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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Oct 24, 2010    Reads: 577    Comments: 13    Likes: 5   

Doctor Fisher laid the little pink blanket in my arms. Tanner sat on the edge of my bed and looked at Bailey. "Wow." He whispered gently pushing back the blanket to see her little sleeping face. "She is so beautiful. Look at her Ry." He whispered to me. I nodded as tears welled up in my eyes.She was beautiful. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen. My baby girl.

"Hi Beautiful."I smiled at her. She opened her beautiful eyes to look for the sound of our voices. Tanner pressed his lips to my head.
"She has your eyes." He whispered into my skin. I nodded. Looked at me was a pair of beautiful navy blues, not like her brother's chocolate brown eyes. She had the perfect little baby face. Tanner smiled at me. "She looks like you." He kissed me. I smiled down at her as she moved her hand out of the blanket to the top of it. I gently rubbed my finger over her little hand making her move her hand and her fingers. I moved my finger so it was under her little hand. She grasped it firmly in her grasp looking at me.
"She is perfect." I whispered raising her to kiss her forehead gently. I looked at Tanner as he looked at his daughter in awe. "Would you like to hold her now?" I asked gently lifting her.
"Of course I would Baby." He smiled. I gently handed Tanner his daughter. He pressed his lips to her head before he whispered, "Hi Beautiful." I watched as she fidgeted in his arms. I looked at Doctor Fisher as he was looking down at some charts and papers.
"Is she healthy?" I asked making him look up. He smiled at me.
"That she is. She is a little small, but that is normal since her brother is a big baby." He nodded looking at my test results.
"So when can we take them home?" Tanner asked looking up.
"Well I want to keep you Ryan here to make sure you are healing so I want to keep Bailey here also to make sure she is gaining weight and everything is fine with her." He nodded.
"What about Wyatt?" I asked taking a sip of my water from the table next to my bed.
"Well him too. His might be big and look healthy but you got to remember that he still is a premature baby. So we see how you and Bail are tomorrow to see when all three of you can go home with Daddy. I hope you got your nursery ready." He smiled standing up. "Let me go get her a bottle." He smiled walking out. Tanner rocked Bailey gently whispering to her.
"I think I'm in love Ryan." He smiled looking at me.I giggled at him.
"I'm glad you're in love because you're stuck with her for the rest of your life." He looked down at her before looking at me again.
"Am I stuck with you and her for the rest of my life?" He asked raising an eyebrow at me.
"Well she is my daughter so I guess you'll have to deal with me too." I giggled at him. He smirked.
"Then I can't wait because it will be so worth it." I blushed and look down. Tanner smirked at me and leaned over to kiss me. "I love you Ryan."
"I love you too Tanner." I smiled at Tanner as he whispered to Bailey again. I looked over at the door as Doctor Fisher walked back in rolling in another crib.
"I went to go get Bailey a bottle made and this little guy was crying for his bottle so I thought I would bring him in here too. He needs a bottle too so I thought he should get to see his twin sister again." He picked up Wyatt and laid him in my arms. I look down at the handsome little guy in my arms and kissed his forehead as he fussed around wanting his bottle. Doctor Fisher handed me a bottle as he gave Tanner Bailey's."Now just call a nurse when they are done and she will take the bottles. Maybe you could get a onesie on Bailey too. Don't want her to get too cold." I nodded as he smiled one last time before leaving the room.
"Would you ever think this?" Tanner asked looking at me. I looked over as Wyatt started to guzzle away at his bottle.
"Think what?"
"Think that we would be sitting here, with our two babies. Two beautiful babies that are getting ready so we can take them home soon. I would never guess that only 10 months after getting back on Christmas Eve that I would be sitting here right now." I smiled.
"How do you thing I feel? I finished my senior year pregnant. I never planned to have kids this soon but…..seeing it now. I don't think I will ever change it." I smiled down at Wyatt.
"Even if someone with a time machine came to you and said that they could take you back in time and fix you getting pregnant?" I looked over at him as he stared at me holding Bailey's bottle at she drank it.
"I would tell them to screw off. I want to keep my babies the way they are, beautiful and here now. They may not be planned but I still love them like if they were." I smiled at him. He nodded looking down at Bailey. We watched the babies till they both finished their bottles and wanted to go back to sleep like all little babies want too. I smiled.
"You want to switch babies?" He asked looking at Wyatt. "Emmy dropped off your suitcase so you can get Bailey her onesie you brought." I nodded as he pushed the bag over to me with his foot. He took Wyatt as I took Bailey back and laid her down so I could pulled the white onesie out of the bag. I unwrapped her and quickly dressed her in the clothe.
"Tanner, look." He looked over before he started to smirk.
"So true." He smiled at her looking at the words on the onesie……….


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