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Pain Isn't a Weakness

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl
Young adult

*The second part to Dont Forget To Remember Me*
After a year and a half Bailey is just getting into her new job as a Mother, a Marine’s girlfriend, and a tattoo drawer. Taylor being deployed and the mystery guy still in the back of her mind, she has a lot on her plate. Will something take away or could it just be a lie. What will happen? Well something really take Bailey away from everything, permanently? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 24, 2011    Reads: 138    Comments: 11    Likes: 4   

It's been 3 months since Taylor proposed to me. Life has been stressful since I started chemo when we got back from California. I get a treatment every week for 3 hours. They have a heart monitor on the Itty Bitty to watch it's heart rate. It has been hard the last couple months dealing with the baby, cancer, working two jobs, and having a 3 year old. Fin's birthday was 3 weeks ago. He's 3 now. Taylor came through with his promise 6 months ago and got Fin a puppy. Fin named him Cotton. Why? I have no idea. We just go along with it. Harley has come to live with us after the Corps retired him. Dad wanted him to come live with us as he makes me happy. It was a comfort to have him here too. Harley and Cotton get along perfectly. Taylor has even been training Cotton some and might even make him like Harley and become a Devil Dog when he hits a year.

Tom has me working on simple drawing now. Ever since he found out I had cancer. He wanted me to take off and even said he would pay me for it, not as high as if I worked but I could never ask him for that it's too much, but enough to get by. I said I wanted to work so he gives me the simple things. Fin has been the perfect little helper I could ever ask for. He's perfect and curls up with me in bed when I don't feel good and Taylor's on duty. He's so sweet.

Taylor was at work right now on night duty till 3 o'clock. I had Cotton, who was only about 9 months old, Harley, and Fin as we watched a movie on the couch after dinner. The movie ended and Fin looked up at me. "Bed time Fin." I smiled at me lifting him off of me and off the couch.

"But I don't want to go to bed." He said looking up at me with sad eyes. "I can't find Gator." He picked up his Rex stuffed dinosaur I got him in Disney and looked up at me.

"Alright you can sleep with Mommy tonight." I said getting up holding my belly as it was getting heavy at 6 months pregnant. Fin took my hand as I turned the lights off in the living room taking him to Taylor's and Mine's bedroom and sitting him on the bed as he looked at his Elmo pajamas. Cotton curled up on one of the two camo dog beds we had. He laid down on the smaller one as Harley curled up on the bigger one since he was bigger. I laid Fin down on the bed as he moved under the warm smiling at me. I turned the main light off and the nightstand lamp on. My phone vibrated as Fin started to fall asleep with Rex in his arms.

***New Message***Unknown*** Oh Bailey the time has come. The time is here. The time I have been waiting for, for oh so long. Be ready my love. You will know when I'm there. You will never forget me. You didn't did you? Oh I hope you didn't because I didn't forget you. We will meet soon my Bailey. Soon. Soon.

I closed the phone not answering it. I was scared. I really was. I lay down on the bed and pulled the covers close to me. I rubbed my belly as the baby kicked me. "It's okay Baby." I whispered turned the lamp off. "I'll keep you safe baby." I whispered rubbing it again. "I'll keep you safe." I whispered as sleep started to take over me….

………I heard a sound in the other room making me look over at Fin as he lay fast asleep. I pushed the blanket back and put my feet on the cold ground under me. Harley watched me as I put my hand on my pregnant belly and walked out of the room slowly, causing him to follow. "Taylor?" I whispered not wanting to wake Fin up. "Taylor is that you?" I didn't hear an answer before I heard more shuffling and scuffing on the wood floor. At the moment I knew that it wasn't Taylor that was in the kitchen. The footsteps where too heavy and he would have answered me. It was someone in the living room that didn't belong there. Cotton was soon at my side next to Harley as they followed me. "Skylar?" I whispered hoping it was him but I got no answer making me move a little bit closer to the living room. I took one more step until I was in the opening of the living room, Harley close behind.

"Well good morning Bailey." A guy smiled at me in the light that was coming from the hallway. I held my stomach tightly glaring at him.

"Who are you?" I whispered scared to wake up Fin. "What are you doing in my apartment?" Cotton whined next to me as Harley watched the man in front of me.

"Oh I'm here for you sweetheart." He smirked at me. "You know my text messages. I told you I was going to come to get you." He looked down at the dogs. "No matter what." He smirked at me.

"Leave me alone." I looked around me to see if I could call to see if I could find my cell phone. Damn it! I must have left it on the nightstand in the bedroom.

"Oh I can't do that sweetheart." He smirked at me. "I won't do that sweetheart. You see your mine. You're all mine. No one else's." His eyes narrowed at me. "I don't share."

"No I'm my own. No one owns me." He shook his head. "I own myself."

"That's where you're wrong Sweetheart. Very wrong." He took a step towards me making me take a step back. Harley growled at him taking a defensive pose. "You see women don't get the respect that men do. I have been watching you since you were young." He snorted at Harley. "Women are weak. They don't think for themselves. Men do."

"Who…who are you?" He smiled at me.

"I'm your Mother's best lover. I'm Owen. I'm sure you've heard of me."

"No, no your nothing. My Dad is my mom's lover. Not you." His smile dropped and anger replaced it.

"Your father is nothing." He growled at me. "Nothing!" His breathing got heavy. "She's mine." I shook my head.

"No your wrong. You're wrong." I shook my head again. "Please leave." He shook his head.

"No. Your mine. I will not leave." He growled again. "I will never leave." I turned my head hoping to not hear a sound from my bedroom where Fin slept. My precious baby. I had to keep him safe from him.

"Please go, please." He took another step towards me making me move back before slamming into the wall. Harley bared his teeth at Owen as he stood in front of me putting space between the two of us.

"I told you Bailey, I'm not going. Not anytime soon." He smirked at me but the anger was still in his eyes.

"I don't know you. Please leave my apartment. Now." Cotton whimpered before backing into the hallway and running into the bedroom. Owen looked down at Harley as he growled at him holding his ground. He shook his head at me.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way." He took another step forward making Harley jump at him catching his arm in his mouth and locking his jaw like he was trained to. Owen shook his arm trying to get him off his arm. He stumbled back hitting the back of the couch knocking into the end table. He picked up the table on the table and slammed it into the side of Harley's head catching him by surprise making him let go of Owen's bleeding arm and fly across the room and slam into the wall. Harley got up to his feet on shaky legs as Owen pulled something out of the back of his pants making my breath catch in my throat. "I've had enough of this! I didn't want this to come to this but too late!" He cocked the gun as Harley launched himself as Owen again. Owen fired his gun at Harley making him drop to the ground in mid-jump.

"Harley!" I cried at him. "No!" I cried. I ran towards him dropping to my knees putting my hands on him. I picked my hand up to put it to his head stroking it as tears started to roll down my face. "Harley no." I cried as the red of his blood started to coat my hand.

"You're coming with me. Now." He grabbed my arm yanking me towards him. I didn't hear him walk over.

"No you killed my dog!" I cried trying to yank my arm from his hold.

"I really don't care about your fucking dog!" He growled he put the hand gun to Harley's head point blank. "I will make sure he's dead if you don't get up now."

"Please no. Please." I held my stomach as he yanked me up off the ground making his way towards the front door. He walked out of the apartment slamming the door leaving Fin home alone as far as I know, safe. I felt the tears rolling down my face again as he opened the door to the stairs to get to the lobby. I screamed making him slam his hand over my mouth as he shook me.

"Shut up. Shut up or else." He growled placing his gun on my pregnant belly. I stayed silent as fear took over my body as he pulled me into the empty lobby. I looked up as I saw Taylor's truck pull into his favorite parking spot as he got out locking the car making his way towards the building as we made our way out. A car pulled up as I bit the hand over my mouth. I hoped this worked. Please let this work.

"Taylor! Taylor! Help!" I screamed making him look up the tired look dropping from his face as anger took over his features as he saw me in Owen's arms.

"Bailey!" He screamed running towards me as the truck door opened and Owen shoved me in the truck before getting in behind me slamming the door closed behind him.

"Drive!" He yelled at the driver pressing the gun to my stomach again as Taylor ran over to the truck as the driver floored it making him run after it with all he had.

"Bailey!" He scream running after the truck trying to catch it, failing. "Bailey!" he screamed tears streaming down his face. "Bailey!" He fell to his knees sobbing. "Bailey." He whispered one last time before his head fell into his hands as his body shook with his sobs…

Fin's outfit


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