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My Hero's My Marines

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

Ryan Banks life isn’t easy. It never was. Not from when she was born prematurely with her brother TJ, to every time her father leaves with the United States Marine Corps. Fallow Ryan as she suffers heart break, new love, old love, and pain. Mental and Physical.
***This is the sequel to We Make Them Go Ooh-Rah.***
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Submitted:Nov 7, 2010    Reads: 545    Comments: 11    Likes: 5   

Tanner held Bailey like his life depended on it. He needed to see she was in his arms, safe from everything around her. He moved his head pressing his lips to her head. "Daddy's here now Baby. Daddy's here." Wyatt looked up at them before looking at me. He stood up and moved over to me, pulling on my jean leg. I looked down at him as he lifted his arms wanting to be picked up. I picked him as he copied his sister stroking my wet cheeks. "Mama cry." He shook his head making me cry harder. I looked up as Tanner walked over pulling me and Wyatt to him.

"I'm so sorry Tanner." I whispered. He shook his head pressing his lips to mine. Bailey looked at me from where she was happily laying her head on her father's shoulder.
"I love you." He whispered as the tears rolled down his face. He kissed me again making Bailey tap his face. He looked at her as she put her hand to her face. He looked at me confused.
"She wants one too." I smiled her. She looked at up him from under her long lashes. He smiled kissing her cheek making her giggle. He smiled hugging us tighter laying his forehead against mine.
"I can never thank you enough." He whispered into my ear. "For giving me my perfect angles." I looked at him wanting to say what has been on my mind but I bit my tongue and kept quiet. He kissed me.
"I love you Tanner." I smiled putting my free hand on his cheek.
"I love you too Ry." He let go of us to pick up his kit as I grabbed our stuff. "Ready?" He asked strapping Bailey back into her car seat.
"Yeah, let's go." I said quietly as we started to walk to the car. I put Wyatt in his car seat. He looked at me.
"Iss?" He asked me. I smiled and kissed him. He could talk a lot more than Bailey. He knew more words and loved to get kisses. My mom said he didn't like kisses, that he just wants mommy kisses. I just smiled and shook my head, but I know he loves my kisses and it makes me happy to give them to him. He is my baby boy. He giggled at me picking up his bull dog and held it to him before chewing on it. I closed the door as I got into the passenger seat. Tanner looked at me as he started the engine to drive off. I sat there looking out the window as I felt Tanner's hand creeping onto tope of mine. I looked over at him. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye before looking back at the road. He rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand. I intertwined my fingers with his. He brought our conjoined hands up to his lips were he kissed them silently. I looked back out the window watching the road as it flew by underneath the truck…………
When we got to the apartment Tanner went and got his bag as well as the diaper bag. I took out Bailey and Wyatt before starting to go upstairs. When I did I left the twins in the living room and went to go get lunch ready for them. I was cutting up some fruit for them when I felt arms wrap around me jump. The knife slipped making me cut myself. Tanner laid his head on my shoulder.
"Shit." I cursed wrapping my cut hand in a wash towel. Tanner looked down at it.
"I'm sorry I didn't think you would hurt yourself." He said turning me around taking my injured hand in his. "Can I see it?" He asked. I nodded running my hand through my hair.
"I don't know why I jumped I usually don't." I sighed as he gently wiped the blood away with the clean end of the towel. "I have just been like this since Bailey came home from the hospital. I don't even know." I sighed wincing in pain as he touched a sore spot.
"Well it doesn't need stitched. Let me go get the first-aid kit from the bathroom and patch that up for you, baby." He put his fingers under my chin making me look at him. "It's going to be okay Ryan. I can feel it." He whispered kissing me. "Just calm down. I don't want you to get hurt." He looked down at my bleeding hand. "Well worse than you already are." He said kissing me again before jogging off to the bathroom. I closed my eyes, rewrapping my hand so if one of the kids came in they wouldn't see this. Tanner came back quickly and put the little butterfly stitches on it because it wasn't small, but it didn't need stitches. Thank god because I don't think I could leave Bailey. He wrapped it in gauze before taping it shut so it is clean. I looked at him. He smiled gently. "Better." He asked kissing me.
"Better." I nodded. Turned back to finish making lunch. I made Tanner and I a sandwich and the babies some mixed fruit and cheerios. I crushed up the pills they are making Bailey take and put it into some yogurt for her to eat too. Tanner got them, putting them in their high chairs. I didn't say a word as I started to feed Bailey her yogurt. Wyatt ate his food happily. Tanner watched me as he ate his sandwich.
"Ryan are you okay?" He asked taking a drink of his beer. I nodded. The rest of lunch was in silences before we both laid the twins down for their nap. I went back to the bedroom to lie down. Tanner ran after me lying next to me.
"So I was thinking." I said quietly to him. He turned his head on the pillow to look at me.
"About what?" He asked turning on his side to pull me to him.
"About us." I whispered looking at him as he tensed his whole body……….


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