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Balancing Two Lives

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl
Young adult

Anna Bay Clarance just wants to be a normal girl but unfortunately she can't. Why? Because she has no family, lives nowhere, oh and has black wings. For her entire life she has been used in a secret lab and tested on. She was injected to grow wings when she was an infant and when she grew her wings her hair permanently turned blue along with her eyes. She got away and now is trying to live a normal life as possible. She's only 14 and wants to make friends, but that's hard when you've never been outside of a freezing cold experimental lab.

Anna has to fight everyday of her life and hide from the scientists that are looking for her. She escaped when she was only 10 and it's been 4 years. Now the scientists have found her and she's been genetically designed to fight well, but not without the help of her new friends. Her first friend ever named Krystal lets her live with her, but is Anna gonna be safe when Krystal's dad is a rapist? What will happen to Anna and Krystal? View table of contents...


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Chapter 2

I woke up still on top of the highschool. My arm had healed and so did my wing. I stretched open my wings and looked around. It was getting dark. I must've slept for an entire day. I glided down to the ground and made sure no one saw me. No one did so I quickly tucked in my wings and began to walk. When I turned a corner I bumped into someone. I fell on my butt.

"I'm so sorry," a high voice said.

I looked up and saw a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She helped me back to my feet and duste me off.

"I'm so sorry," she said again.

"It's okay," I said patting the dirt out my hair.

"My name's Krystal," the girl said.

"Uh... my name's Anna," I said, "Anna Bay Clarance."

"Hello Anna," she replied.

"Hi," I said.

"Where ya headin?," Krystal asked.

I actually didn't know where I was heading. Probably to sleep in a park tree or under a park bench. I sighed and walked away from Krystal.

"Hey," she said grabbing my hand.

I grabbed her arm and flipped her. She was on her back groaning in pain. I gasped because I thought she might of been one of the hunters looking for me. I guess not. I helped her up and gently touched her back. No broken bones that I could feel. Maybe a strained muscle.

"I'm sorry Krystal, I don't know what happened," I lied.

"Wow strong aren't we?," she laughed it off.

"Yeah," I blushed.

"So where are you going?," she asked again.

"No where," I said.

"Come on tell me," she smiled.

I looked down at my feet. Krystal's smile quickly wiped away. She looked at me with concern and looked at my dirty clothes.

"You're an orphan," it wasn't a question.

"No to be an orphan you'd have to have parents," I might have said a little too much.

"Everyone has to have had parents," she frowned.

"If I ever did I never met em," now I had to stop talking.

I turned around and she grabbed the two slits in my shirt. I gasped.

"Why do you have two slits in your shirt?," she wondered.

"One day I slept in a tree and when I tried getting down my shirt got stuck and got torn," I lied again.

"But these are perfect cuts and what's this?," more and more questions.

I took her hand and dragged her to an empty alley way.

"You have a lot of questions and I can only answer if you promise to keep it a secret," I said seriously.

"Of course," she had a natural pout to her lips.

I unfolded my wings and Krystal's eyes got very wide. She didn't say anything at first then she got calmer and calmer.

"That explains a lot," she said.

I laughed at her and tucked my wings away. She smiled and pulled me into a hug. I've never hugged anyone before. The man from two days ago grabbed me from behind like a hug, but I've never really hugged anyone. She let go and brushed my hair to the side exposing my blue eyes. My hair and eyes have always been blue since I grew my wings.

"How did you get your hair this beautiful?," she asked.

"My hair grew in blue when my wings grew, I was experimented on since I was born," I said.

"Well you can explain the rest of this later we should go to my house and you get a fresh shower and a good rest," she began to walk.

"We?," I asked.

"Yes we, you're coming with me," I didn't know if I could trust her but I walked with her anyway.

We walked for about five minutes then Krystal walked up stairs to a red and gray house. I stopped at the door scared to enter.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you," she said.

"You don't know how many times I've heard that and it turned out to be a hunter," I said looking around the door frame.

"Come on, you can trust me," she held her hand out to me.

I hesitated then slowly took her hand. She pulled me in and I suddenly felt extremely warm. Something I haven't felt in a while. Krystal closed the door and told me to follow her upstairs.

"Mom, Dad!," she shouted.

"Yes," her parents responding walking out their room.

I stopped and saw her parents instantly looked at me. I looked down shyly and stared at my old shoes.

"Who's your friend Krystal?," her mother asked.

"Mom this is Anna," Krystal introduced me.

"Hello Anna, I'm Krystal's mom Megan," she held out her hand.

I took it gently and shook it.

"And I'm Krystal's dad Steven," he nodded to me.

"Well you must be tired, we can talk tomorrow," Krystal's mom walked up to me.

I took a step back and Megan looked at me with concern. She took cautious steps to me and showed me to the guest room. The bed was queen sized and the room smelled like roses. Krystal walked in with a long shirt in her hands.

"Here's a nightgown," Krystal handed it to me.

I took it and walked into the bathroom with Krystal following me. She turned on the hot water and steam began to form all around.

"Just call when you're done and I'll shut it off," she said walking out and closing the door.

I stripped my clothes off and stepped into the water. And don't remember the last time I washed up. Oh it's was in the Mississippi about two months ago when hunters found me again. I washed every part of my body then washed my hair. I didn't come out the shower until the water began to get cold. I turned off the shower and grabbed a soft small balnket used for drying off.

I walked out the bathroom carrying the long shirt and saw Krystal's dad sitting on the bed. I stopped and stared at Steven. He came up to me and removed the small fluffy balnket from me. I stared at him and he was staring at my body. I tensed when his hand gently touched my cheek then traveled down my body slowly.Stopping only to massage my breasts.He stopped just above the spot between my legs.

He wrapped the small fluffy towel around me then kissed my cheek. He walked out the room and closed the door. I just stood there dazed and wondered what just happened. I dropped the fluffy small towel and put the long shirt on. Hopefully I wouldn't have to run away tonight and make a quick get away having to fly. If I had to fly I'd might have to fly stark naked.

I climbed into the bed and turned out the lamp that was the only light on. I lied there awake for hours. I couldn't sleep and soon enough I began to hear small screaming. I got up and walked out the bedroom. It sounded like it was coming from the basement. I ran downstairs to the basement and Krystal was lying on the floor tied up. She was naked and her dad was on top of her also naked.

I gasped in shock and Krystal's dad looked up at me. He moved away from Krystal and ran at me. He tackled me to the ground and covered my mouth. I bit his hand so hard it began to bleed. He screamed and got off of me. I stood up and kicked him straight in his face. He fell to the ground knocked out. I ran to Krystal and untied her.

I saw something dripping out of her and quickly looked back up. I didn't wanna know what it was. She was crying and I began to cry.

"Are you okay?," I said wiping my tears away.

"Yes," Krystal got up and rubbed the parts of her body that were tied up.

We ran up the stairs and into Krystal's room. Clothes on her bed were torn and all over the room. Krystal went to her closet and pulled out a pink night shirt. Like mine, but mine is black. She wiped her eyes and crawled into bed. I stood there looking stupid.

"Well come on," she said leaning on an elbow.

"What?," I asked.

"I knew you'd be scared to sleep alone tonight until my dad...," she stopped and looked up trying to stop the tears.

I climbed into the bed and Krystal moved over. I closed my eyes and soon enough fell asleep. So did Krystal.


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