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Don't Forget To Remeber Me

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Can a friendship turn into something more?
Bailey Williams is an 18 year old marine brat with more strength then you can even imagine. After watching her father leave since she was little and having to fight for her life as well can change a person. But the one person who kept her sane was her best friend Jayden, who she is head over heels in love with. Can she keep from telling him her true feelings? Or will someone else come in and steal her from his grasp? Or will something even bigger than the three of them take Bailey away for good? I guess you will just have to read to find out…
***Sequel to My Hero's My Marines*** View table of contents...

Submitted:Jan 18, 2011    Reads: 723    Comments: 23    Likes: 4   

I hugged the blanket close to my body as I shivered. Jayden's body heat was got causing me to be even colder than I already was. Great. Derrick ran out after Jayden, followed by Colt and Wyatt. I closed my eyes praying that it wasn't something bad, since it had my guys going to investigate it. I looked at Kyle as he was huddled under one of the benches pushed up against the lockers. "You call yourself a man. Man my ass." I snorted my teeth clattering as I spoke.

"So just because I don't run at the first sigh of danger doesn't mean I am not a man."
"Pansy." A couple of the guys laughed. Kyle rolled his eyes at me as he rubbed his arms.
"Well at lease I'm not shivering like a mad man like someone over there." He snapped. I shrugged as my body shook violently with shivers as I tried to stay warm in the freezing air around me.
"She weighs like 120 pounds what do you expect? Her dancing around in her underwear for you?" one guy asked pulling a face.
"Well yeah it would be nice. You know like all those porno films where it's just a bunch of guys in the locker room and one girl and she-" Everyone threw something at him.
"Dude that is just nasty." One of the guys said shuddering at Kyle.
"No it's natural, so Bailey come on over, I'll warm you up." Kyle said wiggling his eye brow at me.
"Ew no I rather freeze to death before I touch you." I said hugging the blanket even closer to myself, not because I'm cold, because I felt like Kyle was staring at my body. I didn't like it. Not at all. I am getting a real bad feeling about him….. Kyle made a move to get up when the locker room door burst open. Jayden walked in covered in snow. "Jayden what happened?" I asked standing up on shaky legs to wipe the snow off of his so he didn't get too cold.
"The wind kicked up. It's about to get even colder in here. Half of the school's windows are busted up." I gasped as the others walked in. I wiped the snow off them with frozen hands.
"How is it going to get colder Jay? It's already freezing in here." One of the guys said.
"Yeah well there is nothing keeping the snow out or the cold out now. We are stuck in here and I promise you the temperature is going to drop fast." I shuddered as a cold breeze came into the room.
"How are we going to survive Jay?" another asked. Jayden looked at all the guys around him.
"I'm not sure. But we are going to. We are military kids here. The toughest around. We can survive deployment we can survive this."
"Are you kidding me? Deployment is just watching our parents leave us. We are freezing here! How can you compare the two?" Kyle snapped at Jayden standing up.
"Easy. We have strength. Something so many people lack. If we can watch our parents leave us time after time, than we can survive this. We are strong." I let out a deep breath making me whimper. I am small, I know it. I don't have much fat on me since I have such a hard time gaining it, another story for another time, so I got cold very easily. But this right now was horrible. I could see my breath. We all could. We had no hot air. It was cold and now we all knew it. "Now I don't know about the rest of you but I know what I am. A Marines son. Born and raised. I may not be as tough as my Dad, but he raised me to believe in myself and others. Right now is when we need each other the most. We are cold, alone, and all we have is each other. What would a marine do? Or even a sailor?" He said looking around at all the guys in the locker room. Every one of them wore the same mask on their face, the one I wore myself. Fear.
"Not give up." Derrick said standing up from where he was sitting. "Never give up without a fight."
"And what are we going to do with we just give up?" I looked at him.
"Let down the Marine Corps." He looked over at me his eyes softening at the low tone of my voice.
"Do we just get down the Marine Corp like that?" I shook my head.
"No, Semper Fi. Always faithful." He nodded.
"Now are we going to let down the Marine Corps? Or the Navy? Or even our Parents?" He asked loudly looking around the room again.
"No." We all said at once.
"Are we going to give up just like that?" He called out.
"What are we?" He yelled.
"Devil Dogs!"
"What do we do?" Jayden called again.
"Fight as a team, win as a team!" Jayden smiled.
"That's right. Now are we going to forget our motto?"
"Hell no!" The guys laughed.
"Semper Fi!"
"Ooh-Rah!" We all called back at him. I rubbed my arms shivering as the noise level in the room got a little quieter after Jayden's speech. Jayden walked over to me taking my hands in his.
"Bailey your hands are blue." He whispered rubbing my hands with his.
"I'm sorry." I whispered trying to stop the violent shivers running through my body. I was not doing a good job because it only had my teeth hurt more with the added pressure of them clattering together.
"Don't apologize for being cold. It's not your fault." He whispered putting a piece of hair behind my ear and out of my face.
"I know." I said over the sound of my teeth.
"Come on. Let's get back under the blanket so you can get warmer." He said pulling back over to our mess of blankets and unzipping the bag. Jayden sat down pulling the blanket up so it wrapped around himself. He looked up at me patted his lap. He laid a blanket of it for me to sit on. I sat down on the blanket as he wrapped me firmly in the blanket like a new born, to keep the heat in. He cradled me to his chest, as if I was a baby rocking me gently before zipping the sleeping bag up to keep some cold out. "We are going to life through this I know it." Jayden whispered to himself. "I know it." He pulled me closer to his body as my breathing slowed, as the air around us got colder.


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