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Don't Forget To Remeber Me

By: FutureMarinesGirl

Chapter 1, Can a friendship turn into something more? Can the American dream keep a friendship alive? Bailey and Jayden met at a public park when they were only 5 years old. A boy was picking on Bailey since her brother wasn’t around to help, so Jayden saved the day. They have been the best of friend ever since. Now, 13 years later, can they become something more than friends? Or will the risk of oozing her to the one thing they have no power over stop their friendship all together? I guess you will just have to read to find out… ***Sequel to My Hero\'s My Marines***

Whole milk or just skim milk? Well whole milk has 8 grams of fat, as skim milk doesn’t have any fat. Whole milk has 150 calories as skim only has 80. “Which to choose, which to choose.” I mumbled to myself. I looked down at my cup of black coffee. Well skim milk is healthier for you, but when have I cared. I picked up the whole milk and pours a little into the large cup. I put 2 sugars into the caramel colored coffee. I put the top back on before making my way back to the ring. I sat back down were my school books were scattered over the bleachers. I looked up at the guys boxing and smiled. I always came here with Jayden. He came here at lease twice a week to practice his boxing.

“Okay Boys, 5 minute break.” Coach Curtis yelled at the guys boxing.He looked over and smiled at me. “You know if you drink so much coffee you’re never going to sleep at night Bails.” He smiled at me. I looked at him taking a long sip of my coffee.
“Yeah but you try doing my Calculus homework Coach.” I shook my head at him. He picked up my notebook and looked at it.
“Damn, you are smart to know this crap.” He whistled at me. I nodded as Jayden jumped down from the ring. He pulled off his combat gloves and spit out his mouth piece.
“Oh it is not that hard.” He snorted at me. Coach looked at him.
“Come on Jay, you’re doing Trigonometry. I have to do Calculus.” I sapped at him. He looked at me and raised his eyebrow. Jayden wiped the sweat off his face and shook his head at me.
“Whatever Bailey.” He smiled putting his hands on his bare hips.
“I hate you Jay.” I pouted at him crossing my arms. He smiled walking over to wrap his arm around me.
“Sure, sure. Whatever you say Bailey, I know you love me.” He smirked at me. I rolled my eyes pushing him away.
“Yeah whatever Jayden, just don’t hug me. You’re all sweaty and I don’t want to smell like jock strap.” I laughed at him. He laughed letting go of me as I handed him a bottle of water. He gulped it down as Colt came over.
“Nice fight Dude.” He smiled shaking hands with Jay. Colt and Jay fought together here all the time. They have been friends since they both started to come here back in middle school. “I could say the same to use, Colt.” He smiled. I rolled my eyes at the two of them and started on my homework again. Colt put a hand on my shoulder.
“Why hello there gorgeous.” He smiled at me with his cocky smile.
“I wish I could say the same to you.” I smirked at him. He chuckled at me running a hand through his dark hair. I can say he was a looker, tall, dark and handsome. Both Jay and Colt are fit. Both of them play football in the winter and baseball in spring and summer. I smiled at Colt. I used to have a small crush on him when Jay and Colt first met, but it’s long gone now. Now he is dating my best girlfriend.
“Boys the wifey wants me home so shower and go. Bails get Mick to lock for me when he gets out in a few minutes.” I nodded at him as he pulled on his coat. Jay high fived Colt before he came over to kiss my head.
“We are going to shower than Colt is calling Jenna and we are going out to eat. Stay here.” He smiled before running off to the locker rooms. I told Mick, Coach Curtis owns the gym and Mick is the manager and he loves it. He is as built as a body builder. It’s kind of funny if you ask me. He nodded and went back to what he was doing. I pulled all of my books together and pushed them into my back pack. I pulled into onto my back before grabbing my coffee and gulping down the rest of it. They came out fresh from a shower joking around. Jayden slipped my back pack off my shoulder right as he was in arm length away. “Did you talk to Mike?” He asked taking sip from his water bottle.
“I did, he said he will lock up when he is done since no one is here. Colt did you call Jenna?” I asked Colt.
“I sure did. She is finishing off work right now so we are going to go to Lenny’s.” He nodded as he walked out. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Jayden’s shirt. It was an Under Armour shirt so you could see every nook and cranny of his chest and abs. I must say, it was a sight. “You ready to go Bailey? You can call Wyatt and see if he wants to come.” I nodded looking at him.
“I’m giving you a ride, right?” Jayden asked as we walked out into the cool autumn air of North Carolina.
“Yeah Jay, just let me call Wyatt see if he wants to come. I think he was going something with my Dad, but he should he free to have dinner now.” I nodded pulling out my cell phone and calling speed dial number 5. Jayden helped me into his pick-up truck as my phone rang.
Wyatt* Hey Sis
Me* Hey Bro, How are you?
Wyatt* I’m good, had a long day. Can’t wait for it to be over.
Me* Tell me about it. Have you had dinner?
Wyatt* No I haven’t why?
Me* Well Jayden, Colt, Jenna, and I are going to the Lenny’s for some food because I’m sure they are starving, and Colt wants to see Jenna some more.
Wyatt* Sure, I’ll me you there in like 20 minute.
Me* Dr. Pepper?
Wyatt* You know me so well.
Me* See you soon.
Wyatt* Bye.
Me* Bye.
I looked over at Jayden. He smiled at me leaning over to turn on the radio. “He’s coming?” I nodded.
“Of course.” I smiled back as the sound of Nickelback started to blast through the speakers as Jayden drove to the Dinner me and Jenna worked at………

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