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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Sep 29, 2010    Reads: 662    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

TJ grabbed my hand and squeezed as tears started to roll down my cheeks. "TJ." My voice broke into a sob. I felt a little pinch on my belly making me look down. My belly was cover up so I pulled my gown up. I rubbed the skin gently looking down at my belly. I felt another pinching on the other side of my belly making me smile. My baby had to be okay. She was kicking. If it was a she, as Emmy said it was a dream, not real. I looked up at TJ. "It kicked." I smiled. TJ put his hand on my stomach waiting but nothing happened.

"Ryan it's not kicking." I felt another kick smiling my smile. This one was stronger than the last two. The doctor came in pushing the clunky machine with him.
"Is everything okay here?" he asked plugging the machine in. I nodded.
"It was just kicking me." I smiled rubbing my belly smiling weakly at it thinking of Tanner. I don't even know if he is alive. Yet our baby is. I am and so is our baby. The doctor looked at me disconnecting the heart monitor. He squirted the gel on my belly making me shiver at the coldness of it.
"Do you have any idea why I want to give you an ultra sound?" He asked me. I looked at him before I shook my head. "I saw, I find of, a flicker in your baby's heart rate." I looked at him.
"Is there something wrong with it?" I asked wanting to put my hand on my belly but I couldn't. TJ took my hand and held it tightly in his.
"I'm not sure it's something wrong, more as something we missed." He turned on the machine and pressed it to my stomach moving it around. "Yup it's just what I thought." He nodded looking around the screen.
"What did you think?" I asked in a shaky voice. The doctor looked over at me and smiled.
"Do twins run in your family?" He asked. TJ started to smirk.
"We're twins actually." The doctor smiled at me.
"You know that I heard that flickering before." I nodded my head looking at the screen. "Well I think that I found the flicker." He moved the wand around till my jaw dropped. "Ryan meet your twins." They were perfect. I could make out everything. I could see 4 eyes, two noses, 2 mouths, 4 ears, 4 little hands; it was the best moment in my life. I couldn't take my eyes off the two perfect babies on the screen.
"Two," I whispered. I looked at TJ as he was looking at the babies in awe.
"They are amazing." He whispered. I nodded my head. The doctor moved the wand around.
"Would you like to know the sex of your babies Ryan?" I looked at Asher who was fast asleep on TJ's lap before back at the doctor.
"Yeah, I need to know what I'm having." I nodded. The doctor moved the wand around slowly till he got to the right spot.
"Well the bigger one, the one on the left, he is a little boy. Now on the right it looks like we have a little girl." I looked at TJ as he started to laugh.
"Sis, it's like me and you all over again. I was bigger and I'm a boy." I looked at him.
"You're a boy? You could have fooled me." I smiled looking at the screen again. The doctor was measuring the babies and getting their heart rate. The doctor smiled at me handing me a tissue.
"Ryan they're perfect. Everything is fine with both of them. They are both growing perfectly. I want to run some more tests to make sure everything thing is alright. I trust it would be okay with you, right?" I nodded my head as he hooked up back to my baby heart monitor. He pulled out another one and hooked it up on the other baby. I put my hand on my stomach and rubbed it gently.
"How long will I be here Doc? I want to go home?" I asked him. The doctor looked at me.
"I'm not sure when but it isn't going to be long. Let me run the tests and see if I find anything, then we can talk. I promise." I nodded my head gently. The doctor turned around walking out slowly. I looked over at TJ as he sat there rubbing his hair. I put my hand on his cheek making him look at you.
"I have missed too much." I whispered getting chocked up. TJ put his hand over mine.
"No, of course not. You have only been out for 2 weeks." I smiled weakly as the tears rolled down my cheek.
"2 weeks is too long. You have changed so much. Look at you. You look all grown up. You look like the Marine you always wanted to be. Like the Marine Mom and Dad wanted. You don't look like my big brother anymore." I sighed lifting my hand to wipe the tears off my cheeks. TJ took my hand in his.
"Ryan I love you. You're my baby sister. You and Audrey mean the world to me. I, I, I don't even know what I was thinking about when I thought you were never going to wake up." He closed his eyes. "I know I was thinking I was going to lose my twin, my other half. I don't ever want that feeling ever again. You need to think of these two now." He put my hand on my bump. "They are going to need there Mommy now, no matter what. Even if Tanner isn't going to make it." I gave him a sad look at the tears weld up again. "But I know that you will be the best mom. And when Tanner gets home." I nodded my head. TJ sat back in his chair as Dad walked into the room with a black face.
"Ryan, TJ, I have some news." I looked at him as his face didn't change……..


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