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Don't Forget To Remeber Me

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Can a friendship turn into something more?
Bailey Williams is an 18 year old marine brat with more strength then you can even imagine. After watching her father leave since she was little and having to fight for her life as well can change a person. But the one person who kept her sane was her best friend Jayden, who she is head over heels in love with. Can she keep from telling him her true feelings? Or will someone else come in and steal her from his grasp? Or will something even bigger than the three of them take Bailey away for good? I guess you will just have to read to find out…
***Sequel to My Hero's My Marines*** View table of contents...

Submitted:Dec 8, 2010    Reads: 741    Comments: 14    Likes: 8   

I walked back over to the car panting. Harley sat next to me panting looking up at me. I smiled leaning down to pet his head. "You are my best friend Harley." I smiled as he barked.

"Oh thanks and what am I?" I heard behind me. I turned on my heels to see Jayden standing there laughing.
"Your Jayden duh." I smirked at him. He rolled his eyes.
"Gee thanks Bails I am happy I mean so much to you." He laughed petting Harley's head. Harley whined at me getting as far away from Jayden as we could without leaving my side. I looked at him confused as he nudged my leg with his head. "What's up with him?" Jay asked as I opened my truck door.
"I'm not sure. Maybe he is just cold." I said looking down at Harley like he had something to tell me. I know it must mean something because Harley does not do this. I patted the blankets in my truck. "Up Harley." I said. He of course fallowed command and jumped up onto the blankets looking at Jayden weighing up if he should growl at him.
"What is up with him Bailey?" Jayden asked as I grabbed my gym bag and back pack from my truck losing the door. Harley sat looking at me whimpering as I started to walk away. "Bailey?" I looked at him.
"Never mind." He huffed walking next to me as we walked into school.
"Where's Sophia?" I asked trying to keep the disgust out of my voice.
"Probably still sleeping. You know girls need their beauty, not like I think she needs it." He smiled to himself before he looked at me. "You could use some though." He smirked. I don't know what was worse from that. The fact he said Sophia didn't need it or the fact that he said I needed some. I stopped and looked at him. He stopped a little while down to see I wasn't next to him. "Bailey come on." He sighed annoyed I had stopped. I looked at him, not seeing my best friend anymore. I shook my head turning down a different hallway to get away from him. I was fighting tears as I ran into the girl's locker room for a shower before class. I turned on the hot water and waited for it to heat up as I started to strip. I looked down confused as I saw 698 com out from under my under amour. My eyes widened as I ran and grabbed my phone. I almost lost Taylor's number. I typed it in breathe a sigh of relief as I didn't lose his number. I put my phone back into my bag and ran to get in my shower. I slipped as I got in banging my head on the tiled wall as well as the handle of the shower. I slid down the wall holding my head in agony as the hot water hit my back.
I took a deep breath and looked up at the shower head, closing my eyes letting the hot water pour over my face. I slowly took another deep breath and washed my hair and body as fast as I could as my head and left eye throbbed uncontrollably. I stepped out of the shower wrapping my cold towel around my warm cold sending a shier down my spine. I walked over to my bag grabbing my t-shirt and jeans and walking into the changing room to change. I walked out to look at myself in the mirror. Oh crap. I could see the dark bruise already starting to form on my forehead right above the lovely black eye I got from where it hit right into the shower handle. I put my hand to my head trying to stop the horrible throbbing from the headache I now have. I brushed my hair before pulling on my new hoodie. I pulled out my tooth brush putting some nice minty tooth paste on it and started to brush my teeth. My cell phone started to ring making me stop, pull the tooth brush from my mouth and answer it.
Me* Hello?
Jenna* Where are you? I just got to school and saw your car.
Me* I'm in the locker room.
Jenna* Okay I'll be there in a couple of minutes.
I hung up my phone going back to brushing my teeth as Jenna walked into the little bathroom locker area outside the shower. I looked over at her and smiled as I spit into the sink. "Hey."
"Hey Bail- Oh My God what happened to your face?" She said running over to turn my chin so she could get a good look at my eye.
"Showers don't like me so it tripped me and caused me to bang my head." I said pulling all my stuff away. Jenna grabbed my chin again making m look at her.
"Your lip is split too." I looked at myself in the mirror.
"Now how in hells name it that happen?" I asked myself looking at the glob of blood on my lip from where it split. I wiped it off on a tissue that Jenna handed me.
"Are you sure no one hit you?" She asked raising her eye brow as I finished packing up.
"Jenna I promise you on every dollar in my bank account that no one hit me. I feel in the shower and smacked my head on the handle." She sighed and nodded.
"Okay but if I catch wind that someone did hit you I want every single dollar in there." She smirked. I rolled my eyes as her, making the throbbing hurt so much more.
"Do you have any Advil or Tylenol on you I have the mother of all headaches right now." I sighed rubbing the side of my head.
"Yeah here." She said pulling a packet of Tylenol from her purse. I cut it open and put the pills into my mouth and gulping them down with the rest of my water bottle. I smiled as the cold water slid down my throat making me smile.
"Thanks." I smiled as I grabbed my back pack and gym bag and closed my eyes to see if my head hurt a little less……nope. Great.
"Ready?" She asked putting a hand on my arm.
"Yeah, let's get this over with." I sighed walking out with her………


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