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We're Almost Home

Novel By: eragon96
Young adult

Tara. Just fourteen when she runs away. There's nothing wrong with her life. At least, that's how it looks from the outside. Nobody knows the feelings she harbors within, except for her best friend and girlfriend, who both live hundreds of miles away.

Ami, Tara's girlfriend. She runs away to be with her girl. She's almost old enough to live on her own, but she wants to be with Tara now, not in a year.

Aly, Tara's best friend, runs away from an abusive father and the small, boring town she calls home.

Karin ends up alone on the streets when her older girlfriend abandons her in Hollywood.

Sora has been in too many foster homes to count and all he wants is to have a family- even if it is out on the streets.
Germ is a drug dealer with smokin' looks, in a punkish sort of way.

Then there's Chrissy. She's the damaged, crazy, punkish thread that ties them all together.

(I got the idea to write this after reading "Almost Home" by Jessica Blank. Just saying, best book EVER.)
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(INTRODUCTION) Everybody says my life is great, I shouldn't hate it so much. But they're wrong. They don't have any fucking idea. My life is shit and I would kill myself if not for Ami and Aly. So I go on, living day by day on this fucked up place you all call Earth. I would also run away. But my last attempt at doing that very thing didn't turn out so well. I tried stealing my mom's car but, being only twelve, I crashed it in the neighbors ditch trying to back out of the drive way. You're thinking "I should have just stopped there." I was too, but I'm an idiot. Instead of getting my stuff out of the car, going back to bed, and pretending nothing ever happened, I grabbed the most important stuff and hopped on my bike. Now you're thinking "where are you gonna go?" I wasn't. I had it all mapped out. I was gonna bike all the way to New York. Yeah right. I wouldn't have made it out of the state. I would have been picked up and raped or killed. But maybe I would have gotten somewhere. Who knows? All I know is that, biking down the highway five miles from my house, the cops caught me. Apparently my mom had woken up and called them. I don't see why though. I know she loves me, but she's always complaining about not having enough money and how I'm not the good child she wanted. Like I give a shit. I just wanted to get the hell outta there. But no. The cops picked me up and brought me home. Then my mom sent me to the hospital. No, not like the place hurt people go. The mental hospital. Where the crazy people go. I got sent there because they all thought I was crazy. But I'm not. I had reasons to run away. Nobody could figure out why and I wasn't about to tell them. But I had reasons. It might not have looked like it from the outside, but I did. No, it wasn't just because I wanted to be free, and at that time I didn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend to be with. No. I had good damn reason. At least, in my opinion. I hated my life. Just about everything about it. I hated all of it so much, that I cut myself. And after a year of that it wasn't enough. I hated things too much. My brother would always hit me with things and yell at me and call me names. Most people just thought it was because he was my brother and five years old, but that's not it. He does it because he's sick.. No, not like throwing up or fever sick. More like deluded, hurting people sick. He would just come by and hit me with wooden blocks or golf clubs and call me stupid and get mad at me for no goddamn reason. My mom would yell at me when my brother got in trouble. He'd do something, break something or something, and I would get blamed. Or he would get sent to his room and then I would get yelled at because I didn't unload the dishwasher or clean my room that day. And my mom was always mad when I didn't get straight A's. I'd get grounded if I got a B. The few times I got lower than a B, I got yelled at and grounded and I had to do even more chores without allowance. She never gives me allowance, though all I do is unload the dishwasher for her. My dad and mom got divorced back when I was four. They both lived within an hour of each other and I got to see him when I visited my grandparents. But then, four years ago, he moved four hours away and I barely got to see him. I love my dad and my two little sisters and even my step-mom like crazy. I just couldn't put up with getting to see them only once a month or once every other month. And the worst of all. School. I've never liked school. But the middle school I went to was horrible. I didn't get made fun of, really. But I just hated it. I've been bisexual since I turned twelve, around the same time I started cutting myself. I couldn't tell anyone. I had a lot of friends, but I only got to hang out with them at school. And of course I couldn't tell any of them about being bi. And I never could just be myself at school. I always act kinda weird when other people are around. So that's why I ran away. It got worse after I got caught. My mom sent me to another school. A smaller one with uniforms and higher expectations. I couldn't handle the "higher expectations." Or the uniforms. I looked like a guy. And as soon as I walked into the class and saw this one girl, I fell in love with her. Don't ask about that because I don't get how it worked. I told one person and suddenly five people knew. Then the person I told kept bugging me to ask her out. So I did. I shoved a note in her locker. I knew she was bi, so I figured I might have a chance. But, NOO. She didn't even tell me no. She just ignored me and wouldn't talk to me, not that she did much before that. Then most of the class and some others in the school knew I like her. I never really fit in with other people, but that set it off. Everyone thought I was weird and crazy. My bragging about things I had done didn't help either. Like I said, I never act the same around people as I do when I'm alone. I hated that school more than anything, but I went every day just to see the girl I loved. I was so close to just killing myself the summer before eighth grade. Then I met Ami on TinierMe, my favorite website. I don't remember exactly how I got started talking to her, but I knew I liked her from the start. So after a couple of weeks talking to her, I asked her out. And of course, she said yes. We barely get to talk but I treasured the precious minutes we messaged each other through that site or email. I endured on through all of eighth grade and on into ninth grade. Ami and I missed each other so much during the time one of us didn't have internet or were grounded. Neither of us could tell our parents either. This is basically where this story starts.


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