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Fallen Secrets

By: Erinbug97

Chapter 1, If you had two choices to make: Save a human life and become a guardian angel or kill the innocent and become one of the fallen? Seventeen year old fallen angel, Ashland Miller has been assigned to kill innocent people but does he really want that? He has to choose his decision quickly because the one thing that might kill him is love. He hates the feeling and sight of it, but one human girl will change his life forever.

Many people used to say that I was a freak, that I shouldn't belong at Fairbrooke High. The only reason I was really here was to do my assigned job by Aster. He was my mentor before he was banished from heaven, right after he became my mentor. I'm an angel, well I used to be until I killed an innocent human on accident. It wasn't my fault, the girl made me angry so I killed her. My name is Ashland Miller, and I'm a fallen angel sent to Earth to find a pair of twins and destroy them before they turn eighteen and become unstoppable.

In the early morning, the sound of my alarm clock ringing wakes me up and I glare at the red numbers on the screen 6:35 AM. I groan and sit up, rubbing the sleepiness out of my dark green eyes. I stand up and rub a hand through my snow white hair, making it spike up. Getting dressed, I catch sight if my V-shaped scars that were once my wings before they were ripped out. I put a hand on my Velrex, a round disc that all angels carry to hunt down their human that are either going to be killed or taken to heaven. I press the glowing blue button in the center of it and it turns into a notebook, it was better to disguise it.

Walking outside to my black and silver 2010 Dodge Challenger, I open the door and step inside, cranking up the engine, letting the A/C blow on my face. I pull out of my driveway and head toward the temporary high school I'll be attending. I drove into the parking lot and instantly girls and guys start staring at my car, knowing I'm probably a new student and by the looks of it, a prep. I turn off the engine and head towards the front office where I get my schedule for school. Everyone stares at me as I walk past, the cheerleaders and jocks smile at me like they want to be my best friend already. I wink at a few girls and they look like they are going to melt at my wink, I lightly chuckle and reached the office.

My first class is Biology, great I hated that class even though I had already taken it a billion times in other states and countries. I walk into the classroom and the hair on my arms start rising and the quiet buzzing starts from my Velrex, but only angels could hear it. A boy and girl look up at my sudden appearance. The two looked exactly alike, that's it. They were my targets to destroy, my next step, to befriend one of them. I put on a dazzling smile and headed to the teacher's desk, the woman, Mrs. Simmons, smiled and pointed at an empty seat right next to the twin girl.

I sit down at the table and lean back in my chair, putting my hands behind my head, looking at the girl as she glanced at me. She spoke up after what seemed like hours. "Hello, my name is Elisha Greene, my twin brother is Elijah Greene." Elisha put on a soft, friendly smile and gave her brother a look. I waited until her gaze went back to me before I introduce myself in return. "Just call me Ashland, not anything else." She looked at me in complete shock that I was being so rude.

After thirty minutes went by without a single word from Elisha, I decided to ask her some questions. "Elisha, if you don't mind me asking, what are you doing after school? I would love to get to know you and your brother." I put on a smile at the end to seem friendly but inside, I was trying to figure out how to get them alone and kill them both. Elisha only shrugged and Elijah leaned over and whispered something I couldn't hear to his sister. I sigh angrily and squeeze my pencil so tight that it snaps in half, I wasn't very patient when it came to people ignoring me, and I also didn't know how to control my short temper.

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