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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Sep 9, 2010    Reads: 648    Comments: 11    Likes: 5   

Emmy looked at me her jaw dropped. "Pregnant? As in a baby?" She stammered.

"No, as in a puppy. Yes as a baby!" I almost yelled. She looked at me.
"I just, I, I don't even know what to say Ryan." She sighed. "Have you told your Mom? Or even bigger have you told Tanner?" I looked down not wanting to look at her face.
"I haven't told anyone yet. You're the first one I told." I looked down at my hands as they played with my blanket. She put her hand on mine.
"This is so crazy." I sighed as tears threatened to fall from my eyes.
"I know." She said looked at me with a still shocked face. I looked at her trying to find the right words.
"What do I do?" I cried as the tears found their way out of my eyes falling silently down my cheeks.
"First we should go to the store and buy a test to see if you really are pregnant than we will go from there." I nodded rubbing my eyes. "Let's go to the pharmacy and get you some tests before we make plans." I nodded getting out of bed and grabbing one of Tanner's hoodies from off my desk chair.
"You ready?" I asked her. She nodded her head grabbing her keys. We sat silently in the car as she drove to the gate. "I thought we were going to the open on base." I asked almost panicked. She looked at me.
"Why not? The one on base is all out." I looked at her and raised an eyes brow. "I was getting Asher more formula." She said blushing.
"Why don't I believe you?" I almost smirked.
"You really want to know what I was getting. Okay, I need condoms." I gave her a disgusted look. I felt my stomach churn painfully. Emmy looked at me quickly as she pulled up to the gate. "Ryan you okay? You look like you're going to-" I opened the door quickly and ran to the grass puking violently. I heard yelling from the gate stall were the marines stay with the cameras to watch the gates. I felt a warm hand on my back as hands held back my hair. I stopped vomiting and looked up to see the owner of the hands. Tanner was looking down at me concerned.
"Ryan are you okay?" He asked offering me a piece of gum. I nodded laying my head on his chest.
"Yeah I'm fine. Just a little sick." I sighed closing my eyes.
"Where are you going if you are sick? You should be in bed." He chastised me.
"We are going to the pharmacy." I said leaning back and wiping my face. I pulled my hair into a ponytail.
"Why didn't you go to the pharmacy on base?"He put his finger under my chin making me look at him.
"They, uh, I, um, I forgot there was one on base." I said as if I was asking him.
"You forgot? You have been living on base your whole life and every base as a pharmacy." His thumb stroked my upper cheek. "What's wrong baby?"
"Tanner, we, we are going to need to talk." I felt his body freeze under me.
"About what?" He asked putting his hands in his pockets. I put my fingers under and over his chin pulling down making him look at me.
"I love you, don't forget that." He leaned his face down and kissed me.
"I love you too." He brought his face up to kiss my forehead. "When should we talk?" I sighed and laid my head back on his chest as Audrey beeped the horn at us.
"Ry come on." She called out the window.
"When do you finish?" I asked looking up. He looked at his watch.
"In about 10 minutes." He took my hand walking me to the car.
"How about you go get a pizza and bread sticks and meet me at your apartment." He nodded kissing me.
"Okay, see you soon." I nodded putting my seatbelt on as he closed the door walking back to the others. Audrey looked at me as she drove away from base.
"Are you going to tell him?" She asked. I nodded.
"Yeah I'm going to take the test with him if that's okay." I nodded turning on the radio.
"So you want me to drop you off at your house after we go to the pharmacy?" She said putting on the turn signal and turning onto a street.
"No if you could drop me off at His apartment that would be better." I said looking out the window.
"Tanner has an apartment?"
"Where do you think he was living? In a cave?" I laughed at her.
"No I thought he was living at your house." She said pulling up to a CVS.
"No, turns out he had an apartment off base that he has been living at for some time now." I grabbed a circular.
"Weird." She said pulling me down the tampon aisle. I blushed a fierce red as she stopped by the condoms. "You know I always thought it was weird how they put the tampons next to the condoms that are next to the pregnancy tests. My mom says that they are all related but still I don't understand it."I looked at her. "What?"
"You're so weird." I laughed at her. I looked at the different tests but my eyes kept drifting to the condoms next to them smirking remembering something. I felt Emmy Gibb's slap me.
"Get your mind out of the bedroom." She laughed. I looked at her.
"How do you know it was in the bedroom?" I smirked at her.
"With that smile it has….Oh Ryan really." She groaned at me. I laughed. "You see this is why you're in this situation." I looked back at the pregnancy tests.
"Which one do I choose?" I asked looking at her.
"Well you should get a couple of different ones to see if you really are and to make sure you don't get a false negative or a false positive. You know better safe than sorry." She said grabbing five different ones before she walked to the counter dropping the tests. The guy looked at her.
"Someone a little busy lately." He said ringing them up.
"Yeah I got them for your Mom show she doesn't end up with you again." Emmy snapped. Grabbing the bag as I gave him the money. I giggled at his face as he stood there shocked. I ran after Emmy as she got in the car.
"I don't even know what to say." I laughed as she drove to the address I gave her.
"Good." I looked out the window as she pulled up to the apartment complex. I looked at her taking my seatbelt off. "Call me when you find out if you are. Also if you need a ride do call me." She put her hand over mine.
"Okay. Thank you Em." I smiled weakly at her.
"Good Luck." She smiled at me as I made my way up to Tanner's apartment………..


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