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Balancing Two Lives

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl
Young adult

Anna Bay Clarance just wants to be a normal girl but unfortunately she can't. Why? Because she has no family, lives nowhere, oh and has black wings. For her entire life she has been used in a secret lab and tested on. She was injected to grow wings when she was an infant and when she grew her wings her hair permanently turned blue along with her eyes. She got away and now is trying to live a normal life as possible. She's only 14 and wants to make friends, but that's hard when you've never been outside of a freezing cold experimental lab.

Anna has to fight everyday of her life and hide from the scientists that are looking for her. She escaped when she was only 10 and it's been 4 years. Now the scientists have found her and she's been genetically designed to fight well, but not without the help of her new friends. Her first friend ever named Krystal lets her live with her, but is Anna gonna be safe when Krystal's dad is a rapist? What will happen to Anna and Krystal? View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

When I woke up I was blindfolded and gagged. My hands were tied behind my back and my ankles were bond together. I was leaning against something hard, metal, and cold. Probably the back of a van. I smelled around and I could smell Krystal and her mom's scent. Krystal smelled just like a cherry blossom tree. Like her bed. Megan smelled like butterscotch. I know the smell because I used to eat that candy all the time on my birthday. Speaking of birthdays mine was approaching soon. Maybe a few weeks or so. I moved a little and felt someone grab my face.

"Looks like sweet Anna is awake," I knew it was Ian.

He took off my blindfold and smiled. I looked over and Krystal and Megan were crying. I struggled but couldn't get out of the bonds. Ian laughed and kissed my cheek.

"Your daddy tied those sweetie," he whispered.

I got the gag out and bit his ear. He began to scream and cuss telling me to let go. His skin tore under my teeth and I tasted his fowl blood. I spit his out and looked at Krystal. She was scared of me a little I could tell. Someone stood over me and I looked up. I couldn't believe my very eyes. It was Steven. He kneeled down beside me and smiled. I spit Ian's blood in his face and he just laughed.

"Look who's being taken away now," Steven said.

"Why did you hire this idiot?," I asked Ian.

Steven slapped me across my face and I saw Megan and Krystal jump. My cheek hurt a little, but I was fine. Ian laughed and I heard the driver laugh also. I'm guessing that was my father.

"So he can keep you three in line," Ian said.

"In line?," I laughed.

Steven frowned and slapped me again. Krystal got her gag out and began to speek.

"Leave her alone!," she shouted.

Ian moved over to Krystal and slapped her. I jumped a little frightened and glared at Steven. He smiled and the van stopped hard making me bang my head on the metal. All three of them laughed and got out. My dad opened the back of the van and picked me up, but putting the discusting gag back in my mouth first. He carried me over his shoulder. Steven carried Krystal over his shoulder. And Ian carried Megan.

I could already feel the cold LAB from outside. As soon as my dad opened the door everyone turned to see him. He set me on my feet to face everyone. Everyone smiled because they knew it was me. I didn't know what to do. I looked down and was bare foot. My feet were already getting cold.

"We found Anna, and brought along two of her friends," my dad laughed.

Everyone laughed. I began to cry. My dad kneeled down and untied my feet so I could walk. I twisted my ankles and saw I had rope burn. He pushed me as I walked inside getting colder and colder. Krystal and Megan were also able to walk and were forced to follow me. My dad directed me to my old "room" I should say.

"Home sweet home right Anna?," my dad said.

I didn't say anything. I just kept my head down and my hair in front of my eyes. He untied my hands and pushed me on the ground. I looked up at him and glared. Krystal and Megan were pushed on the ground next to me. Their hands still tied.

"Untie them yourself," my dad said.

"Fine," I growled threw the gag.

"Come here Anna," Ian was already wearing his lab coat.

I stood up and walked to him. He took out my gag and held me by the back of my throat. He poured the green gushy liquid down my throat. I choked a little then he pushed me back once it was gone. Some of it was around my mouth. I wiped it away and more tears went down my face.

"Later your friends will get to taste it too everyday like you," he smiled.

"No, leave them alone," I growled.

"We can do whatever we want to them Anna," Ian replied.

"NO!," I screamed and all three of them were blown back and fell to the ground.

Everyone looked at me. My dad got up and closed and locked the door. Where the heck did that come from? I turned to my family and they had shock on their faces. What was I going to tell them?


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