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Me, He, She, They, Vampires!: Begining

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl
Young adult

A young girl named Sam already has an abnormal life, but it gets bizzare when two boys Kyle and Brandon weave their way into her life. Now she not only has to make it threw high school, but she has to make it along with Kyle and Brandon. But Kyle and Brandon have an enormous secret. Can you guess what it is? If you don't know read and find out. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 3, 2011    Reads: 140    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   


I was standing all alone one minute then the next a hooded figure was standing a short distance from me. I was frightened and didn't know what to do.

"Who are you?," I asked.

He said nothing

"Hel-hello?," I stuttered.

One second the hooded figure was yards from me, when i blinked he was a mere four feet from me. I could feel my heart rate increase. The steady thud, thud, thud rythm of my heart against my ribs.

"What do you want?!," I shouted.

Not a sound came from him. I blinked and he was a few inches from me. He grabbed my arms and I could feel all of his fierce and hurtful pressure that was hurting me. I struggled to get free, but couldn't from his strong grasp on my arms.

"Let me go!," I screamed as I fought.

"Sam wake up!," a voice shouted.

I opened my eyes only yo see my little cousin Suzie hovering over me. It was only a nightmare and though it seemed so real. I sat up straight and wiped the sweat off my forehead.

"Sam you're gonna be late for school," she reminded me.

"Okay Suzie thank you," I replied to her.

Suzie left my bedroom skipping and I prepared myself for school. Today I was going to wear my red and black stripped dress. Today was the first day of my senior year at Lincoln Memorial High. I grabbed my aeropostale bag and left to catch my bus. The bus ride to school school sounded like a graveyard. People moaned and complianed that summer went by to quickly. When the bus came to a complete stop in front of a three-story house, a cold chill went down my back. I looked at the almost fully vacant house. Outside I saw someone standing there a boy no older than me approaching the bus. I could feel an awful ache in my throat as he came closer. I could see he had shades on hiding his eyes.

"Hi," I greeted, but he didn't respond.

He walked all the way to the back of the bus taking a seat. I could hear the cracking sound as he cracked his knuckles. I could feel a rush of utter fear surging threw my entire body. When we came close to the school the bus slowed to park and let us out. I got out and walked down to find my new locker. The new boy I saw on my buswas a few lockers down from me. My first class was Adv. English with Mr. Jacobsen. I sat down at any empty desk and out the corner of my eye I saw the new boy sit two desks too my right. Iwas extremly nervous and it was because he seemed very mysterious. I began to tap my nails on my desk constantly. The room was oddly enough very cold and I was shivering slightly.

"Are you cold?," a voice asked me.

"A little," I responded.

"Here," I turned and saw my boyfriend Devin.

"Oh thanks," I said taking his DC hoodie.

I put his hoodie on and continued to do my work. After Adv. English I went to my locker and saw Kyle, the new boy, at his locker. Devin walked by and took his hoodie while placing a kiss on my head and leaving. When Devin was out of hearing and sight ranges Isighed.

"Hi," I said to Kyle Icoutined and said, "I'm Sam."

Kyl shut his locker and walked away with a smirk on his face. My two best friends, Maisy and Karley, walked past Kyle practicaly skipping towards me.

"Hi Sam!," Karley greeted hugging me tight, "how was your summer?"

"Okay, I spent most of it with Devin," I told her, "hi Maisy."

"Hi Sam," was her reply, "did you see the new boy?!"

"Yeah unfortunately," I said as my head sagged down.

"What's wrong?," they both asked.

"I said hi and he straight up ignored me," I told them.

"Ouch!," Maisy said, "that must've hurt."

"Not a lot," I replied.

"Yeah okay," they said.

"But first I have to do something," I mummbled to myself as I walked to my next class.

Today felt like it was never gonna end. When it did I was so relieved. Though I had to stay after school for violin practice. I saw Devin too because there was football practice today. I hadto talk to him for real and I didn't know how I was gonna say this.

"Hi Devin," I stuttered.

"HI Sam, watcha been up to?," he asked picking me up and spinning me in a hug.

"Nothing rea-really,"I said very scared, "Can we talk?"

"Sure shoot,"he says in an enthusiastic tone.

"Well you know I love you with all my heart right?," I asked.

"You're breaking up with me?," he asked surprised.

"Yes," I answered.

"Why?," he said.

"Because summer was fun but I think we lost our touch," I muttered.

"Okay Sam," he said walking away.

"But-" I tried to say but he was already gone.

"Bye," he yelled.

Instead of taking the bus I caught a ride with Maisy in her car. Karley was in the car so the three of us went over to Maisy's. Maisy's house was only built only nineteen years ago and her family has lived here ever since. Maisy, Karley, and I have been friends since pre-school. Anyway, Karley has the same AP Chemistry teacher as me so she's helping me with my homework.

"You know what?," I said curiously.

"What?," Karley asks.

"We have the same classes just at different times," I answered.

"Yeah I just noticed that as well," Maisy added.

In the pitof my stomach I felt awkward, like I was being watched. I looked outside in the bright sunny day and saw a bird. Not just any bird, but a raven. It was staring in the window straight at me. The beautiful rainbows in its black and blue glistening feathers. I opened the window and screamed at it.

"Shoo you dumb raven!," I shouted.

"Sam what are you doing?," Maisy asked.

"I can't concentrate with that stupid raven staring straight at me," I said

"Just close the blinds and come finish your homework,"Maisy concluded.

"Fine I said as I closed the blinds and went to finish my homework.

After I finished my homework Maisy took me home. I lived with my Aunt Carol, her fiance, Micheal, Suzie, and Dylan. My parents died in an accidental shoot-out. The police were chasing a criminal and my parents were having a picnic in the park. It was an accident though I'm still sad. But on the bright side I love my Aunt Carol. The story of my parents death is when the criminal the police were chasing got to the park he ran past my parents. The police told him to stop, but he wouldn't. So simoltaniously the police and the criminal shot their guns and both bullets hit my loved parents. I was shoked and sad and angry at the same time.

"Sam can you help me with my homework?,"Dylan asked.

"Sure, what do you need help with?," I questioned.

After I helped Dylan with his homework I went for a little stroll. As I was walking I saw the house where Kyle lived. I saw that two lights were on. I knew his ancestors lived in the house, so I'm guessing he lives on the second floor where one of the lights is on. So he's probably downstairs where the other light is on. In the window, where Kyle probably is, I saw a dark figure in the window. Then he disappeared so I kept on walking.

The next day at school was a day of excitement. There's a back-to-school dance only for the seniors. I can't wait to go and hope Kyle will go as well. When I got to my locker I saw Kyle at his.

"Hi," Kyle greeted.

I was in a tremendous shock that he finally talked.

"Hi," I replied.

"You're Sam right?," he asked.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Are you going to the dance?," he asked calmly.

"Yes, how about you?," I questioned.

"Definately," he answered.

"Are you going with anyone to the dance?," I asked.

"No, I was going to ask you," he tells

"Oh, I'd love to go with you," I said.

"Great I'll see ya round," he said walking away.


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