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The Cinder Girls Tale

Novel By: gabrielle kinnish
Young adult

my twist on the fairy tale cinderella. this is for agitha scotties contest. i am basing this losely on my life.i hope you all enjoy this. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 16, 2014    Reads: 21    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

"Cinder! Cinder! Come here now!" My father holered across the house. He was never through with me. There was always some task that he wanted me to fufill. There was a time when i was younger that he did not always shout my name and drive me like his slave. I hurried to his study. My father never liked it when i am late to answer his calls.

"Yes, father?" I asked with my head bent towards the floor.

"Make me some tea and then clean the blind. I am expecting a young man for a meeting." The man said this as if he was talking to a servant and not his only daughter.

"Yes sir." I said demurly.

I hurried off to the kitchen. The kithchen is of medium size with an island in the middle seperating the stove from the sink. The entire kitchen held stainless steel appliances. Every surrface reflected my face. Showed me all of my apperance. These features I could never escape. As long as I looked like the woman that betrayed father i would be his object of torture. Why had my mother left? Quickly i finnish my task of putting together the tray with tea and cookies. As i pass by the hall closet i snatch up a duster.

"Here you go father. I hope that this will be enough." I spoke as swiftly and softly as i could. I have learned over the years to be as quiet as a mouse and my father will stay happy with me. I hurry to the side of my dads study that has the big bay windows. The windows are huge. Taller than i am. the windows really are not all that dusty. My father is just fretting over nothing. This young man must be very important. RIght then the loud door bell chimes through the house.

"Go answer the door Cinder." I rush out of the room to the front door. To my surprise a young black man around my own age stood there. His skin was a medium black with Pitch black hair. His eyes are a deep dark brown. He gave me a small nervious smile.

"Am i at the wrong house miss?" He asked me shly.

"No sir. My father is in his study. Follow me this way." I insisted.

"Wow! This is such a beautiful house! Look at all of the real wood walls!" He said enthusiastically.

"Thank you. This house has been in my fathers house for generations."

"Miss what is your name? Mine is Alexander."

"My name is Cinder. You have a nice name Alexander."

"Cinder is such a unique name. Why did your parents name you Cinder?" He asked with such curiosity.

"It was my mothers idea. Please dont let my father hear you call me by my name." I said desperately

"Why not?"

"Because, my mother left my father and i remind him of her. I look exactly like her. Here we are." I said fastly and then turned on my heel and stalked off.

Who does he think he is? Calling me by my name, yet it was nice to hear it. The last time i heard someone say it without expecting me to wait on them was when my mother left. Now my name just means slave. What is Alexander like? How is someone so young in business so soon?

An hour or so later they were done with business and heading to the door. I was in the foyer cleaing the floor on my hands and knees.

"Here you go son. I have more business to attend to. Cinder will show you out. Right girl?"

"Yes father." I said sweetly. He turned on his heel and left us standing there. I felt horribly akward with my dirty work clothes on. Some holey jeans and a tank top.

"So i spoke to your dad about you. I told him that i want to take you out sometime."

"You what?!" I practically screamed. All i wanted to do was slam into him with my fist. My father would beat me for this later.


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