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Welcome To Boringsville USA

Novel By: Forever A Wolf
Young adult

Lawrenceville Could this place be any more boring well for Winfred-Scarlett Reece it is about to get a lot more interesting
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Submitted:Aug 9, 2010    Reads: 143    Comments: 16    Likes: 5   


I looked outside my bedroom door, noticing the danger that lurked in my neighbourhood, my best friend Steven Lemon disappeared; he was never seen again he was 9 years old, I was 7 people thought he was kidnapped, others believed dead as no ransom note was found, after when he was taken, others believed he ran off, but where was a 9 year old to go, he only had his mom, his dad died when he was 3 he had no other family to go to, I like to believe he is still alive, but he would have made contact with me.

I was sitting on the roof as my house was a double story, if I ever wanted to sneak out I would climb down the roof but tonight I wanted to think, it has been 9 years since Steven went missing, I just sat there on the first part off the roof staring at the brightened full moon, that light up the whole town, of corse with the stars help.

Tomorrow was The first day back after the weekend and another day at the retarred school known as Carmel High School, I only had one friend her name was Lulu we were completely different, she was a scaredy cat, I wasn't scared of anything, she was a girly, girly, I was a tomboy, she was always happy, but I was a Goth! I was a freak, a lot people liked Lulu she could ditch me and go hang out with the cheerleaders, but instead she stays with me, she is always invited to the very exclusive parties of Trevor Kidd, where I wasn't, not that I would ever go if I was invited to one, but it would be nice just to show up to see his face.

Trevor and I were mortal enemies we have been since kindergarten, when he bit me and I punched him in the face giving him a black eye, I had a bite mark on my arm for a week but his eye was blue and purple for over a month, He is now the popular jock, of Carmel High School, Torturing only yours truly he says stuff like 'Oi Freaky Fred' and 'The girl from the black Lake' which doesn't really make sense to me, and Freaky Fred, Well my name is Winfred and I am kind of the freaky Goth girl with no friends, Trevor and I have been in so many Physical Punch one that know one gathers around to watch any more because it happens so often that they don't care, the only people that really watch is Trevor's Soccer Buds, that cheer him on, but he always gets his ass kicked by a girl, for being the popular guy he sure embarrasses him self a lot.

To every one in the town I was weird which didn't bother me as much as it should a rumour spread around the town about me after Steven's disappearance, that he I turned him into a vampire and he ran off because he couldn't control the bloodlust as well as I can...what a gay rumour right, in my town, Rumours spread faster than you can say Encyclopaedia, Lawrenceville population 1,800 people, not counting tourist.

Lawrenceville, nothing happens here it is the worlds most boring place there is only three mega things that has happened here in this town and I will name them

1. 1. Steven Lemon's Disappearance - It had the whole town gossiping

2. 2. The earth quake of 2005 that brought all the corpses up from there graves in the old Cemetery in Jackson corner

3. 3. The spooky old manor up on Patton Grave Hill that is rumoured to be haunted by a ghost

It was the worlds most boring place to be only an insane person would come and move here, there is no reason worth coming here, To Lawrenceville West Virginia, I have always wanted to leave so badly that if I ever got the chance I wouldn't even think twice about it, I took out my iphone to check the time it was 12.30pm I was up on the roof since 9pm, I was up there for about 4 ½ hours I think I am no good when it comes to counting the time honestly I suck at that.

I gazed at the moon for about 4 minutes I loved staring at it so big and beautiful, then climbed quietly threw my bedroom window, and slowly shutting the window, than hopping in bed throwing my black and white spotted doona cover over me I heard footsteps coming over to my room so I turned facing the wall, when the door slowly creaked open I turned over with my eyes shut but open to see who it was it was my mom, coming to check on me, why was she coming to check up on me at 12.30 at night maybe she heard my window close or saw someone on the roof and wanted to make sure we were okay and by we, I mean me and my older brother Ryan who was a freshman in community collage.

If I were him I would have left West Virginia and moved to New York or somewhere cool, like California or Kentucky or even Tennessee any where would be cooler than Lawrenceville.

I tried telling Ryan that but he wouldn't listen he says Lawrenceville is a mystery waiting to be solved, as our town has someone who gose missing every year and is never seen again.


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