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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Oct 6, 2010    Reads: 660    Comments: 9    Likes: 5   

The force made me stumble back. I'm sure if Tanner hadn't had his arm around me I would have fell to the ground. "Do not fucking talk about my son. You didn't know him, so you don't fucking talk about him!" I put my hand to my cheek as Tanner pulled me tightly to his body. I felt the tears start to form in my eyes as I buried my face in his good shoulder. Dad grabbed Tanner's Dad's arm twisting it behind his back.

"Don't you dare touch my daughter!" He growled at me. He lifted his knee hitting him right in the back of his knee sending him to the ground. TJ held onto Audrey holding her to him, keeping her safe. Tanner's Mom went to hit Dad but Mom grabbed her and punched sending her to the ground.

"Hunter, take Emmy and Asher and get out of here." Tanner ordered him. Hunter looked at me as I held on to Tanner's t-shirt. "TJ do the same with Audrey." TJ grabbed Audrey running to the car and pulling her in. I buried my face farther into his t-shirt. I heard a grunt making me look over at Mom and Dad. Dad and Tanner's Dad ever struggling with each other to punch each other as Mom got her hair pulled back. Kelsey was looking at the fighting in horror. "Kelsey, come here." Kelsey quickly walked over to us. I looked over as I heard yelling coming the street. The M.P's were running over to them guns drawn backing me whimper and look away. "Shh Baby, its okay. Don't look." Tanner whispered kissing my hair.

"Get on the ground now all of you now." The M.P.s yelled at us. I looked over at him shivering in fear. I usually never act like this, I don't know why this is different. The M.P's looked at us. "Get on the ground." He said again. Tanner put his hand up.
"She can't. She really pregnant." He said turning me around to show my belly to the cop. He nodded putting his gun down as he looked at my belly before he looked at my face.
"And you sir? Why aren't you?" He asked looking at his arm.
"I was shot so I can't really do anything and if I get down I'm sure I will never get back up." Tanner said pulling me back to him putting his hand on my bump. I watched as they pulled Dad up putting him in handcuffs.
"What are you doing? Leave my Dad alone." I said trying to step forward but Tanner tightened his grip.
"Don't." He whispered. I looked as they cuffed Tanner's Dad.
"Now what happened here?" One M.P. officer asked. I looked at Tanner before I looked down.
"That Asshole slapped my pregnant daughter." Dad snapped at Tanner's father. The M.P. looked at Tanner's Dad.
"You slapped a pregnant teenager? Wow that, uh, kind of sad." The guy said looking at him. Tanner's Dad looked at the cop.
"She got what she deserved. She should not have been talking about my Son like that." He spit in my direction. The cop jerked him back by his cuffs. The other M.P. looked at me.
"Ma'am what do you want to do?" I laid my head on Tanner's shoulder.
"I just want to get something to eat and I want to go home." I said looking at him. "I'm tired. Please just let me go home." I closed my eyes as Tanner gently stroked my back. The M.P.s looked at each other.
"Okay, we are going to let you go. If we get one more call for you, Banks, I will be telling the Commander. Do I make myself clear?" Dad rubbed his wrists.
"Yes Sir, no more crap." The M.P. looked at Tanner's Mom and Dad.
"Please come with me." Tanner's mom looked at him.
"Why? We didn't do anything it's all that little bitches fault." She snapped looking at me. I closed my eyes as Tanner pulling my face back into his shoulder. The M.P. looked at her.
"Ma'am, we are just going to escort you off base." They put their arm out to point to the car. "Are you coming Ma'am?" He asked looking at Kelsey. She looked at Tanner, than shook her head. They both saluted us before they took Tanner's parents away. I wrapped my arms around Tanner closing my eyes.
"Do you want to go get something to eat? You said you were hungry." I nodded turning my head to look at Kelsey.
"Can we go get fast food. I want a double bacon cheese burger with a large fries. I'm so hungry." I sighed. "Oh and a big soda. And ice cream." Tanner looked at me before shaking his head.
"You eat worse than Hunter." He chuckled. I giggled.
"No I eat worse than TJ and Hunter." Kelsey looked at us.
"Kells you ready to get something?" She nodded walking beside us.
"You okay Kelsey?" I asked. She looked over at me surprised.
"Yeah, sorry, I'm fine. I was in my own little world." She nodded. I got into the driver seat as we got into the truck to go get food. I pulled into a Wendy's parking lot getting out of the car waiting for Tanner and Kelsey before speed walking to the counter to order. I got a triple baconator with a large soda and a larger French fries. I also got a chocolate ice cream with m&ms in it. Tanner got the same but medium, as Kelsey just got a salad. I got my food and sat down at a table and started to eat hungrily. Tanner sat next to me as Kelsey sat across. I took big bites of my burger almost moaning at the flavor. Tanner looked at me steeling my ice cream. I watched him as he dipped his fries in it.
"You not just steal my food." I said taking back my ice cream dipping my fries in it before I threw them in my mouth.
"I did, what you going to do about it?" He smirked. I bumped his shoulder, which was his good one because I'm not that mean, and shook my head.
"Just wait, I'll get back at you." I smiled. Kelsey looked at both of us.
"I have something to tell you Tanner." She said looking at the two of us………


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