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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Oct 27, 2010    Reads: 577    Comments: 12    Likes: 5   

I took a deep breath as I looked at the small dress store in front of me. Oh how I didn't want to be here looking for dresses. But Mom would kill me if I bail now. Let's just hope that it won't take too long to find the perfect dress. I turned off the car grabbing my purse that I just started to carry since I had the twins. I walked into the small store to look for mom. I spotted her talking to a sales woman standing next to three people. I held back a groan as I saw who was there. Standing next to Mom was a semi short, about 5'3, woman with pin straight blonde hair. She was wearing a blue v neck that went to about mid thigh. I could see the bulge on her hips were her baby is growing. She was chomping on her gum twirling her hair around her finger zoning out. I rolled my eyes at her. I had lost almost all my baby weight, only really a couple of pounds left but I didn't care. It just showed that I had my babies and I am proud of it. All my stretch marks were almost gone or gone thanks to my magical cream. And when 'Candy' saw that I looked fine she flipped out screaming at me. I swear I cannot stand her. I looked over thanking god that Emmy and Audrey are here or I would just walk right back out of the door. I felt a hand on my shoulder making me look over. Aunt Kirsty smiled at me. "I know, I didn't want her to come either but Logan said that we had to get used to her because she is part of this family if we liked it or not." She sighed shaking her head at the thought.

"He doesn't see that once she has the kid she is going to gone faster than beer at Christmas yet does he?" I asked as we started to slowly walk over to everyone.
"No, my son is an idiot. If he just stayed home like he should have we would not be in this mess and that poor thing would not have to be here?" I raised my eyebrows.
"Wait she is a poor thing? Since when?" I asked looking at where Mom and 'Candy' stood. Audrey helped Emmy up as they both started to walk over. Aunt Kirsty looked at me before she pulled a face.
"Her, god no. I mean that poor baby! Think of the therapy we will have to get him so he isn't traumatized from just coming out of her." I started to laugh as the two reached us.
"What are you two talking about?" Emmy asked with her hand on her belly.
"Nothing." Both of us smirked. Audrey rolled her eyes before dragging me over to my mom.
"Patty, Ryan is here." She smiled. Mom looked over at me and smiled.
"You're late." She said.
"Blame Dad. He was the one who took forever to come over to watch the twins. I was ready to just put them in their car seats and bring them here with me." I smiled at her. 'Candy' looked at me with a disgusted look as she looked me up and down. She always hated what I wore. For example today I was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a blue loose fitting top.
"What are you wearing?" She asked with disgust clear in her voice. I looked at her. I started to wonder how gravity was not affecting her and making those things fall out of her shirt.
"A shirt and pants?" I asked raising my eyes brows. She looked down again.
"Well you look bad." She said lifting her nose in the air.
"I don't think I look that bad but I guess I'm not a prissy bitch like you, who only want a guy to look at your chest. But then again I work when you only work the corners." I said smugly before walking over to the others who were looking at dresses. Mom pulled out dress after dress for me to try on before she shoved me over to the dressing room.
"Put this on." She said handing me a big fluffy dress.
"No way." I said handing it back. She pouted.
"Aw come on. We need to have a little fun." She said pushing me in the room and closing the door. I sighed and undressed to pull on the dress. I looked at myself in the mirror and started to laugh. I walked out to them to see them all looking at a pissed off 'Candy'.
"So what do you think?" I asked ignoring her. Everyone started to laugh as I stood there in the 40 pounds of extra weight.
"You look like you just life a fabric store wearing nothing but Velcro." Emmy said laughing. I turned around.
"I know." I giggled before walking back into the dressing room to try on another dress. I looked through all of the dresses Mom picked and tried on every single one. It was about the hour and a half mark when I got to the last one. I looked at the pink sash on it and pulled a face. "Mom do I have to try this one on I hate pink." I groaned out to her form the dressing room.
"Yes you have too. You never know which dress is perfect for you. Now the sales woman also said she has the sash in different colors if you didn't like the pink." She called back over the door. I sighed slipped into the dress. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked amazing. I felt Goosebumps forming on my arms as I looked at myself. "Well did you put it on?" She asked again knocking on the door.
"Yeah Mom." I whispered coming out of the door. "It's perfect." I looked at all of my families faces.
"It would look perfect for you and the wedding if it was either blue like the dress blues of the red from the stripe on his pants…." Aunt Kirsty said trailing off. Mom told the sales ladies and she came over with a red sash and took the pick away. I looked at myself and smiled.
"This is it." I smiled………


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