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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Sep 27, 2010    Reads: 667    Comments: 14    Likes: 4   

Acar pulled up to the house and into the drive way. I looked around the small house not knowing anything. I was so confused. My arms had bruises all over them as I pulled my sleeves up to wash my hands. I looked down for my baby but she was gone. I run to the front door and gasped. There was my baby. She looked to be about 4 as she sat down on the front lawn playing with her dolls. She looked just like Tanner. She had his light brown hair, his beautiful warm brown eyes, well his face. I smiled at her gently leaning in the doorway waiting her play with her dollies. The car door opened making me look at the car making my heart stop. Owen stepped out of the car in an amazing suit smiling. My little girl looked up and her face broke into a grin. "Daddy's home!" She got up and ran into his arms. I watch in shock. She threw her arms around him and hugged him to her little body. I couldn't help but smile. I felt little hands on my legs making me look down. Leaning on me was this beautiful baby boy. He didn't have much hair but his head was covered. I picked him up and kissing his cheek.

"Dada?" He asked looking out of the house towards Owen. He looked so much like him. Same smile, same eyes, same dimples, he was perfect. I walked out of the house towards Owen, who was now holding my little baby as she showed him her new dolls. He looked at me and smiled.
"Why hello there Sexy?" He leaned in to kiss me gently on the lips. "How is my lovely Wife doing?"
"I got dinner ready, everything is set, all I needed was just waiting for my extremely hot husband to get home." I smiled at him. What the hell?
"Good because I'm starving." He smiled looking at the little boy in my arms. "Hey Buddy did you miss Daddy?" The little boy planted slobbery kisses all over Owen's face making him smile. "I missed you too buddy."
"Okay everyone its dinner. Bailey, go wash up, you to Daddy. Give me this little man." I smiled taking the little boy into my arms again. Bailey. I always loved that name. Bailey ran into the house giggling as Owen ran after her. I walked into the small house again into the dining room were dinner was already set up. I sat the little boy in a high chair as I got Owen a beer and me a soda. I looked at the wall to see pictures everywhere. Owen and me. Owen and Bailey. Me and Bailey. Owen, me, and Bailey. Owen and the little boy. Bailey and the little boy. They were everywhere. The last one was a wedding picture of Owen and me. I felt arms wrap around me and a chin on my shoulder.
"They are amazing aren't they?" Owen smiled kissing my neck. I nodded my head. "Come on lets have dinner I'm starving." He smiled pulling me into the dining room. I sat down as we started dinner. I smiled as the baby ate like a little pig.
"So how was kindergarten today Bailey?" Owen after cutting a piece of meat to eat before he put it in his mouth.
"It was fun Daddy. Mrs. Lucy read us a book and we leaned a new animal." She smiled nodding her head at Owen. He smiled at her.
"What animal did you learn Baby?"
"W leaned about Tigers. They live in the forest. Like Tigger from Landon's room. But they don't bounce." I smiled at her as she bit into a fish stick. Owen nodded.
"Your teachers right Bails, Tigers don't bounce but they can swim." He nodded at the little girl as I pasted the ketchup for her French fries.
"Really Daddy How do they do that?" She asked wide eyed. Owen smiled.
"They get really hot go they go in the water to cool down. I have to admit, it's pretty cool." He nodded taking a drink from his beer.
"That' so cool Daddy." She smiled before going back to her food. I sat there looking at my food trying to figure out how I got here.
"Baby?" I heard Owen say. I looked up at him.
"Yeah?" He gave me a long look.
"You okay? Is something wrong? You're very quiet today." Bailey looked up at me.
"Yeah Mommy." She nodded. I smiled at the two of them.
"I'm fine. Just thinking." I nodded taking another bite of my food. Owen looked at me before he went back to eating his food.
"So how was Landon today?" He asked looking at me than at the little boy eating some bananas.
"We watched some TV and played some games. He helped me cook today and he has been walking more and more." I smiled at the little boy. Owen smiled at the little baby before looking at me.
"That's good, that's good." He nodded. I finished dinner and cleaned up quickly. Owen took the kids to the TV room while I washed the dishes. What the hell was happening? Last I remember I was at Tanner's funeral now I'm in Owen's house? Our house? I had Owen's son? We are married? What the hell is going on? I turned off the water shaking my head. "Ryan, are you okay?" I looked over at Owen as he leaned in the door way in just his suit pants.
"Nothing Owen. Nothing is wrong." I sighed. He walked over to me grabbing my chin and forcing my chin up to look at him.
"What is wrong Ryan? Do not fucking lie to me." I flinched away from his hard voice causing him to roughly pull it back up to look at him. "Tell me now or go help me god." He growled in a low voice.
"Daddy?" His cold eyes snapped over to Bailey softening.
"Yes Baby?" He asked not letting go of me.
"Can you help me with my picture Daddy?" She asked looking at him than me.
"Sure Baby hold on go to your room and I will be there." She nodded running back to her room. Owen gave me a look.
"Do not undermine me Ryan. You will hurt more than you did last night." He growled throw me to ground me away from him. He walked away as my head connected with the counter. I fell to the ground as the throbbing over took me. I slowly slipped away from my body as the blood leaked out of the cut on my forehead………….


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