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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Nov 3, 2010    Reads: 541    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

I sat in the rocking chair holding Bailey to my chest. Her room was small. It had a crib with bars made of medal. It had a rocking chair next to the crib and a couch on the far side. A small bathroom was in the corner, as for the parents when they didn't want to leave. I never thought I would be here, right now. My baby girl, sick. So sick she is in the hospital. I held her gently, not wanting to let go to her as she slept on my chest. She was in a diaper sweating still. The doctors were stumped. She had a high fever, she was vomiting everywhere. What makes it worse is they weighed her to see if anything was wrong with that, and I feel like a crap dead beat parent. She had lost about 4 pounds. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but for her it is. Bailey was already a skinny baby. But now, now it was worse. The doctor said it wasn't my fault since she was light and it could not be much of a difference when I held her, but still I should have known. They did what they could to find out what was plaguing my daughter but it could take awhile. I told everyone to go home. Mom didn't have to deal with this, she shouldn't have too. Dad called Emmy and asked her what to do for something for Wyatt since he wasn't that good at the overnight thing since its been about 19 years since I was born. She said to bring him over with a bag of clothes and a couple of bottles. I told Rodger to go back to Kelsey ad Andy that I could call him if I needed anything from him. I said yes I would and kicked him out. It was silent in the room. It was late so most of the children were sleeping, as was Bailey, so the only sound was from the TV that was playing on the wall. I couldn't sleep. All I want was for Tanner to be home so I can hold and kiss him. But he wasn't. He was away, deployed with Hunter. I looked down at Bailey as she moved around sucking on her pacifier. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, wanting sleep to take over me…………

I woke to the feeling of Bailey moving before she started to cry. I opened my eyes and moved as she squirmed around. I held onto her before moving out of the chair. I changed her diaper, the reason why she started to cry, and laid her back into the crib. Her I.V. bag was full meaning that they had to have changed it. I walked out of the room to the nurses' station to see a couple of nurses drinking coffee typing on their computers. They looked up as I walked over to them. One smiled at me. "Good Morning Miss Banks."
"Good Morning. Did the doctor see Bailey this morning?" I asked rubbing my eyes. She shook her head.
"No, no he doesn't come in for another 10 minutes. Why do you ask?" She asked moving some papers around.
"It's just her I.V. was changed so I was just wondering…." I trailed off. She looked up at me.
"That was me who changed it. Dr. Smith said that when it was empty or close to empty that I could change it so the little one doesn't get sick again since we put in a shot of some anti-nausea medication in it." I nodded.
"Well I'm sorry to be a trouble for you guys." I said looking down.
"No, no Miss Banks. You are not trouble. You are a concerned parent with a sick baby. Asking why her I.V. is suddenly full is not a trouble, it is a good question. And trust me sweet heart, you are one of the kindness parents here." I blushed making her laugh. "When I worked off base some parents would scream at me telling me I had no idea what I was doing because I was a nurse and not a doctor. It was very annoying." She shook her head. "Self conceded my husband would always saw."
"Some people just care more about themselves and how it looks more than their children." I shook my head in disgust. The nurse nodded.
"That is true. But then again they don't have to see their children's mother or father leave for months, maybe even years on end. It makes you value the little piece of them they left behind." I nodded remembering when I thought I never was going to see Tanner again. I looked at her.
"Is your husband in the serves or you just a civilian working here?" I asked folding my arms on the counter. She smiled.
"My husband is actually deployed at the moment. He is on the U.S.S Roosevelt right now." I nodded.
"He a sailor?" She nodded.
"Yeah. What about yours?"
"Well my fiancé is deployed to Afghanistan. He's a Marine. He has been there since Bailey was 2 months old." I sighed. "He should be getting home in about 2 weeks, so we can get married." She smiled.
"Congratulations on the wedding. I remember when I got married to my sailor, we were high school sweethearts." I watched with a smile as her eyes glossed over as she remembered.
"Do you have any kids?" She nodded.
"My oldest is a little boy. He is turning 3 in a couple of weeks." She nodded looking over and typing something quickly. "But my youngest is about 4 months old. She is the apple of her father's eye." She giggled. "I swear we can use her as weapon o mass destruction for the power she has over him." I nodded.
"I know what you mean." Dr. Smith walked into the hallway reading something over in his hand. He had a deep frown playing on his lips. He looked up with a stone face as he saw me standing there.
"Doc? Is everything okay?" I asked him quickly straightening up.
"I have Bailey's test results here. You might want to sit down Ryan."


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