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Balancing Two Lives

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl
Young adult

Anna Bay Clarance just wants to be a normal girl but unfortunately she can't. Why? Because she has no family, lives nowhere, oh and has black wings. For her entire life she has been used in a secret lab and tested on. She was injected to grow wings when she was an infant and when she grew her wings her hair permanently turned blue along with her eyes. She got away and now is trying to live a normal life as possible. She's only 14 and wants to make friends, but that's hard when you've never been outside of a freezing cold experimental lab.

Anna has to fight everyday of her life and hide from the scientists that are looking for her. She escaped when she was only 10 and it's been 4 years. Now the scientists have found her and she's been genetically designed to fight well, but not without the help of her new friends. Her first friend ever named Krystal lets her live with her, but is Anna gonna be safe when Krystal's dad is a rapist? What will happen to Anna and Krystal? View table of contents...


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Chapter 9

I flew all the way back to Conneticut and landed in front of the mall. I put the shirt back on and ran inside. I ran all the way back to that bathroom. I grabbed all the bags of shoes and ran out the mall. When I got out the mall Krystal was standing there. She smiled at me and crossed her arms.

"I knew you'd come back for those shoes," Krystal ran up to me and gave me a hug making me drop the bags.

"How'd you get here so fast?," I asked hugging her tighter.

"The scientist injected me with cheetah DNA," she said letting go.

"Our mom's will be here any second," Krystal said.

"Krystal," I smiled wipping away my tears.

A second later Megan and Hannah appeared out of no where. I ran to Megan and gave her a hug. Megan pulled away and I faced Hannah. She had a disappointed smile. I ran to her and gave her a hug so tight I could've ripped her apart. I loved Hannah even though I didn't know she was my mother.

"I love you mom," I said.

My mom began to cry onto my shoulder.

"I love you too Anna," she said kissing the top of my head.

Krystal went over to her mom and hugged her. I let go of my mom and looked at Krystal and her mom.

"Megan you'll always be a mother to me," I waved for them to come over.

They did and we shared a group hug. I laughed as I cried more tears. We let go and I fixed the clothes I was wearing.

"I can't stay here," I told my mom.

"None of us can," Krystal turned around and grabbed the bag of shoes.

"Oh my god!," I covered my mouth.

"What?," Krystal turned around with incredible speed.

"You have a tail!," I screamed as she turned around.

"Oh yeah something else I got from the cheetah DNA," she blushed.

I gently touched it and she hissed at me.

"Got it, don't touch the tail," my mom and Megan laughed at me.

Krystal snapped back to reality and laughed as well. I sighed and looked at Megan. Her hair was begining to turn as white as a sheep's fleece. I frowned and looked at everyone. Something special was about us. I have wings and Krystal has her tail. I walked up to Megan and she hissed a little exposing her forked tongue. I gasped and laughed a little. She was growing small snake-like fangs. And my mom she wasn't dead! My mom she has owl-like qualities.

"Megan are you okay?," I asked because she looked like she was in pain.

"Fine just these snake fangs hurt while they're growing in," she rubbed her jaw.

I picked up the bag of shoes and suddenlyfelt awkward. Krystal was stalking me like I was prey. That didn't seem good. She was injected with cheetah DNA and cheetahs are predators. I stood up with the bags in my hands and watched her.

"Krystal what are you doing?," I asked backing away.

"Krystal no," Megan said sternly.

Krystal lunged at me knocking me to the ground.

"No!," my mom ripped Krystal off of me as Megan helped me up.

My mom looked in Krystal's eyes and Krystal shook her head. She looked around and saw I was getting off the ground.

"I'm sorry Anna," Krystal said.

"It's fine," I said, "but we better get going."

"Right," Megan said.

I reached in one of the bags and pulled out Megan's car keys.

"Where'd you find them?," everyone asked.

"Back inside the mall," I tossed Megan the keys and we ran to her car.

Me and Krystal sat in the back and again I wasn't very comfortablebeing in it. We drove back to the house and Krystal and Megan packed their thing as quickly as possible. I heard something from inside the basement and went down there quietly so no one would hear me. When I got downstairs. I looked around, but could hardly see anything. I felt a cold chill go up my spine. I walked two steps then someone grabbed me from behind covering my mouth and grabbed my waist to pull me back.

I screamed, but the large hand was clamped tightly around my mouth. I heard feet besides mine that were walking. There was a very small closet down in the basement and the stranger who had hold of me was dragging me to it. The person walked me in and came in with me. He locked the door so I'm guessing he had the keys.

"I'll only remove my hand if you promise you don't scream," that voice sounded very familiar.

I nodded my head and the guy removed his hand and spun me around to face him. I couldn't believe my eyes. Were they faulty?! It was Damon from Atlanta, Georgia. I threw myself at him practically. Damon wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I missed him so much. He's grown a lot. It's been two years since I saw him last.

"Damon how'd you find me?," I asked.

"Well I cam here to visit my grandpa around the corner then something blue caught my eye. It was at the mall I saw that blue something so I told my grandpa to follow that car you go in," he messing with my hair.

I pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and hugged Damon again. He was a lot taller than me. Maybe half a foot. I began to cry because I had missed him so much. Damon held me out as much as the small closet would allow.

"What have you been up to?," he asked.

"The usual running for my life," I said.

"Well I brought you something," he said reaching in his pocket.

"Why?," I asked.

"Because today is not only Halloween it's your birthday!," he said a little loud.

It is my birthday! Damon turned me around and put a necklace around my neck. I couldn't see it but I'll see it later. I turned back around and gave Damon a small kiss on his cheek.

"You're so sweet," I said.

Damon smiled and looked at me. My eyes were heavy and I was exhausted. Damon bent down and gently kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him harder. I deserved this birthday kiss. Damon backed me up against the wall, not hurting my wings because he knew about them, and his tounge entered my mouth. I moaned and ran my fingers threw his hair. I heard the door knob turn slowly. I tensed a little as it opened. I pushed Damon away to see everyone shocked.

"Who the hell is that?!," Krystal asked.

I bit my lip and looked at Damon. He looked just as scared as I was.


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