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Silence be the death of me.

Novel By: Fate hates me
Young adult

Tags: Love, Romance, Death, Poetry, Life, Poem, Pain, Fantasy, Sad, Hate, Sex, Hope, Horror, Hurt, Fiction, God, Dark, War, Family, Heart, Sadness, Humor, Depression, Friendship, Loss, Friends, Vampire, Story, Girl, Murder, Blood, School, Fear, Adventure, Challenge, Suicide, Lost, Faith, Vampires, Truth, Mystery, Magic, Relationships, Funny, Abuse, Dreams, Alone, Action, Lust, Anger, Music, Tears, Dream, Drama, Trust, Darkness, Night, Teen, World, Passion, Happiness, Evil, Broken, Sorrow, Religion, Children, Fun, Happy, Memories, Angel, Friend, Short, Lies, Kiss, Boy, Song, Twilight, Soul, Beauty, Light, Rape, Betrayal, Thriller, Science, Relationship, Nature, Child, Mother, Emo, Erotica, Peace, Woman, Crime, Grace, Young, Help, Drugs, Novel, Change, Gay, Man, Rain, Writing, Fire, Lonely, Thoughts, Future, Heartbreak, Moon, Cry, Joy, Heaven, Desire, Hell, People, Revenge, Angels, Poems, Testimony, Dead, Marriage, Eyes, Fight, Black, Forever, Humour, Comedy, Feelings, Demons, Confusion, Father, Freedom, Girls, Adult, Violence, Past, Grief, Ghost, High, Jesus, Reality, Mind, Werewolf, Loneliness, Sun, Boyfriend, True, Power, Random, Fighting, Baby, Summer, Spiritual, Smile, Earth, Suspense, Werewolves, Erotic, Water, Secrets, Christmas, Lesbian, Scary, Emotions, Supernatural, Boys, Demon, Die, Teenagers, Depressed, Memory, Tragedy, Home, Secret, Emotion, Regret, Devil, Free, Cold, Crazy, Words, Sea, Book, Dance, Kill, Self, Edward, Parents, Stars, Sky, Battle, Fate, Winter, Meyer, Lyrics, Becky, Sleep, Bella, Spirit, Teenage, Dying, Booksie, Gone, Society, Scared, Beautiful, Insanity, Christian, Romantic, Childhood, Art, Sweet, Money, Space, History, Human, Snow, Despair, Live, Longing, Women, Crying, Brother, Suffering, Ocean, Angst, Teens, Ghosts, Missing, Break, Bad, Rose, Teenager, Travel, Daughter, Goodbye, Sister, Hatred, Spirituality, Kids, Away, Youth, Wish, Military, Destiny, Journey, Haiku, Cutting, Work, Care, Berkeley, Stories, Torture, Personal, Princess, 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Belle Princesse Magnifique was not exactly typical. She was always moving. Belle Princesse is French for beautiful princess. Magnifique is magnificent in french. Her family got caught with their line of work and Belle was sent off to America to live with her cousin. She was not very social until a brown haired green eyed boy took a special interest in her. He was known at school for being a jack ass and a player. Belle's cousin,Giovane Donna, warned her to watch out but Belle decided to take matters into her own hands to 'fix' Mark Deleprosa. View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 7, 2010    Reads: 730    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

"Belle! Belle!"


"Belle, vous devez partir. Montez les escaliers et trouver l'argent sous le plancher dans mon placard, puis vérifier que vous pères placard puis nettoyer la sécurité."(Belle you have to leave. Go upstairs and find the money under the floorboard in my closet then check your fathers closet the n clean out the safe.")


"Allez Belle. Obtenez un billet pour Ameririca. Et quitter."(Go Belle. Get a ticket to America and leave.")

"Je t'aime ma fille chérie douce"(I love you my sweet darling girl)

"Je t'aime maman"(I love you momma)

I ran up the large spiral staircase and into my room and jumped up in the closet and pushed down 100,000 dollars worth of american money.Because all my family live in America and they send out only American money.

I jumped down and the things I would need including my large make-up bag that would make the money blurred and unnoticable. But they look because I am very young, or well I am very young looking. I'm really 18 and legal to leave the country.

I ran around the room and had everything I would need and the things I was attached to.

I hurried to my mothers room and pryed open the floorboard and dug inside and pulled out at least another 100,000 dollars in American money.

I rushed to my fathers room and got at least 90,000 in American dollars. Then jumped down the stairs and ran to my fathers study and yanked open the safe. 100,000,000 dollars at least.

I grabbed my keys and ran outside and jumped in my cherry red ferrari and sped off.I turned on The genius next door by Regina Spektor.

I got to the Winster Airport and ran inwith my bag. I ran to the first counter that was open.

The clerk looked up and said'"Bonjour bienvenue à l'aéroport Winster comment mai je vous aider aujourd'hui manquer?"(Hello welcome to the winster airport how may I help today miss?)

"Vol en première classe pour l'Amérique s'il vous plaît."(First class flight to America please.)

"Passeport s'il vous plaît."(Passport please)

I handed over my passport and he quickly checked it over.

"Ce sera 100 dollars."(That will be 100 dollars)

I handed him the money and he handed me my ticket.I went through security and the dinger went off so I was stopped. They ran the metal detector over my body and it went off under my shirt.

"Le bouton de mon ventre est pierced.Now puis-je aller?(My belly button is pierced.Now can I go? )

"Oui.Mais dire la prochaine fois que nous en premier."("Yes.But next time tell the us first.")

"Oui, monsieur."(Yes sir.")I said as sarcastically as possible.

I went and got on the plane and pulled out my ipod and turned on shuffle.

I laid back and when I opened my eyes my ipod was dead so I could hear the guy behind say"Game, set,match=tennis/set,match,run=arson"

I sighed and stood up to stretch my legs.When I popped my back it was a loud crack.I couldn't wait to land so I could get in my car and go stay with..hmm who would I stay with?

"Hey Princess." I heard from in front of me.I looked up and my eyes met a pare of icy blue eyes.He had blonde hair and he was quite muscular.

"Mon nom est pas Belle princesse vous damn jerk."(My name is Belle not princess you damn jerk.)

He got 'Damn jerk' and 'Belle' but thats it.

He looked italian so I switched lanuages.

"Il mio nome è Belle principessa non si maledetto idiota."("My name is Belle not princess you damn jerk.")

He still looked confused.

"Kiswahili"(Swahili)He varified.

"Jina langu ni Belle si princess you damn jerk."(My name is Belle not princess you damn jerk.)

"Je, wewe bilingual?"(Are you bilingual )

"Wewe kuniambia"(You tell me)

"Lugha ngapi"(How many languages)

"Kiingereza, Swahilis, Kituruki, Kiaislandi, Kifaransa, Kiitaliano, Kichina, Kijapani, Kihindi, Kiyahudi, Yeyote Zaidi Ungependa Kujua?"(English,Swahilis,Turkish,Icelandic,French,Italian,Chinese,Japanese,Hindi,Hebrew,any more you would like to know)

"Tatu zaidi na I'll kuondoka wewe peke"(Three more and I'll leave you alone)

"Kiholanzi, Kideni, Kicheki sasa nyuma fuck off"(Dutch,Danish,Czech now back the fuck off)

"Okay okay, Bitch"(its the same in English and Swahili)

"Asshole"(also the same)I drew my fist back and punched him in the face then sat back down and buckled in and leaned my head back. The voice came over the intercom.."We will now be landing.Sasa tutakuwa landning.Nous allons maintenant se poser"

I felt a jerk as we landed then got off with all of my things. I found my car being backed out of another private plane.

They drove over to me and handed me my keys.

I climbed in and drove off.

Now I need to find somewhere to stay.

I can stay with Dea and Tante(aunt) Amore.

I pulled out my cellphone.


Tante Amore*Ciao

Me*Tante Amore may I stay with you for a while?

Tante Amore*Belle?


Tante Amore*Of course my darling girl.Nous vous avons manqué(We have missed you)

Me*I have been missiwng you too.

Tante Amore*When will you arrive?

Me*I will be there in less than 2 hours.I first have to exchange my money to American dollars.An I didn't think to packk all of what I needed.

Tante Amore*Of course.

Me*I will see the two of you soon.Dea does still live with you right?

Tante Amore*Sì



I drove to the nearest place and changed it all saying that my family was rich when they asked.

I went to the nearest bank and set up and account.I got 101190000 out of the house and I kept 200,000 out and went to the shopping center.

I ended out with 32 bags full when I left.

I threw them in the car and sped away to my new home.


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