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Forbidden fantasy

Novel By: first time writer
Young adult

I have entered a world unknown, billions of miles away from here. There are mystical creatures, like fairy’s, talking unicorns, and dragons. There are secret hideouts and dark forests, but no animal OR human is allowed. What will happen if you enter the forbidden forest you ask?. Well you will have to just wait and find out. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 14, 2007    Reads: 177    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

If you thought that places that had unicorns, fairies, and dragons inhabiting the land never existed, you are sadly mistaken. You are about to embark on my adventure to a world I call wonderland.


Hello, my name is kairi, and I am about to tell you about my dangerous adventure in wonderland. This all started a year ago......
Aww come on kairi, this is truth or dare, you picked dare so you have to do it, But I don't want to I groaned. Ugh come on kairi all you have to do is stay in the attic with all the lights off for an hour, you will be fine. What makes this dare even worse was that it was pitch black outside, not even light can come through the windows, and because I strongly believe my house was haunted. I would always hear weird noise coming from the attic. Like "little" people whispering, and malevolent laughs.

On the other hand I wanted to do the dare to impress my crush Adam. My mom trusted me a lot so tonight I was having a co-ed sleepover. Adam and my two best friends Shannon and Katie were the only ones staying over tonight. I have known Adam since the 6th grade and I liked him ever since I met him. He was very sweet and good looking too.
His brown wavy hair and his memorizing hazel eyes you can ever imagine was what I liked most about his looks, When you look into his eyes and he is looking back is the most amazing thing in the world. But anyway back to the dare.

After about 10 minutes of begging, I finally climbed up the stairs to the attic,(to tell you the truth I only did because Adam said to do it for him, and he gave me a big flirty smile, so I couldn't resist.)As I made my way up the creaky stairs my heart started to race, as I reached the doorknob I looked back at Adam and my friends, gave them a nervous look and walked inside. I couldn't see anything, nothing at all, I tripped a couple of times, on god knows what. All I could make out was the dark shadows of old furniture, portraits and boxes(the usual stuff in an attic.) Ugh I said loudly, what's that smell? I said to myself. It smelled like a dead animal, like a squirrel or something.

Suddenly I saw a glowing light near the right hand side of the attic. I began to get very nervous, I started to hear the whispers I always hear at night, and that when I wanted to turn around and back down from the dare. But something inside me told me to go on and see what it was and where the noises are coming from. So I made my way towards the light and whispers again. As I got closer, I realized it was an orb type thing, It was many different colors, blue, purple, yellow, orange and red. I found it beautiful but very strange. I felt my feet sliding on the floor. The orb was sucking me in!. I know its weird but I knew what I felt. I suddenly fell on the hard cold floor. I heard Shannon yell if everything was okay, I dint even get to let out a scream, because before I knew it I was falling in a white room, us falling, gently but fast. I was falling for what felt like forever. As soon as that thought came to mind I hit the floor, and I was knocked out.


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