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Don't Forget To Remeber Me

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Can a friendship turn into something more?
Bailey Williams is an 18 year old marine brat with more strength then you can even imagine. After watching her father leave since she was little and having to fight for her life as well can change a person. But the one person who kept her sane was her best friend Jayden, who she is head over heels in love with. Can she keep from telling him her true feelings? Or will someone else come in and steal her from his grasp? Or will something even bigger than the three of them take Bailey away for good? I guess you will just have to read to find out…
***Sequel to My Hero's My Marines*** View table of contents...

Submitted:Jan 2, 2011    Reads: 743    Comments: 21    Likes: 4   

"Jayden what's going on?" I asked looking around blankly. Everything was black I could not see anything, not even my own hands.

"It's alright Bailey I got you." I heard him say. I felt his fingers entwining with mine.
"I'm scared Jay." I whispered to him as I heard a sound down the hall way.
"It's alright I'm here Bails, your safe with me." He whispered. I heard fabric moving around as I looked on blindly.
"What are you doing?" I asked him. I suddenly saw a flash of light making me close my eyes for a minute.
"I was getting my phone so I open my locker." He said. I opened my eyes to see him trying to open his locker with his phone's light shining onto the dial. I chuckled making him look at me.
"What?" He asked, the world muffled by the phone in his mouth.
"Nothing you just look like an idiot." I laughed. He squeezed my hand as his locker popped open. He started to look through all the crap in it.
"Aha I found." He said loudly dropping his phone to the ground. "Damn." He cussed as the light went out. I blinked my eyes as the darkness once again took both of us into its dark, no pun intended, grip. I heard a clicking sound making me look around as a light flashed on.
"Jayden you have a flash light in your locker?" I asked raising my eye brow at him.
"Of course what if I needed it? Oh wait like I just did." He laughed nudging me with his shoulder.
"Shut up it's still kind of weird." I smiled. I pulled my keys from my pocket and flicked on my pocket flashlight.
"And you say I'm weird for having a flash light in my locker when you carry one on your keys." He snorted as we started to walk back to the locker room.
"No my dad got it for me when I got my car in case I needed them. Oh and look at that I needed them." I said in a matter - of - fact voice.
"Whatever." He said looking up at the ceiling. "You would think since it's only 9 o'clock in the morning there would be light in these hall ways but there isn't."
"That's because there is no windows to let any light in. When they were building the school they were not thinking to clearly." I said pulling a face.
"You can say that again." He said giving a little nod looking around.
"Bailey? Jayden? You here or is there a serial killer in here and they already got them." A voice called down the hall way.
"Yes you idiot a serial killer is in the school and killed both of us." I called back. I heard a laugh.
"Told you you moron that they were fine." Wyatt said laughing turning into the hall way with Oliver. They both had flash lights in their hands.
"Hey you never know dude. They could be dead right now." Oliver said shoving Wyatt as we laughed at him.
"Alright leave the poor guy alone." I smiled finally letting go of Jayden's hand. "So anyone got any idea what the hell is going on right now?" Wyatt looked around shining his flash light on the walls and ceiling.
"Coach thinks the transformer blew so we have to go see what's going on on this side while he goes and checks." Oliver said as we started to walk towards the side door that was on this side of the school.
"Holy crap!" I said looking outside. There were at least 6 or 7 inches of snow on the ground already.
"That's a lot of snow." Wyatt whistled.
"It snowed what? 6 inches in like an hour? That's crazy if that speed keeps up we are going to snowed in for a while." Jayden said pulling a face at us.
"Great, snowed in at school, not even at home." I sighed as we started to walk back to the locker rooms. Coach Michel looked at us as we got back.
"6 or 7 inches Coach. But we couldn't see anything else. It's a blizzard out there." Oliver whistled just like Wyatt did before.
"Well we are stuck in here with no power also Coach." Another football player on the team said shacking snow from his hair. "You were right. The wind and snow sent that tree that looked crooked and deformed to fall onto the transformer. We are screwed that thing is busted up pretty bad. We have no power at all Coach." He said rubbing his arms. Coach Michel sighed.
"This isn't good. With no power that means we are going to have no heat. Now with no heat that means we are going to freeze are asses off." He rubbed his shaven head. "Any ideas you 5? Some ideas will be a little bit of help here." He huffed. Did I forget to mention that coach started working here about 2 weeks ago? I did? Oops, my bad.
"You should probably should call the commander and tell him we are going to freeze to death if he doesn't send in some Marines to get us out of here." I suggested. "I'm 18. I don't want to die just yet." Coach nodded.
"Your right Bailey. What would I do without you?" He said pulling out his cell phone.
"Run around like a chicken with his head cut off." I shrugged.
"Any other ideas from the peanut gallery?" Coach asked looking at the boys.
"Blankets, food, water." Oliver said.
"Blankets are in the emergency cases in Coach's office. Food is in the kitchen or also in the emergency cases. Now we still have running water since it isn't power operated but it will be freezing cold since the heater does work on power." I said looking at everyone.
"Alright food, water, and blankets all done. Can you all go get that stuff for me while I call the commander?" We nodded as we started to make are way back into the locker room……


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