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The Diary of Easter Island

Novel By: Emma Richards
Young adult

Maya and her tribe are banned from their homeland and forced to set sail in search of a place to start again. When they find the island, it seems to be paradise, but the peace doesn't last for long.
This story is slightly exagerated in time as it is over hundreds of years, whereas this story is written over several years.
*Written for my Geography homework, may not be brilliant quality or very long as I didn't have very long to write it* View table of contents...


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800 AD

The sky above us was as dark as hell, the wails of wraiths and demons echoing all around, I pray to the god's for protection. The canoe was silent, although we were all awake, all of us were too frightened to speak. The silence was deafening. At least, I thought, the waters were still. There had been a night where the canoe had been at the mercy of the god's, the demons rattling the sides, their icy rage slashing at our feeble faces. Father had pushed on, determined we were to reach our goal, he thrashed at the water with the paddle and saved us from the demons.

Once the night had retreated and the sun filled the sea and sky with her dazzling light, all was quiet. Father would continue to steer the boat in a random direction, searching the horizon for a trace of land, so far all ahead was a vast ocean. I hadn't kept track of the days, maybe even weeks, but I knew we had been sailing for quite some time.

I had been forced to get on this boat. I never wanted to leave the mainland. Neither did Father. He had told me, just before we set sail, he had said he wished to stay but we couldn't. Ryoa, my little brother, cries a lot. I'm the one who has to sing him to sleep, kiss away his nightmares and tell him stories of the place we are headed, I have to be his mother. I miss Mother with each passing day. She had gotten ill not long ago. She was too weak to fight off the sickness and passed away. They didn't see it like that, of course. They accused Father of murdering her. Fewer than a quarter of the tribe had believed Father, they too were shunned and sent away. Fifty people were sent on to the water, fifty people huddled in canoes, fifty people who would never see land again.

"Maya!" Father whispered, putting his arm around my shoulders. "See that dark line on the horizon?"

I narrowed my eyes, searching the point where the ocean meets the sky, and then I saw it.

"Is that land?" I asked. Father nodded. "I can't believe it..."

"We made it, Maya, we went against all odds and we made it." Father grinned, giving me a quick hug, I continued to gaze adoringly at the glittering water.

Word spread quickly, the entire boat was buzzing with excitement at the sight of the island. It was close to sunset when we reached the coast of the beautiful tropical island. It was magnificent. The island was covered in tall trees, birds with bright feathers and a blissful melody; the sea was plentiful with fish.

It didn't take long to settle into the island. Father was the chief of our clan, he immediately began the construction of houses and canoes, he made sure our people were safe and happy. I helped out too, a few of the women showed me how to plant crops, and very often I would join in the fishing. Ryoa liked it here too, he gurgled happily and grinned out at the porpoises dancing in the waves. I loved this island.


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