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The deepest hidden treasures

Novel By: FyresydeHerbalyst
Young adult

Morgan Kempton is the oldest daughter of a well to do family, she is as wild as she is beautiful. When caught
in a scandle by Lord Marshall, she is forced to make decisions that could not only change her life, but destroy
her heart. View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 28, 2011    Reads: 53    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"Hurry up Morgan, we can't be late for lessons." My sister Margo was always wanting me to go with her to her lessons and usually she won out, but today, well today I had other plans and I wasn't going to let anyone get in my way.

"Sorry Margo, I can't today. I have to be somewhere soon. I promise that I will catch up with you soon."

She huffed at me before she turned her nose up and walked away from me. I sighed but headed up to my brother William's room. He looked at me perplexed as I rushed through the door.

"Don't you ever knock Morgan, I could have been indecent." He tried to give me a reproachful look but it just didn't work.

"I am sorry dearest brother, I just need a favor from you. Do you think you can help me?" I gave him puppy eyes as he smiled.

He reached behind him onto his bed and grabbed a cloth handing it to me. I smiled at him and hugged him tightly. "Just don't get caught Morgan, I don't want to have to bail you out again."

I nodded before I left the room. "I promise no one will recognize me this time." As I rushed down the hallway, cloth held closely to me I ran into my room like my skirts were on fire. I quickly changed into a riding shirt I had got from one of the hands and the breeches my brother had given me. I giggled to myself that a boy five years younger than me had clothes I could fit into but what could I say, I was a bit more dainty than most.

I tied my hair up and put a cloak over my clothes as I rushed out the back doors and onto a horse that had been waiting for me. I looked down at the handsome face below me and gripped his hand as it held my horse.

"Thank you Aden, I appreciate your help." My smile widened as his fingers caressed me. I felt a warm shiver run through me as he smiled.

"Hurry, I will try to keep you from suspicion as long as possible." He let go of my hand and patted my horse into a run. I felt the wind go through me and I felt so wonderfully free.

Each time I made my escape I knew that it was dangerous, but life was too fast passing me by to not do anything. I rode for an hour before I got to my destination where Gracie was ready to finish the rest of my disguise.

"Good you made it. Come in quickly we need to get you ready don't you think?" She was smiling with mischief.

I nodded my head and ran with her up the steps and to her room. She had the other items I would and started right away. I enjoyed my little hobbie and I was glad that no one was the wiser. As she placed the wig on my head we both headed to the theater together. She took her seat in the audience and I on the forbidden stage. Don't get me wrong it wasn't because I couldn't act, it was my sex that banned me from performance art.

I quickly put on my costume and prepared for my scenes when the director came to us with a ten minute warning. My heart sped in my chest and my palms started to sweat, I knew the major glitch in my plans was one that could get me sent away forever. Tonight, my family was in attendence and I had to make sure that my performance infalliable. I would be beaten severely if anyone found out that I was in fact a woman instead of a twelve year old boy.

The play started without a hitch and I fell into my role with gusto, each line was perfection as it rolled off my tongue. It seemed like we had just started when the curtains lowered and the crowd went crazy with applause. I quickly gathered my things and left, I knew better than to stay too long and my secret be found out.

As I rode home I fell from my horse and landed hard on my arm. The pain rocked through me and I tried hard to get back on my horse before anyone saw me, but it was in vain."

"I see the little miscreant is at it again. This time you got injured my lady. How tragic that the playhouse won't have their favorite actress in residence this season."

I gasped out a breath and then turned on the voice. "How dare you accuse me of such a thing Lord Marshall, I do assure you that your insinuations are falsely based."

He moved towards me with animalistic stride and ripped the wig off my head. My blonde curls came loose from their binding and ran wild around my face.

"Yes dear, you are right my acusations were completely baseless. Now how are we to handle this situation. If I were to turn you in for this and your many other transgressions, Lord knows what they would do to one so tiny as yourself."

I held my ground through my fear. "Lord Marshall, if you know if my transgressions then tell me, do you think me one to stand idly by while someone insults me thus?"

His deep laughter bubbled in his thoat as he shook his head. "No, but what is one more transgression to the wild child of the Kempton household. One day all of your misdeeds will fall in around your head and I will watch as you fall. Take care M'Lady Kempton and see that no more injury comes to you. I would hate to see what story you come up with for this one."

With that Victor Marshall strode away with all of his arrogence and got back up on his horse. I placed my good hand on the saddle horn and hoisted myself with all of my might. Time was growing short and I had to change into my riding clothes and make my story convincing. Even though in my parent's eyes I could do no wrong, if they knew the truth they wouldn't let me out of their sight for even a moment.

I stopped my prize stallion in the stable yard and rushed into the house and straight to my room where Viola gasped in horror at my arm. She helped me the best she could and I strode out the back door and back out to the stable yard where I decided to lay in the hay. My mother huffed disapprovingly as she saw me.

"Morgan, I don't get you. You miss the theater to ride and-." She stopped mid sentence when she saw my arm and strode over to me.

"Are you alright my love." I nodded through the pain and tried hard to shake it off.

"Avalanche just got spooked by a snake Momma. It hurts a bit, and if it doesn't get better I will let you call the doctor."

She nodded approvingly. All of a sudden my very flustered maid Viola ran to me and then stopped short to catch her breath.

"M'Lady Kempton" She bowed to my mother and then looked at me. "Mistress this just arrived for you. The messenger rode his horse lame to get it here."

I took the envelope from her and opened it. The message was simple enough that I caught it's meaning.

~ The time will come when you repay me for the favor I offered. -V- ~


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