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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Oct 18, 2010    Reads: 614    Comments: 9    Likes: 7   

I had an oxygen mask over my nose and mouth as I took deep breaths. Tanner sat at my side in a wife beater and his uniform pants holding my hand and not letting go, even when I crushed his hand when I had a strong contraction. Dr. Fisher walked into the room rubbing his eyes. "Did we wake you up Dr. Fish?" Tanner asked rubbing my hand.

"No worries. You can't control when you go into labor." He smiled at us as I closed my eyes whimpering in pain. I pulled my mask down to look at him.
"What about your son?" I whispered tired. He picked up my chart.
"My neighbor is watching him for me. She was going to take him to school tomorrow if I don't get home." He said putting the chart down. I looked at him as Tanner gently put the mask back on top of my mouth and nose. "So let me check to see how far along you are Ryan. Now I know this is going to hurt so please just bare with me here." I closed my eyes as Dr. Fish put his rubber glove on and put his hand under the blanket. I whimpered in pain and clutched onto Tanner's hand.
"Everything is going to be okay Ryan. He is almost done sweetheart." He pressed his lips to my head as the tears rolled down my face.
"Okay sweetheart it looks like you are about 8 centimeters dilated right now which is a good thing if you want to have the babies soon. You need to be 10 centimeter to give birth so you are almost there." He took his glove off as he hooked the twins up to a heart monitor. I was so tired. My eyes were drooping as Tanner watched the heart rates on both screens. "Ryan you need to look at me." I opened my tired eyes to look at him. Tanner gently rubbed my arm.
"You okay baby?" He whispered. I nodded my head slowly looking back at the doctor.
"You get some sleep now because I promise you you are going to need it if you want to deliver these babies vaginally. Most twins these days are born through c-section because it is safer on the mother and the babies. But for you it would be better if you delivered the babies by yourself because your body is weaker and it will be a longer recovery. You Ryan, you're young. You would heal from your c-section, but you might never get to deliver a baby by yourself and that wouldn't be fair for you. I can promise you if nothing goes wrong we will not have to c-section these little guys, but if I see anything wrong. I mean anything even the littlest thing I am getting them out as fast as I can." I nodded my head as Tanner gently stroked my hair to comfort me.
"So how long do you think she has left? I hate to see her is so much pain…" He sighed trailing off. Dr. Fisher looked at him.
"Well I can't tell you how long because it always changes. It can be six hours or it could be about 1 hour. It really depends on how long it takes for the first baby to drop into the birth canal more. So all we can really do is wait and see. But if they babies get to tired to really move any more we are going to have to take them out but if it all goes as planned nothing like that should happen." The doctor nodded. Tanner sighed again rubbing his face as he looked at me fast asleep next to him. I flinched in pain as another contraction rocked through my body. Tanner looked back at the doctor.
"Isn't there anything you can do for some of the pain? I hate to see her like this. It makes me feel so helpless. I already feel helpless but now, but now I feel like I don't even know I'm just so helpless now." He sighed. The doctor put his hand on Tanner's shoulder.
"I know that feeling. I'm had it before. All you can do is stick by her side no matter what okay? Stay even if she is the biggest bitch in the world." Tanner smiled at him.
"I could never leave her anymore than I have to. She is my everything." The doctor smiled. "Let me get her a shot for some of the pain and go on from there." He nodded walking out leaving the room and Tanner to his thoughts……..
I woke up to the sharpest pain we had so far making me scream bloody murder. Tanner jolted up in his chair as the doctor came sprinting into the room. I tried to take deep breathes but I couldn't stop crying. I was in so much pain. The doctor checked everything before putting on another pair of rubber gloves. He checked me under the blanket again and smiled. "Well it looks like you are full dilated and ready to push those babies out." He smiled calling in some nurses.
"Is my mom here?" I asked in a weak voice. Tanner nodded.
"She's right here." He said as she walked in.
"Everyone's here baby, we are all waiting for the two perfect babies to be here." She smiled kissing my head. The nurses got me ready to deliver preparing everything and lifting my legs up as Dr. Fisher got dressed in sterile scrubs.
"Okay Ryan you ready to push sweetheart. I want you to take a deep breath and hold it. On 3 I need you to push." He said getting ready to take the baby out. "Okay Ry, deep breath. 1…2….3… push!" I pushed as hard as I could till I was gasping for breath in the oxygen mask.
"You can do this Ryan." Tanner smiled from where he was holding my leg. "I know you can baby."
"You're doing good Ryan. I need another big push like that again. Okay, 1…2…3 push!" I pushed again hard till I felt an extreme pain. "Okay Ryan I can see the head I need you to push again so it doesn't he doesn't go back up. Come on Ry, deep breath. 1…2…3 push!" I screamed as I pushed again feeling the pain again.
"Ry I can see its shoulders." Tanner gushed at me. He had tears in his eyes. I took another deep breath closing my eyes.
"Okay Ryan one last hard push and he should be out Sweetheart." Dr. Fisher said. "1…2…3 push!" I pushed hard making me scream in agony.
"He's out Ryan. Congratulations Ryan it's a baby boy." He smiled clearing my baby's airway. I heard his piercing scream making me smile. Suddenly I felt lightheaded. The doctor looked up as my heart monitor started to beep.
"Ryan…Ryan look at me." I gave him one last look before I felt the blackness take over me to sound of my baby's screams of life…….


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