room attic, the 4th story of our house. I dropped my books in my living room, tossed my coat in the huge walk in closet, layed my jacket on the bed of the gothic black and purple room, went to the bathroom, and finally scurried into my writing room. It was where I planned and did everyhting I needed to that had to do with literature, except read. I read in my living room ususally.

As I sat staring out at the gloomy spring day through the large floor touching window, I wondered if any of it would be possible.

But I was Ren. I was brash, head strong, and charismatic, they said. I could do whatever I put my mind to, and could get anyone to do it at the same time. So it would all work out, legally or not...And so it would work... I hoped....

altHera and NatealtLuke and Tammy altRenna and DannyaltAnne and Allen, the twinsaltNessie and Derek, emo siblings


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