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Stories From Northern Heights

Novel By: European magic
Young adult

Dick, Piper, Drusilla, Matthew, Rachel, Duncan, Violet, Jake and Elke are students of Northern Heights High School, A school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Northern Heights High School, is a school for the kids of the rich and famous, and of course mixed amongst them are some Scholar Ship Students.

Piper has known Dick since year two and they can not stand each other but when Dick Brakes up with Drusilla and Piper and Dick become Lab Partners. Events Bring them closer and other events Come between them.

Book 1 in the Northern Heights Stories ~ Beginnings
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Chapter 1

Piper awoke early Monday morning in her two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn which she shared with her father since her mother moved to California with her new boyfriend after getting a divorced and leaving piper while she was at school.

Piper sat upright against her bed head. From her room she could smell the her father's famous waffles. It was like the movies were the smoke of the delicious food would come into the bedroom threw the cracks in the doors, it would make her room smell of waffles.

Piper got up out of her bed and walked over to her small little wardrobe. She opened up the doors and got out her green winter kilt, white work shirt, the ugly green and grey tie, grey jumper and green blazer. The uniform wasn't the prettiest thing.

Piper always hatted the fact that her elementary school friends all got to go to public school where she had to go to a snobby rich kid private school, a school where there all rich, and live on the Upper East Side.

Piper walked out with her school bag with her blazer and jumper in only wearing her kilt, top and tie. Piper sat on the bench facing her dad were the waffles smelt just about done.

"Waffles?" He asked

"Of course" piper replied

Piper's father walked over to the stove, he brought the frying pan over to the bench were piper was sitting and place a waffle in her plate.


Piper always arrived at school early, like today. She sat at a lunch table out the front were most of the juniors gathered before class and morning and afternoon tea. She sat at one of the benches that was near the back. She grabbed out some text books and note pad and started doing some extra work.

Being on a scholar ship meant she had to be ahead of everyone and had to get good grades.

Piper grabbed her long brown hair, brushed it back and put it into a ponytail; her hair was a dark brown color, long and wavy. She pushed her fringe off her eyes and kept working.


'Crap' Piper said quietly

Dick Dickson is the hot popular guy that everyone loves his father owns an airline called Westfield Airways.

Piper and Dick have known and hatted each other since the second grade. They have never really talked or hung out. Well that is because if you leave these two alone for any longer than 5 seconds someone will need to call the ambulance.

'Piper McCarthy' He said walking towards her with his buddy Matthew Lake.

'Richard Dick Dickson' piper responded with a cheesy smile

They left thank god he walked straight past her to get to his girlfriend Drusilla Barton. The popular girl who always gets what she wants. Drusilla always has the lattes fashion as her mother is a famous fashion designer and her father. Dick full on made out with Drusilla right in front of piper.

Piper made a sick like face and turned back to her work.

With no friends in a crowded area made piper feel alone. She always did feel alone but more so at the lunch area.


'Ugh.' Drusilla said

'what babe' Dick responded


'Just ignore her'

'I am, but she is such a freak. Maybe if she didn't study all the time she would have some friends...I'm just saying'



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