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My Inescapable Fate

Novel By: FyresydeHerbalyst
Young adult

Ava's life has been hard, between her mother's death, her abusive step father and all that he life was turning out to be she is excited when a new opportunity comes her way and spirals her into a life of fight, mystery and pain that she never knew was possible. With the new friends that she meets, what is it that she is going to do? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 1, 2013    Reads: 47    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

It was close to dinner time when I got to Thomas' apartment and I was beat. I had mentally beat myself down for the fifteen minute drive back to the apartment and I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. I put the key in the door and started to unlock it when the door was jarred from my hands and I was looking into pissed of ice blue eyes. I gasped as he grabbed me and pulled me into the apartment. I knew this was Connor even though I had never met him. He grabbed my keys out of the door, slammed it shut and threw my keys across the room. He bunny marched me up the stairs shedding me of my bags as we went. At the top of the stairs he gripped me hard and pressed me against the wall. His hands worked into my hair and he pressed his lips to mine. All thought process shut off and the only thing I could think of is that he was with Tom.

I pushed him away from me and gasped. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?"

He gripped my upper arm again and led me into the bathroom. I fought against him as he started to undress me and he threw me into the shower. He turned on the water and turned me around where my front was against the wall of the shower and my back was in the spray of warm water. His body covered mine and his hands worked expertly along my skin.I felt my breath catch in my throat and I knew it was wrong but I felt my hands go to his soaked clothes and I wanted so much to turn around. He pushed me a bit harder into the wall, started to bite on my shoulder and nip at my back. I could feel the heat in me begin to build and I tried so hard to fight off the sensations he was causing on my skin.

"Who are you" He whispered along my skin and I could feel my knees start to get weak.

I smiled to myself and giggled as I pushed off the wall and placed my ass in his hands. "I am Scarlet hun, haven't you heard of me?"

I felt his movements stop for a moment. He was violent again as he pushed me against the wall of the shower. "Tell me who the fuck you are."

My hand grasped his and I turned myself to face him. I planted my lips on his and wrapped my leg around his hip. "I told you I am Scarlet fucking O'Hara and if you want this ass then you better believe it."

He rammed his body against mine and I could feel that his weapon was primed and ready, his hand made it's way around my neck and he held a little bit of pressure there as he leaned into me. The heat that radiated off his body was sending my mind into a tailspin.

"One last chance, tell me who you are." The request was more of a growl and I knew he was as carnal as could be.

I ran my hands over his warm delicious skin, down his chiseled abs and across the rock hard muscles of his ass and pulled myself as close to him as I could. "For the final time I am Scarlet, you can either take it or kill me now, but make sure you get me off first, I don't wanna die half satisfied."

I felt the water start to get cool on my overly hot skin and I shivered. He grabbed me out of the shower, pulled me into my room, dried me off and quickly braided back my long red hair. He pushed me back onto the bed and stripped himself down. As he placed himself over me, my breath caught once again at the size of enormous phallas in front of me. He started down at my ankels and worked his way up, each expert kiss and touch was fuel to my fire. As he toyed with me I heard a movement from the doorway. I looked over and blushed as Thomas watched Connor lick and suck every part of my body.

"Connor, it seems you started without me. Is she as delicious as she looks?"

I saw the corner of Connor's mouth twitch into a smirk and he nodded to Thomas. I watched as he shed his clothes and headed for the bed. I was so confused and my head was spinning. I felt Connor sit me up on his lap and Tom got in behind me and moved my head around to kiss him. Oh the rapture that was taking place on my bed. All at once I felt myself pushed at Tom and he laid me on the bed and started his on tantilizing game of "Drive Ava Crazy." I smiled as Connor came into view and I grasped his hard throbbing cock in my hand just as Tom started to suck on my clit. Oh the euphoria that passed over me. The heat that built in my core was unbearable and I wanted so much to release the pressure that had built up in me but Tom kept me right on the edge and left me there constantly until I thought that I was going to implode.

Thomas grabbed something off the floor and tied it around my wrists and then to the post to hold me in place. I jerked back and forth to be let go but once Thomas grabbed Connor I was enraptured. Each movement and caress was like a choreographed dance between the two of them.

Kneeling before me were two Gods among men caressing and petting each other, frustrating me to no end. It seemed like ages before they turned their attention back to me, but when Connor came towards me on his knees I wanted nothing more than for him to fill me to the hilt. He knelt between my legs and gave me one last loving lick before he gently pushed himself into me. I moaned in sheer ecstasy only to have it muffled as Thomas kissed me. He started slow, easing his long hard shaft in and out of me as my body ignited into a wildfire. Thomas alternated between us, caressing, touching and accentuating the pleasure.

My hand went to Tom's hard cock and I stroked him in time with the motions that Connor made into me. Tom's moans rocked through me and sent me over the edge before I could blink. My head threw back and my body arched as the waves of unadultered orgasm ran through me. As I came back to myself I could see them both smiling at me. I placed Tom's hardness into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it as they kissed and Connor fucked me hard.

All at once Connor slid out and Thomas took his place. His hard manhood was at my entrance and I was panting for him to enter me. I felt him nuzzle into my neck and his cock entered me with tender ease. With each movement he made my body ache all the more, with each caress, every pump I felt myself reach new heights of pleasure. His touch was sheer torture as Connor sucked and nipped gently on my breasts, I move my hand along the hard contours of Connor until my hand grasped his throbbing phallus and I worked my way along his shaft hearing him moan as Thomas drove relentlessly into me. I felt my body begin to reach it's boiling point and knew that soon I would combust. My hand sped up it's movement on Connor as Thomas began to pound into me. I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm and let the waves consume me fully as Thomas began to grunt and Connor spilled his seed all over my stomach.

Each took turns taking me into the farthest reaches of pleasure and every minute of it was sheer ecstasy.


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