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Balancing Two Lives

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl
Young adult

Anna Bay Clarance just wants to be a normal girl but unfortunately she can't. Why? Because she has no family, lives nowhere, oh and has black wings. For her entire life she has been used in a secret lab and tested on. She was injected to grow wings when she was an infant and when she grew her wings her hair permanently turned blue along with her eyes. She got away and now is trying to live a normal life as possible. She's only 14 and wants to make friends, but that's hard when you've never been outside of a freezing cold experimental lab.

Anna has to fight everyday of her life and hide from the scientists that are looking for her. She escaped when she was only 10 and it's been 4 years. Now the scientists have found her and she's been genetically designed to fight well, but not without the help of her new friends. Her first friend ever named Krystal lets her live with her, but is Anna gonna be safe when Krystal's dad is a rapist? What will happen to Anna and Krystal? View table of contents...


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Chapter 19

I sat on the couch and everyone looked at me. I sighed and knew it was going to be hard to tell everyone my father was dead. I gulped and looked up and finally spoke.

"Dad is dead," I said.

"What?," my mommy asked.

"He killed himself at the cafe Damon took me to," I replied.

You know what the funny thing is? I wasn't really upset that my father was dead. Most of my life I've been afraid of him and wanted to wish I wasn't alive. But now that he's gone and I think about it I am relieved that he's gone! I smiled and everyone stared at me.

"Are you okay Anna?," Krystal asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay," I looked at her and hugged her.

Everyone hugged around us in a group hug and I felt Damon hugged me from behind and smiled. I was finally feeling good and at peace now that I know since my father is dead word will spread and they'll stop looking for me. I felt tears of joy slip out my eyes and glide down my face. Damon lightly put a kiss on my cheek and then I heard a knock on the front door. I found a way out of the group hug and went to open the door. There was no one there, but there wasa present adressed to me. I picked it up and opened the package. It was a doll with a letter under it. The note read:

Anna it's your dad if you got this package. Ian must've sent this to you knowing that I'm dead. This is the doll I got you to keep you company all alone in that room I put you in. I knew that I should've stopped, but my father taught me all of this and told me when I have a daughter do what he didn't since he only had a son. Me. But here's you're doll. I got it to look just like you and hope you keep it forever. Truly I love you and hope the rest of your life is filled with love, hope, and lots of peace of mind. Love you Anna and forever I will love you.

I looked at the doll and it did look like me, and it was in good shape. I smiled and took it into the house I set it on a table and more people were in the house. I shrugged and walked upstairs and sat on the bed in my room. I felt hands lightly wrap around my eyes and I laughed as I felt a light kiss on my neck.

"Anna, you look so hot in that outfit," Damon whispered.

"Thank you," I turned all the way around and kissed him.

I put my hands over top of his and leaned back into him. He was on his knees on my bed so I leaned back against him and smiled. He had a bowl of grapes and fed me them as if I was a pharoh. He had hid a can of whipped cream behind his back and when I closed my eyes while he was feeding me another grape he put whipped cream in my mouth also. I ate a little whipped cream and Damon entwined our lips and his tounge accessed my mouth and took the whipped cream out of my mouth. I lifted my legs onto the bed and slid up so I was sitting in Damon's lap.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and adjusted myself so I could wrap my legs around Damon. I felt Damon's hands slid up my back and into my hair. I pressed myself against Damon more and heard a knock at the door. I parted my lips only away from Damon and said come in. Krystal walked in and had two plates of cake with a fork on each plate.

"So that's where the whipped cream went," Krystal laughed.

"Sorry," Damon laughed.

"Here's some cake," Krystal set it on the nightstand, "don't get her pregnant."

Krystal smiled walking out and shutting the door. I leaned my head against Damon's chest and chuckled. Damon slowly slid his hand up in my shirt which was already super thight against my body and made my breasts look good. I engulfed his lips and he lifted my shirt off. He lied me down on my back and slowly trailed kisses down my belly and pulled down my sweatpants along the way. I felt him kiss my pussy very softly and then ripped off my lacy purple boyshorts. Well he didn't rip them off, but took them off, oh you know what I mean. I rolled us over and I was on top and trailed my tongue down him from his chest, circling his naval and dragging off his pants and briefs. His cock sprang free and stood proud awaiting for me. I only took the tip into my mouth and sucked it until he thrusted his hips up and forced me to take him deeper. I did and made him really wet and shinny. I wrapped my slender fingers around his cock and positioned him at my entrance.

I slowly lowered myself and moaned at how good it felt for him to be insidee of me. Damon flipped us back over and leaned on his elbows and kissed me hard. I wrapped my legs around him and locked my ankles together. He pushed his cock till he hit my end, and so he distracted me and his mouth mimicked his need and when I least expected it he thrust hard and I let out a cry of pain and pleasure.We were panting and he began to thrust in and out of me slowly at first. But when I felt a little bit more comfortable I actually wanted to feel the pain and told him to just go faster and harder. He did and I felt hot tears slip out of my eyes as he began to go faster and deeper.

"I'm hurting you," he began to slow.

"No, please Damon, I wanna feel the pain to know that you love me," I said and it sounded a little like I was crying.

He attacked my lips roughly and he slowly pulled out and thrust sharply. I moaned and my head lolled around.

"I do love you Anna," he kissed my neck, "I just don't like seeing you hurt so much."

"I'm fine I promise," I dug my nails into his shoulder, "Please I want it, crave it!"

Damon nodded and began to go fast and soon enough I shuddered at the best orgasm ever! Damon pulled out and I moved down and began to suck him until he came in my mouth. I swallowed it all and licked my lips. I lied my head on his chest and our breathing slowly went to normal.

"I love you Anna," Damon said lying on his side and wrapping and arm around me.

"I love you too," I snuggled closer into him.

A thought popped in my head and it came tomind that I have given Damon a blowjob and have had oral sex, but never anal.

"Damon, would you ever have anal with me?," I asked looking up at him with myteary eyes.

"We could right now," he whispered with and evil grin.

"Yes, please," I begged.


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