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Riding With Boys-COMPLETE

Novel By: FrootLoop246
Young adult

Sophia Martin is 15, an A-student, a star athlete, and an overall do-gooder. Basically a parent's dream child. At the start of her second semester of tenth grade, the only thing on Sophia's mind, is keeping up with her AP classes, and making the Varsity softball team. Until she meets Andrew Harper. That's when everything changes. He's not a bad guy, but then again, he's not such a good guy, either...

A/N****Please comment, good or bad, what you think of my novel!!! I love your input, and I can't make myself better if I don't get y'all's opinons!! Thanks for reading!!!***
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Chapter Seven

On Saturday, Andrew took me to see his cousin's band play, then we went to get hot dogs at this place I'd never heard of in Fernville called the Dawg Shack.

"Trust me, they're delicious," he'd assured me.

And they were. Although, I wasn't sure if it was the hot dogs that were so great or the fact Andrew bought them for me and that we sat in his truck and laughing and talking about how bad the band had been while we ate.

Either way, I was having a great time. Much better than last night when we'd been surrounded by Laurel and Taryn and everyone. Even Cambree, who had barely noticed me the entire time. Now, it was just me and Andrew, and he was being perfect.

"So, I've seen you after school in the gym running," he told me as he took a drink of his Coke.

I smiled. "Yeah, I run."

He chuckled. "You look too delicate to be athletic."

I frowned. I wasn't sure if that was a complement. I guess it was. Girls were supposed to be delicate, right?

"Do you play any sports?" he asked. "I mean, besides running?"

"I play softball."

"Ooh, what position?"


"Wow. I did not see that coming."

I raised my eyebrows. "How come?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. You just look more like an outfielder."

"How do you look like an outfielder?" I laughed.

"You're tiny."

"Excuse me, I'm 5'4." And I was hardly tiny. 5'4 and 125 pounds. And I worked out a lot, so a high percentage of that was muscle. But not the bulky muscle, thank God. I was toned.

"Why catcher?"

"Why not?"

"You ever heard the expression open book?" he asked me. I nodded. "Well you're closed, and practically locked. Hell you're almost a diary."

I laughed. "When I was little, I played outfield. But I thought the catcher's mask was really cool looking so I've been a catcher since I was seven. Happy?"

"That's page one of the Sophia Diaries."

I laughed again. "The Sophia Diaries?"

"That's what I'm going to call you."

"Well, I don't know a lot about you."

"Unlike you, I'm an open book. All you have to do with me is ask."

I smiled. "OK, so we're playing 21 questions now?"

He smiled and nodded. "Yeah. Sounds like it. Hit me. Anything. You ask, I'll answer."

"When's your birthday?"

"Aw, seriously?" he groaned with a laugh. "You could have asked me anything and you asked me that?" I smiled. So he sighed. "August 21. When's yours?"

"February 1. My turn. Uhm, where were you born?"

"In a hospital." I scoffed. He grinned. "In Wisconsin."

"How old were you when you moved here?"

"Eh, cheater," he said. "It's my turn. Where were you born?"

"Detroit. What's your favorite movie?"

"Rocky. What's yours?"

"Casablanca. Are you gonna take all my questions or are you gonna make up your own?"

"The first one," he said. "Casablanca?"

I shrugged. "It's a classic."

"That means it's old."

"And Rocky isn't?"

He shrugged. "True."

I wondered if the game was over. We sat there in silence for a few minutes. So I cleared my throat, because despite how quiet I typically was, I hated awkward silence, and said, "So, who's turn is it?"


"Are you sure it's not mine?" I teased.

A smile curled at the corners of his lips. "The last thing I asked you was your favorite movie. You said Casablanca then you asked me if I was gonna take all of your questions or make up my own?"

I was impressed. "Nice memory."

"Mhm. Ready for my question?"

I nodded.

"Are you going to let me kiss you now?"

I felt my cheeks warm as my stomach did backflips. Was this guy for real? I smile, and instinctively, bit my bottom lip. I thought that looked sexy. All the girls in the movies did that, anyway, bit their bottom lip.

I nodded. "Yes, I think I am."

So he leaned forward and kissed me. It felt nice, like last night before he dropped me off. He pulled away, and smiled.

"OK?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yes."


"Isn't it my turn to ask?"

He grinned. "Game over."

Then he leaned forward and put his hand on the back of my head, kissing me again. I could feel his tongue on my lips, pushing against them. I slowly parted them, and he slipped it into my mouth.

Kissing Andrew was nice. While I wasn't experienced to know the difference, I could tell he was probably a good kisser. The way he held my face. The way his tongue teased mine. I wasn't sure how it was from his side, but I was enjoying myself.

For a moment, I wondered if someone might walk over and see us. We were in a public parking lot. But the parking lot was empty. We were the only ones there, and we were pretty far from the building.

I felt his hand on my waist. I tensed, and hoped he didn't notice.

His hand continued to wander. Finally, it dipped underneath my sweater, and his warm fingers touched the skin on my stomach. I pulled back.

"What's wrong?" he asked me.

I shook my head. "Nothing."

"Sophia, are you a virgin?"

"I thought the game was over."

"It's back on for a minute."

So I nodded. "Yes, I am. Is that OK?"

He chuckled. "Yes. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm glad you told me. I'll keep my hands on top, OK?"
I bit my lower lip, and I nodded, then he leaned forward and we kissed some more. He stuck by what he said, and he kept his hands on top of my sweater, every so often wandering up to my rib cage, threatening to move higher, but it never did.

Before he asked me that question, I could see where he was trying to go. What he expected from me was pretty obvious. I just hoped by telling him that I was a virgin would ward him off from trying to move too fast. I just wasn't sure for how long.

Andrew dropped me off a little after six. My parents checked the time as soon as I walked in the house. For a moment, I wondered if I was about to get into trouble, but they hadn't actually given me a curfew.

"You must have had fun," my mother said. "Six hours."

I smiled. "Yeah, it was a lot of fun."

"We're about to watch a movie," my father said. "Olivia is making the popcorn now. Want to join us?"

"Sure," I said. "What movie?"

"It's a TV movie," my mom explained. "Something on Sci-Fi. Your dad and Olivia picked it out."

"Did I hear my name?"

I turned and saw Olivia come into the living room with a big bowl of popcorn.

"Sophia, you're home!" she said. "Are you watching the movie with us?"

I didn't have anything better to do. I'd had a wonderful afternoon with Andrew, and I was in a great mood at this point, so a night in with my parents and sister-as lame as that may have sounded to anyone else-sounded like a good one to me. So I pulled up a seat and plopped down.

"Olivia, pass the popcorn."

I thought about what we had talked about that night as I was lying in bed. Going all the way with Andrew should not have been on my brain right now, but it was. It wasn't that I wanted to. I mean, I wanted to, but I really didn't want to. I was a little concerned at how quick Andrew was moving, though.

Was I out of my league? Maybe it was me that was weird, not Andrew. This was all normal, maybe, and I was the one behind the rest. It was all possible, I supposed, but I also knew I shouldn't do anything I wasn't comfortable with. And coming close to those conversations this early was making me uncomfortable.

I rolled onto my side, trying to get comfortable. I thought about how I needed to call Mandy and Jenna today, but I had forgotten. They'd know what to tell me, I was sure.

If they were still talking to me.

And if they weren't?

I figured if I was on my own with this Andrew thing I needed to figure out what I wanted. Because frankly, I didn't know. It was scary because it was obvious Andrew did, and he was as persuasive as I was submissive. That could be a problem.

But maybe, now that he knew where we stood, he would leave it alone.



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