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Balancing Two Lives

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl
Young adult

Anna Bay Clarance just wants to be a normal girl but unfortunately she can't. Why? Because she has no family, lives nowhere, oh and has black wings. For her entire life she has been used in a secret lab and tested on. She was injected to grow wings when she was an infant and when she grew her wings her hair permanently turned blue along with her eyes. She got away and now is trying to live a normal life as possible. She's only 14 and wants to make friends, but that's hard when you've never been outside of a freezing cold experimental lab.

Anna has to fight everyday of her life and hide from the scientists that are looking for her. She escaped when she was only 10 and it's been 4 years. Now the scientists have found her and she's been genetically designed to fight well, but not without the help of her new friends. Her first friend ever named Krystal lets her live with her, but is Anna gonna be safe when Krystal's dad is a rapist? What will happen to Anna and Krystal? View table of contents...


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Chapter 8

I woke up Krystal and Megan and they looked at me like I was crazy. Krystal rubbed her eyes and sat up.

"Anna what's going on?," Krystal asked.

"I'm getting us outta here," I said helping her to her feet.

I winced because my rib was still hurting. Hannah ran over to me and put my right arm around her. Megan got up and supported my other side.

"I'm fine," I said.

"No you're not," Hannah said.

We walked out the room and no one was around. I forced Hannah and my mother to let me go and we ran down the long corridor. We were almost to the exit when we ran into Steven. Darn it! He stared at Hannah and smiled.

"You must be Hannah," he said.

"And you must be the idiot Steven," she retorted.

"All of you can leave if you want, but Anna must stay," he crossed his arms.

I sighed and rolled my blue eyes. I pushed into his head and forced his body to move out the way. Hannah gave him a round house kick and Steven fell to the floor. He was asleep for now. I took the key and unlocked the door. We ran outside and it was really dark out. I felt someone touch my shoulder and spin me around.

"You move and I'll blow your pretty little head off," I felt something metal and cold press under my chin.

I gulped and didn't move a muscle. Krystal spun around to se what was keeping me and saw Matthew, my dad, had a gun to my head. He turned me to face them and put the gun back under my chin. Hannah stared at my dad and she frowned.

"Really you'd blow your own daughters head off?," Hannah asked.

"Before I do, Hannah, tell Anna who you are," my dad smiled pushing the gun harder against my skin.

"Anna sweetie, I'm your mother," Hannah said.

I stared at Hannah. She did look a serious amout like me.

"Dad you said you killed mom!," I screamed crying.

I elbowed my dad and grabbed his arm. I flipped him on his back and took the gun from him. I had my foot on his chest and had both hands on the gun pointed at my dad. I began to cry harder. My mother was alive! I can't believe my mother is alive. I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. Everyone jumped at the sound of the shot. I didn't hit my dad. I hit the pavement on purpose. I threw the gun and it slid under a dumpster.

"Anna!," Krystal shouted.

I looked at them and they all had fear and shock on their faces. I pulled off my shirt and flew holding the chest against my breasts.

"Anna no!," Hannah shouted.

I ignored her and flew towards I don't know. I just knew I had to leave. I wiped away my tears and kept flying. But where in the world was I ging to go?

"Anna!," I heard someone scream.

I just kept flying.


I know this chapter is really short, but something serious happened. I promise the next chapter will be way longer. But thank you to everyone who is reading. I love all of you.


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