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Don't Forget To Remeber Me

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Can a friendship turn into something more?
Bailey Williams is an 18 year old marine brat with more strength then you can even imagine. After watching her father leave since she was little and having to fight for her life as well can change a person. But the one person who kept her sane was her best friend Jayden, who she is head over heels in love with. Can she keep from telling him her true feelings? Or will someone else come in and steal her from his grasp? Or will something even bigger than the three of them take Bailey away for good? I guess you will just have to read to find out…
***Sequel to My Hero's My Marines*** View table of contents...

Submitted:Jan 12, 2011    Reads: 775    Comments: 23    Likes: 4   

Wyatt looked at me. "Are you a virgin?" He said quietly as he closed the office door. I shrugged.

"Does it matter if I am?" He narrowed his eyes at me.
"Yes it does matter Bailey." I looked down at the floor, not able to look him in the eyes.
"Why does it matter?" He crossed his arms.
"It does when I know your lying."
"How do you know I'm lying?" I said in a defeated voice. Wyatt sighed.
"Well because Cameron is a 19 year old pervert that you hate with a burning passion." I shrugged.
"I don't know what you are talking about…" I said trailing off. "You never know." Wyatt gave a short laugh.
"With you? I always know. You're my twin sister. My baby sister. I know you. And it wasn't Cameron who took it was it?" I looked up at him as the tears started to form in my eyes. "It's okay you can tell me."
"No you'll hate me." I said as a warm tear fell down my cheek, freezing as it hit the cold air around us. Wyatt pulled me to him. I held a handful of his coat as I started to full on cry now. Like I could fool my twin brother that I it was all a lie.
"You can tell me I promise. I can't be mad at you sis." I looked up at him as that day played back in my head……
……I felt Murphy moving under me as he galloped on the enclosed ring Grandpa had built. I had been riding for a couple of hours so both Murphy and I were getting pretty tired at this point. I slowed down letting my horses shoulders move my hips back and forth, making them sore from all the movement they usually don't get. Dad had dropped me off while they took the boys out fishing for Dillon's first trip. I wanted to go and fish with them but I knew this trip was just for the 'boys' since Wyatt and I both knew Dad was getting his orders soon.
I always thought it was so weird when we would just get that gut feeling that made us want to spend as much time with Dad as we could. I had one right now to be true to myself. But I knew Dad just wanted to take Dill and Wyatt to have some Father Son time, but I missed him. Mom was up at the house nursing Bentley every two hours so it wasn't much fun up there but Grandpa was going to take me on the trail later where we were going to stay for the night by a pond me and Wyatt found last time we were here while Mom and Dad went on their 2nd honeymoon before Mom got pregnant.
I patted Murphy's midnight black neck. "Good Boy." I needed a break from all the fuss up at the house. Mom thought it would be fun if we took Jayden with us for the week, since it was the summer before we went into junior year. Mom was asking him all about his new 'girlfriend' he got. I hated her. She was a bitch. But he 'loves' her. Love my ass. So I took Murphy out for a walk before we had to ride up the 2 mile trail. I wiped the sweat off my brow before looking around the ring. It had rained last night causing some muddy puddles to form around the dirt. I walked Murphy over to one of the puddles and looked at myself in the reflection in the dirty water. I looked so different since I had grown my hair out since my last batch of chemotherapy. My hair had a lighter blonde look, you know like the blondes in Hollywood in movies? Kind of like that. My eyes where even lighter now. I was like a blonde bimbo.
"Bailey!" A voice yelled at me. I jumped making me accidently kick Murphy making him start to run. I lost my balance quickly sending me right into the muddy puddle, landing painfully on my stomach. "Oh crap." I heard again till I looked up to see Jayden climbing over the fence that enclosed the ring and running over to me. His hair was shaved completely off for the hot summer, but it made his green eyes pop. I held my stomach as he got to me leaning down next to me. He wasn't built like a marine yet, but I knew he was trying. He had a nice set of muscles on him that made him look like that 'true' jock he was, but not to look like he was taking steroids to look all manly. "Crap Al I didn't mean to make you fall off. I have been calling out to you for like 5 minutes and you were just staring at the ground." He said helping me up. Al. That's my nickname. Why? Well this is how it went. Bail is short for Bailey. Bail is also spelt like bale. A bale is a bale of hay. Hay is also Alfalfa. Alfalfa sounds cool and horses eat it. I love horses. And so my nickname was born. Bailey Alfalfa Williams. Al for short. Yeah I know corny, but I love it.
"It's alright." I sighed sitting up realizing I was sitting in the puddle I had been looking at. "Fuck now I'm all wet." I said still holding my aching stomach. I felt a drop of water roll down my cheek. We both looked up confused till another drop come down from the sky and another, and another, till it was pouring.
"Come on." He said helping me up before running over to grab Murphy's reins leading him back into the barn and pulling his saddle off putting him back into his stall before looking at me. He was drenched in water, as was I. We both started laughing at each other. I took his hand and pulled him into the tackle room where Grandpa kept some towels. I reached up for some causing my stomach to hurt. I pulled my shirt up to show a red mark. Jayden laid his hand on my stomach looking up at me. His green eyes seemed so much brighter than they usually do. Our eyes locked as the towel slipped from my fingers onto our feet as he leaned in. I felt his lips, warm on mine, as they stole my first kiss. I put my arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. He stole my breath as he pulled me closer to him. I pulled my head back so I could breathe and looked at him. "That was amazing." I nodded.
"It was." I whispered pulling him back to me. My hand started to go down pulled his shirt over his head making our lips part, before I pressed my lips back on his. I moved my hands down till I felt the cool metal of his zipper on his old blue jeans.
"Bailey wait." I heard him mutter pulling back. My finger froze as I looked up at him innocently.
"Why?" I asked pressing a kiss to his jaw line making him moan.
"I just want to make sure you want to do this." He moaned again as I kissed the hallow under his ear gently, like a butterfly kiss. "I know you're a virgin…." He said quietly trailing off.
"I want to do this Jayden." I whispered trailing a line of kisses back to his lips. I heard the sound of his zipper going down before Jayden pressed his lips firmly onto my neck pulling my shorts down gently…………..
That day played in my mind as I thought of if I should tell Wyatt what happened. That was the day Jayden took my virginity. But it was also the day he stole my heart……Did I want my brother to know that?


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