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Where Home Really Is

Novel By: FrootLoop246
Young adult

Jordyn Hamilton is having the summer of her life in her coastal California hometown. But things are about to change for the sixteen-year-old surfer/dancer. Thanks to a recently found will, her family is moving cross country to rural Pennsylvania, where Jordyn is convinced she doesn't belong. Soon, she's noticed by the hot, senior, football QB, and put on the black list of her popular classmate Ashley.

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Chapter Forty-Three

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jordyn stood by the SUV early Friday morning. The sun hadn't even come up, yet, but Jordyn and Alice were already awake, helping Zara and Jack pack the SUV for their trip to San Diego. It had been exactly a week since homecoming, and after spending an unusual amount of time with Cole since their big night, she was almost regretful that she was leaving him for four days, even if it was to go back to San Diego.

Right now, though, all Jordyn was feeling was tired. She and Alice had stayed up entirely too late the night before, and now the coffee she was drinking wasn't doing a thing about her heavy eyelids. Alice, on the other hand, could have given the Energizer bunny a run for his money.

"I'm so excited," she said, tossing a couple of suitcases into the back of the SUV. "I've never even been on a plane before! And to California?! Oh my gosh, I'm going to take a million pictures!"

Jordyn yawned and walked over. "Alice, you look tired. Have some coffee."

Zara raised her eyebrows. "Maybe you'd be alright if you two hadn't stayed up until 3:00am."

"2:00," Jordyn corrected. "And in a couple of hours that won't matter. We have a five-hour flight ahead of us, and I'm sleeping the whole way. Not to mention, once you calculate the time difference we'll actually get there at 9:00 California time. I can catch another couple of hours sleep when we get there." She smiled proudly. "I just did all that on less than three hours of sleep."

"Jordyn, you can't sleep," Alice scoffed. "You'll miss the sights!"

Jordyn's scrunched her face in confusion. "Of what, the clouds?"

Alice chewed her bottom lip, obviously now realizing what she had just said. She shrugged.

Jordyn sighed. "No, you stay away from the coffee."

"Alright!" Jack said from the back of the truck, shutting the door. "All packed. Let's head out."

So they all piled in the SUV, and headed down the long driveway.

Jordyn pulled her phone out, and sent Cole a quick text.

Hey, baby. We're leaving for the airport. I'll text you when we get there.

Alice peaked over at Jordyn's cell phone. "He's awake?"

Jordyn looked down at her text and smiled. "No. But he'll get it when he wakes up."

Zara turned around and smiled at Jordyn. "So, Jordyn, guess who we're having dinner with tonight?"

Jordyn shrugged and yawned, adjusting her pillow. "You got me, mom."


Jordyn's eyes flew wide open. "We are?"

"Yes, isn't that fantastic?"

That wasn't exactly the word Jordyn would have used.

"Yeah," Jordyn said instead. "Sounds awesome." She fluffed her pillow to preference, stuck her iPod ear buds in her ears, then drifted off to sleep.

The plane touched down in San Diego at 10:00 Pacific coast time after a slight delay back in Pittsburgh. Jordyn was already awake when they landed, eager to get her first look at California in two months.

She peaked out the window and smiled. It was just the airport, but the sun was shining bright, the skies were blue and cloudless; Pennsylvania was a world away.

Home sweet home.

A long list of things Jordyn couldn't wait to do ran through her mind as she unhooked her seatbelt, stood up and stretched. She had friends to visit, waves to surf. She wanted to show Alice all her old Moon Bay Beach stomping grounds, of course.

But first…

Jordyn glanced down at Alice, sleeping in her seat still. The Energizer bunny had been out cold since before the plane even took off from Pittsburgh.

"Alice, wake up," Jordyn said, shaking her friend. "Hey, wake up."

"We're here?" Alice mumbled, stretching and sitting up.

"Yep," Jordyn said. "You've just time traveled. It's 10:00 again."

Alice smiled. "So. Are we supposed to eat breakfast or lunch?"

Jordyn laughed and grabbed her carry on. "I don't know. I'm just ready to get to the hotel and get this vacation started."

"Jordyn, Emilio will be picking me up from the hotel at noon," Zara told her. "We've got meetings with investors most of the day. You and Alice can take the rental car and head to Moon Bay Beach."

Jordyn gasped. "Oh, we get the rental car? Yes! Can we get Corvette?"

Zara narrowed her eyes, so Jordyn shrugged. "Fine, I mean, just don't get like, a minivan or anything."

Alice giggled and followed them off the plane.

An hour later, they'd rented a Malibu, which Jordyn was content with, and were walking through the doors of the Grand Del Mar Hotel.

"Oh my goodness," Alice said, looking around the huge hotel lobby. "Jordyn, I might not leave this hotel for four days."

"Oh, you are," Jordyn told her. "I've got our whole weekend planned out. I have assimilated into your living, you're going to at least get a taste of my life. Well, my pre-Pennsylvania life, anyway."

Alice wasn't listening. She had her camera, taking pictures of every inch of the lobby. She'd had that camera stuck out the window of the car all the way there from the airport, snapping pictures of everything from the palm trees, to the street signs, to the tall buildings around.

"This city is amazing," she'd said once she'd finally seen the ocean.

Jordyn couldn't blame her friend. Her home was really amazing, and living in gloomy, rainy, Cedarwood for the two months she'd lived there, she couldn't imagine how a place like this came off to Alice, who'd never been further west than Indiana her entire life.

Jordyn was happy her mother had let her go with them. Of course, timing had really been on their side with that. As it turned out, they were on fall break, something Jordyn's old high school didn't have, so they were out of school until Tuesday. If it wasn't for that and two hours' worth of phone calls between Zara and Mrs. Doherty, Alice would probably be in Cedarwood right now, maybe going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow instead of snapping hundreds of pictures of her newfound paradise.

Zara walked up to the check-in desk, and Alice's attention went to a rack of brochures of San Diego travel guides.

"Ooh," she gasped. "We should go to Sea World. Have you been?"

"I lived ten minutes south of here for my whole life," Jordyn said. "What do you think?"

"We should go," Alice repeated. Then she sighed, wiping her brow. "Wow, it's kind of hot here."

"It's not hot," Jordyn said. "And I told you to take that hoodie off. You don't need that here."

Zara turned around, smiling with two room cards. "Let's go, ladies."

Their room was on the second floor, with a balcony that looked out over the hotel's private golf course. Not that the view mattered, Jordyn thought, dropping her suitcases by the bed she claimed. She would only be sleeping in this room, not enjoying the views. She only had four days, and a lot to squeeze into those four days.

"Get unpacked," Zara told them. "Key to the car is on the dresser, and I'm getting in the shower. Be careful, and do not wreck that car or you're getting a job and paying us back when we get home."

Jordyn looked at Alice and smiled. "If I could get a job in Cedarwood to afford a new Malibu at the age of sixteen I don't think I'd be driving an old Honda right now."

Alice snickered and Zara rolled her eyes, scooping her hair up and walking into the bathroom. "Just be careful."

Jordyn walked over to the dresser and picked up the car key. "We have plenty of time to unpack, later, don't you think?"


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