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Don't Forget To Remeber Me

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Can a friendship turn into something more?
Bailey Williams is an 18 year old marine brat with more strength then you can even imagine. After watching her father leave since she was little and having to fight for her life as well can change a person. But the one person who kept her sane was her best friend Jayden, who she is head over heels in love with. Can she keep from telling him her true feelings? Or will someone else come in and steal her from his grasp? Or will something even bigger than the three of them take Bailey away for good? I guess you will just have to read to find out…
***Sequel to My Hero's My Marines*** View table of contents...

Submitted:Dec 2, 2010    Reads: 816    Comments: 12    Likes: 7   

Billiards wasn't usually as crowded as it usually was that is why we always came on Wednesday. But today it was packed. Almost every table was full with men and woman playing pool. We walked up to the counter. "Hey Bernie, what's going on?" I asked pulling my hoodie sleeves up. He looked up at us from where he was cleaning some old pool balls.

"Hey Kids, I didn't think you would be coming today." He said pulling the ball back.
"We always come on Wednesdays." Colt said putting a hand on my shoulder, as he held Jenna to him.
"Yeah but with the tournament going on I just thought you could go bowling or something." My eyes widened.
"The tournament is today?" I asked smacking my forehead as he nodded. "Fuck I thought that was next week."
"Nope. It's today, sorry." He said giving me a half smile.
"Well do you have a table for us?" Wyatt asked him with a hopeful look. Bernie gave him a disapproving look.
"I have known you kids since your fathers first brought you here to play. Of course I saved you a table. Any way Bailey always calls if you guys aren't coming." He smirked taking a set of balls out from under the counter and handing them to us. "You know I still got some spots left in the tournament if you're interested." He said leaning on the counter to look at the 4 of us. "Win gets 500 dollars and the trophy." He said wiggling his eye brows. I looked over at the trophy. He knew I loved that thing. My eyes were fixated on the golden metal that it was. I have wanted it since it came in last week. You see when I was 15 I wanted to buy a car so I got a job. When I saw it was going to take a long time I got another one. Here. I loved to come here and Bernie has known me for a long time. I could come in on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday night and Monday night. I work at the dinner on Monday afternoon after school to 6, Then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I know I work a lot, but I like it. It keeps my mind off a lot of things that I don't want to think about. I only work from 6 to 8 on Mondays, and 3 to 8 the rest of the time. It keeps good money in my bank account, and I liked to have money. Just in case something happened. Or I got sick again. But not know, that's a story for another time. "Come on Kid, I know you want it." I swallowed nervously and looked at Wyatt.
"You want to give it a shot?" I asked Wyatt. He shrugged.
"It's it too late to join. Don't you have to do this an hour ago?" Wyatt asked looking at the poster. Wyatt worked here on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday during football season. He didn't work Mondays or Thursday s because he had football practice, and Fridays he had games. I usually go to them then go back to work. Bernie said its fine because he knew Wyatt and knew how much it meant to him to see me there. On the off season he worked here every day. Joy, I know.
"Boy, you and your sister have been working for me for almost 2 years. I have known you since you were both babies and would come in with your father when they all come out to play. They, and I, have taught you everything you twins know. You come here every Wednesday to play, your good. I trust both of you will get far. So a yes or no?" He said looking at us.
"Yeah, I'm in how much?" I said taking my wallet out from my back pocket.
"1,000 dollars." He smirked opening his hand. I stopped and looked at him.
"Not funny, how much?" I was glaring at him not. He chuckled.
"50 dollars for a team Sweetheart." I looked at Wyatt.
"You in?" I asked him. He nodded pulling out his wallet.
"Yeah might as well." He chuckled pulling out a 20 and 5 singles and handed it to Bernie. I rolled my eyes handing over my 25 dollars before I put my wallet back into my pocket. Bernie handed us a set of balls.
"Go to your table and practice. Colt and Jenna you guys can still play after the tournament starts. Don't worry about it." We nodded taking the balls and walking over to the last empty pool table. My phone started to vibrate in my pocket. "Colt break, I will be right back. If I'm not Jenna just take my turn." Jenna was on my team this time. I walked into the bathroom and answered my phone…….
Colt looked at the time on his phone. "You think she is okay?" He said looking at the girl's bathroom door.
"Do you think want me to go see if she is alright?" Jenna asked looking at Wyatt as he hit a striped ball into the left third pocket. Wyatt shook his head putting the down of his pool stick on the ground so it went up to about his waist.
"We should just leave her to her thoughts it could be important. You never know." He said going for another ball.
"I don't know maybe I should just go check." Jenna said trailing off still looking at the bathroom door.
"Don't worry Jenna. Come on it's your turn." He said standing up letting her get to the white ball…..
Me* Hey Jay that's great.
Jay* I know it was amazing Bails. Like magic. Hey where are you? Your cars not at the dinner? I thought you worked till 8? Are you home?
Me* No I'm with Wyatt doing something for my Mom. Don't worry.
Jay* Aw I was going to come over and tell you more. You know the parts that I can't tell you over the phone.
Me* I'll be home later and I'll -
Jay* Sweet its Sophia I got to take this.
With that he hung up the phone, not even letting me finish my sentence. I shut my phone and sighed. I stood up from where I was sitting leaning on one of the bathroom walls. I walked out back to the pool table as Jenna looked at me. "You okay?" I nodded looking around the room at some of the people I would be playing against tonight. My eyes landed on a newly familiar pair of piercing blue eyes……….


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