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The Worst Birthday Ever

Novel By: Fern Snecker
Young adult

Everyone thinks Greene is excited for her thirteenth birthday, when really it's the complete opposite. Greene feels turning thirteen means a whole lot of change that she can't cope with. Things that aren't exactly her expertise. But, now it's here, everyone and everything's changing. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 13, 2013    Reads: 36    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Everyone cheered uncivilizedly and began to sing happy birthday in unison. Their eyes filled with eager and excitement, they hurried me to blow out my candles. I looked down at my cake, lemon cake with pink and green frosting, my favorite.

I looked back up, everyone was holding up their cameras and yelling at me. I sighed as my stomach churned. I gazed over to my best friend, Amanda, she chanted anxiously along with the crowd. She had a chest now, and filling out her old t-hirts. She liked boys too, I remember how just last year we hated boys, they reeked of something fowl and they hated us back. Now, it was different.

Along with simultaneously earning my period, I too had filled out my shirts. The chants grew louder the more I posponed and began to fill my head. Stomach churning, I went crazy. The anxiety got to me and I felt something come up my throat.

I ran right out the room and to the bathroom. I hurled up six big chunks of turkey and ham sandwhich. My sister, Lia came and gave me a strong pat on my back. "You okay?" She asked softly.

Unlike other relationships between little sister and big sister, we actually enjoyed each other's company. She was always there with her soft eyes and kind heart, it was a motherload of sincerity.

"No," I told her, once again burying my head in the toilet.

"What's wrong?" She knelt to my level. I pulled my head out the toilet and locked eyes with Lia.

"I don't want to be thirteen, everything is going to change," I said, sort-of crying.

"Change is a part of life, Greene, and plus, that means Mom is going to treat you better," Lia reassured. I enjoyed her attempt to make me feel better, I got up and gave her a big hug. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and(holding Lia's hand) walked out.

There was a huge appluase when I came out. I walked to the cake and quickly blew out the candle. Everyone screamed. Amanda came over and hugged me. She pulled back," We're offically young adults!" I smiled thinly.

That was it. Nothing was the same anymore. My life is over.


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