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Summer Surprise

Novel By: Geekie
Young adult

Cassie is a hard-working girl who is heading off to Mexico for the summer with her three best friends: Dana, Paige and Leah.
She does everything right and has never done anything reckless.
Tyler is from Chicago and is the local bad-boy in his town. He sleeps with girls all the time although it means nothing and secretly wants more. He's travelling to Mexico with his friend Caleb, but when he meets tiny and fragile Cassie does his way of thinking change? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 2, 2012    Reads: 373    Comments: 13    Likes: 5   

Chapter One


Cassie's POV

I woke up excited and nervous, the way I always feel before getting on a plane. But excitement was taking over I had been waiting for this day for an entire year; crossing the days off on my calendar and talking about nothing else but this trip.

Two days ago my friends and I had left school and were never going back, at the end of the summer we would be heading off to different universities all around the country. So at the beginning of the year we had booked a holiday to Mexico as a kind of farewell as it was the last long period of time we would get to spend together.

There were four of us going; me, Cassie most would describe me as crazy but sweet, fun and caring I had worked so hard for the last seven years and was heading off to study medicine at the University of Southampton, this meant another seven to nine years of hard work so I was ready to let my hair down and have fun. I have long blonde hair and bright intuitive blue eyes, I am not a stick insect but I am slim, but from the age of thirteen I had always had these huge boobs. I knew I wasn't unattractive but I wasn't confident.

Dana who most people would describe as… well… a slut was also coming. But we thought she was great none the less. She loved a drink but most of all she loved boys; I was looking forward to seeing the shit she got herself into in Mexico. At the end of the summer she would be heading to the University of Brighton to study Psychology. She's Chinese and always looks beautiful like some kind of Geisha girl, she just radiates confidence.

Paige is the definition of innocence; at the age of eighteen she has never been kissed. I'm hoping that this holiday allows her to loosen up and have a good time, but I know the chances of this happening are very slim, at the end of the summer she would be going to the University of Nottingham to study Journalism.

And lastly there was Leah, who is incredible and perfect with her long dark hair and tan skin you couldn't not be drawn to her. She would be heading to the University of Kent to study Law at the end of the summer.

I began heading to wardrobe and picked out a white t-shirt and some denim shorts so that I would be comfy on the plane but also so that I wouldn't be too hot when we arrived in Mexico. I ran downstairs when dressed.

'Cassie is that you?'

'Yeah mum! You ready to go?' I called back.

'Ok' my mum ran out from the kitchen and towards me 'Do you have everything? Passport? Sun cream?'

'Yes mum, I have everything'

We got in the car and it was filled with silence. I knew Mum would worry about me the whole time I was away, I would get constant texts and phone calls but I would be patient as I knew I was all she had.

When we finally arrived at the airport she hugged me one last time and whispered to me gently.

'Take care of yourself, I love you so much, have fun' One small tear fell down her cheek, I quickly wiped it away.

'I love you too mum'.

Then she was gone, I walked into the airport, my suitcase trailing along behind me, and then I could see them, all three jumping around as they saw me too.

'Cassie!' They all screamed at once.

'Hey guys! Oh God I'm so excited.'

'Me too can't wait to check out what the Mexicans have to offer in the male department' Dana cried.

'Is that all you can think about' Paige said quietly.

'Give her a break Paige, you know she can't control herself' I winked at Paige as I said this.

'Yeah Paige, maybe you could meet someone' Leah teased.

Then we all put our ray-bans on and began walking through the gates. I could tell this would be a holiday to remember.

Tyler's POV

'I just can't wait to get some ass dude'

I rolled my eyes at Caleb, sure the guy was my wing-man but he was still a massive douche. I knew better than anyone that Caleb was a virgin and that wasn't gonna change anytime soon if he carried on saying shit like that.

'Dude, seriously can you shut up'

If I was gonna sit on a plane next to Caleb for three and a half hours I couldn't sit and listen to this crap. We were flying to Mexico from Chicago, we'd never really left Chicago before so we were both excited but man, Caleb would not stop talking.

'Look all I'm saying is that, there are gonna be hot girls everywhere. The trick is to get them drunk and then make your move'

'Are you seriously giving me tips on how to get a girl in bed?' I laughed.

Caleb knew that I was getting it easily, and sure I did get it a lot, and I mean a lot! And I know it sounds so gay and I would never admit it but, I wanted more. I wanted to know a girl well before screwing her.

Despite my best efforts the next three hours went by with Caleb thrusting and talking about sex positions. I tried to blank it out but I couldn't help but be excited.

When we arrived in Cancun I got out of my seat as quick as I could and walked to baggage collection, Caleb was at my side still rambling on about how he was gonna meet a busty brunette and take her from behind. I was so busy trying to blank him out that I wasn't watching where I was going and suddenly I just walked straight into someone.

'Oh shit, I'm sorry' I said, just then I looked down and saw two bright blue eyes looking up at me.

'No, it's fine I wasn't looking where I was going' Oh fuck she was British, she was around 5 ft 2 and that's tiny compared to my 6 ft 4. She was smoking too, long blonde hair and great body with good boobs, she was perfect.

'Cassie, stop eye-fucking him and hurry up' I looked up and saw a Chinese girl dressed in a far too short skirt and a seriously low-cut top waiting impatiently.

I looked back at the perfect girl, or Cassie, as her friend had called her and saw her cheeks had gone red.

'I'm coming Dana, jeez keep your hair on. Look I'm so sorry about tackling you at the start of your holiday, but I gotta go'

And with that she was gone, walking along with her three friends, after about thirty seconds she looked back at me and I thought I saw that amazing blush when she realised I was still looking at her.

'Dude stop being such a perv'

Caleb woke me up from my dream, and I looked at him and laughed.

'I'm not pedo, I'm just appreciating her hotness'

With that I pushed him and then we began walking to our coach that would take us to the hotel, I couldn't stop thinking about that girl… Cassie even her name was sweet. As we boarded the coach I looked up and I could've sworn my dick got hard I was so happy… there at the back of the bus she was sitting with her three friends including Dana the slut.

'Ty, seriously can you just sit down' Caleb pushed me.

Before I knew it we were sitting in the seats in front of her and she leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

'Good to see you again'.


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