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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Oct 11, 2010    Reads: 635    Comments: 8    Likes: 6   

"So what are you going to name them?" Audrey asked almost jumping up and down like a three year old.I bit my lip looking at them.

"I know I am going to name our little boy Wyatt. No matter what Dad or Mom says he is Wyatt. Tanner's brother deserves that. His first nephew is going to be named after him." I felt the tears forming in my eyes. I felt a hand on my leg making me look at the owner. Emmy was rubbing it gently.
"That's amazing Ry. I'm sure if Wyatt was here today I'm sure he would love it." She smiled gently. Audrey put the paint roller down looking at the newly painted walls.
"So what are you going to name the little girl?" She asked looking at me before she started to clean up. Emmy got up and started to help with her.
"Well that's where it gets fuzzy. We haven't really talked too much about it but I love the name Bailey." Emmy looked over.
"Like the little girl from your dream?" I told both of them in detail about my dreams to get the thoughts out in the open. I nodded.
"If she becomes anything like that little girl, I will be so happy. She was perfect. She was everything I want my daughter to be and I'm sure she will be." I looked down at the hand on my belly that was rubbing the sensitive skin that I didn't even know was there. "You guy must think I'm crazy." I sighed looking up.
"No, you're not crazy Ry. Your just….different." Audrey said putting her hand on my shoulder. Emmy sat next to me and laid her head on my leg looking up at me.
"You're just coping with the pain of almost losing everything, and I think that's fine."I nodded looking around the now empty room.
"Where are the boys? They should have been back by now." I said looking at the time on my cell phone. Emmy shrugged.
"You know boys they probably stopped to get like 30 pounds of food in there stomach." She laughed standing up. "Are you hungry Ryan?" She asked me as I rubbed my belly.
"I'm starving. Audrey, you hungry?" I asked looking at her. She nodded as we all got up to go to the kitchen.
"I will cook us something." Emmy nodded opening the frig to start lunch………
"Are we almost done? I kind of want to get back to my pregnant girlfriend here." Tanner sighed as he helped put the last of the boxes in the truck.
"I just need to pick up some other stuff from the mall than you can get back to my sister." TJ looked over at the two boys.
"What do you need to get Hunter?" TJ asked buckling his seat belt after he got into the back of the truck.
"I need to pick up some stuff from the jeweler." Tanner raised his eye brows.
"And what would you be buying?" Hunter shot him a look before the back of his neck turned red.
"Now I'm curious." TJ said looking at the back of Hunters head.
"I wanted to propose to Emmy." He smiled. "She wanted to start a family. Me, her, Asher and a new little baby. I thought we should do it the proper way and get married." He pulled into the parking lot of the mall.
"So you're proposing to Emmy, when are you going to do it?" Tanner asked as they stated to walk in. TJ was staring at Victoria secret with a hungry look. "Dude just go in and get what you need. Call when you're done." TJ started to smirk before running off towards the store. "So about you prosing…." He said trailing off. Hunter looked over as they got to the jewelers.
"Well we had a long talk yesterday after my mom and Dad took Asher for the night. She told me that she was jealous of you and Ryan." He said looking out of the window as they waited in line.
"Why is she jealous of us?" He looked at him weird. "I got my 18 year old girlfriend pregnant with twins. I was almost, we were almost, killed in battle."
"That's it, that's what she is jealous of." Hunter nodded.
"Almost getting killed….maybe Emmy needs a little bit of therapy…" He said trailing off. Hunter shook his head.
"No, not the almost getting killed. She was jealous that if we didn't come home, Ryan would always have a part of you, the baby or babies now. You would always be there in her face, they heart there body. But she didn't have that. She didn't get pregnant. She didn't have a part of me. All she had was Asher.If we didn't come home, it would be like I was never there. Sure some pictures and some memories. But not physically there. That tore her up, than with Ryan falling into a coma." Hunter closed his eyes and shook his head. Tanner looked at Hunter before looking at his hand.
"So…" He trailed off looking back at Hunter.
"I held her close to me as she cried. I told her I wanted another kid, and I did. I wanted her baby. I wanted to see her pregnant carrying my child. I can't wait for her to carry my child. We are trying." Hunter smiled. The man behind the counter smiled at them.
"How can I help you two gentleman?" He asked looking at them back and forth.
"I am here to pick up an engagement ring for my girlfriend." The clerk walked the two of them to the engagement ring section.
"Name?" He asked stepping in front of the computer moving his hands to the keyboard.
"Banks." The guy smiled.
"Sure Mr. Banks. Your ring is ready get give me a minute to go get it." Tanner looked at all the rings till the man came back. "Here you go Mr. Banks." Hunter opened the small box and smiled showing Tanner the ring inside……..


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