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Fallen Secrets

Novel By: Erinbug97
Young adult

If you had two choices to make: Save a human life and become a guardian angel or kill the innocent and become one of the fallen? What would you choose? Seventeen year old fallen angel, Ashland Miller has been assigned to kill innocent people but does he really want that? He has to choose his decision quickly because the one thing that might kill him is a secret. One that no one ever told him. Will he ever find out the secret? View table of contents...


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I turn my head to look back for Elisha, but she wasn't behind me anymore. "Elisha? Where are you?" I suddenly hear a ear-splitting scream filling the afternoon warm air. I start running towards the sound of the scream, and quickly halt at the sight of an arrow being shot into Elisha's chest. "Elisha!" I yell as I launch myself at the attacker, a man with white hair, just like mine. "Dad? Is that you?" I ask the man, tilting my head slightly to one side. Then I snap back to reality and kneel down by Elisha in horror. She manages to lift her head up to meet my eyes. "Ashland, tell my parents and Eli that I love them." I nod and had to make a choice, heal her and make her think I'm an angel and tell her that she's crazy or take her to a hospital. I slowly pulled out the arrow and threw it to the side, I gently put my right hand over Elisha's would and she gasped at the touch. "Your going to be just fine, close your eyes and it'll be all over." She nodded and closed her eyes as a black light exploded from the my hand into her wound and I stood back, watching the light fade into the wound and quickly heal it.

"You can open your eyes now, Elisha." I quietly tell her as I turn my head to look at my father, Sean, whom I haven't seen in four years. "Why are you here?" I say through my clenched teeth with slight anger rising in my voice. He smirked at me and looked down at the ground then back up at me. "I came to tell you that we need you back in Horizon, Ash. You don't belong here anymore, especially if you aren't even going to finish your mission." I inhumanly growl at my father, getting very close to his face. "I'm doing the best I can! It's not as easy to kill an innocent like it used to be! Why don't you get off my back and leave!" I yell at him. My father glares at me and raises his hand, which is formed into a fist, and lands a blow on my chest. I gasp, hunched over. I try to breathe in but it only hurt worse. "Maybe that'll teach you to respect your father more in front of a lady." My father said to me as I slowly stood up straight.

A black orb started to form in my right hand and I pushed my palm into my father's chest. My father let out a soft cry and fell to the ground, paralyzed. "Ashland, your a fallen angel? How did you get assigned to a mission if your evil?" Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, since I'm a fallen angel, I'm not allowed to be on missions. Lucky me I guess. "I've had my ways of getting a mission, and I'm going to finish it just like I'm going to finish you." I get down on my father's level and the black orb, released from my palm, and forced its way into my father's body. He instantly stopped breathing and his wings appeared but then slowly started to disappear, along with his body. "Goodbye, Father. I hope you rest peacefully." I hiss at him, sarcasricly saying 'peacefully'.


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