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I Can't Help Falling In Love With This A$$

Novel By: Glissa
Young adult

Emily "Skylar" Jackson and Blake Roberts are by no means the perfect happy couple. Emily is smart, unpopular, and bitchy. Blake is lazy, popular, and witty. They hate one another. But Emily is a tutor and that is exactly what Blake needs. A smart girl who can actually be of use to him. In more ways than one. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 9, 2010    Reads: 2,537    Comments: 13    Likes: 8   

"I want her fired right now or I'll be taking my son down the street to Sylvan," the bitch, Martha Winters, proclaimed, her blonde hair staying in it's bun as she moved her head shook back and forth. Her practically identical son, Steven, sat next to her smirking at me.

I glared at him and the smirk immediately died down. If there is ever something you don't want to mess with it's a fiery red head.

I have what some would call the "Death-by-stare" glare, You see, I'm not one of those Gingers with curly red hair and freckles - I'm much worse. I've got long, wavy, red hair that goes down to my butt, dark-green eyes that glare to an almost black color, and my pale white face makes me look like I'm not of this world.

I wouldn't say all these features make me pretty - in fact this isn't one of those stories where the female lead is goddess like - but it makes me different. And that coupled with the fact that I'm smart, I'm not slut, and I know the difference between an alternator and a generator make me a girl that outcasts herself.

Although being a bitch kind of adds to it.

"I shouldn't be fired because your son is an idiot," I explained furiously to the motherly bitch. "In fact, I can't help it that I've taught mentally demented students that are actually smarter than this piece of shit!"

Her ruby red lips opened wide with shock. "You did not just…Steven get your coat, we're leaving." Wow, now I know where the dumb gene comes from. The kid didn't have a coat.

"Miss Winters," Andrew "Ace" Cedarton began, "please sit down. I'm sure we can negotiate something-"

"There will be no negotiations, Andrew. Either she leaves or we do. I don't know how she possibly stayed here for as long as she did."

"Because unlike your son," I retorted seething, "I managed to figure the intricate workings of a book and I actually managed to decipher a little something I like to call letters and words."

She glared at me, but the makeup smothering her face kind of ruined the effect. She got up right into my face and said very simply, "You know my husband, right? The Mayor?"

She didn't scare me. "You know my father, right? Your plastic surgeon?"

"Skylar, maybe you should go sit in the waiting room," Ace offered.

I smiled to him, but didn't move. "No, I'm quite happy right here, thanks."

"Skylar…" Ace warned.

"Ace, I don't take bullshit from people. Especially not from people who have less IQ than my pinky." Yeah, okay maybe that was a little over the top. Martha Winters must have had enough brain cells to push out her chest and get a "ride" with the town's mayor, Arnold Winters. So there has to be something going on up there, even if no one in there right mind wants to know what.

"Skylar go sit outside, we'll deal with this later." I glared and sat down in the single seat in front of me. "Skylar, get out."


"Emily!" he shouted, causing me to bolt from my seat. He never calls me Emily unless he's really pissed about something.

I took a moment to decide whether having him any more pissed was worth it. Obviously, I decided it wasn't. "Fine, I'll wait outside. But don't listen to a word this skank has to say."

Before I could get yelled at more, I walked out, closing the door behind me. Once the door was tightly shut I let out a ferocious growl of frustration. Mya, the receptionist, looked over at me with only a mild case of gloom. "What happened this time, Sky? I heard Ace call you Emily, and that never happens."

"I might've cussed out the mayor's son." She snorted. While she may be 8 years older than me and is much more mild than I'll ever be, even she enjoys hating the idiocy of the Winters family as much as I do.

"I swear, you are asking to get shot." I looked over at her and assessed the differences in our appearance. She was working so she wore her hair in a black bun, a black skirt, a white blouse, and a little blue jacket over the blouse. Me? I wore garden-ripped jeans that had paint splotches and a shirt saying, "If we all die in 2012, at least Justin Bieber goes with us". Now which one of us looks ready for work?

"I am not." Yeah, I am. "I just don't like dealing with idiots or being pushed around. If only Ace could grow a back bone and stop taking shit from people like them." I let out another frustrated screech and thanked the heavens above that these doors were almost sound proof.

"Hon, he can't scream at ever person who pisses him off. He's trying to run a business, you know."

"Yeah," I sighed. She smiled but knew I didn't want to hear more. I heard her typing on the keyboard only seconds later.

Silently, and out of my mind with anger, I waited for the three to stop talking. It wasn't until about 20 minutes later though, that Martha Winters stepped out of the room, her business suit prim and perfect like her botox.

She smiled gleefully at me and then pulled her 14-year-old son out the front door. I couldn't say I'd miss them.

"Skylar, come in here please," Ace's tired voice rang.

"Would you like a Star Wars march?" Mya asked. Even if she is 24 she is still as much of a nerd as I am. And who doesn't enjoy a "dun-dun-dun-da-dadun-da-dadun" when going to face the wrath of a 30-year-old man?

"Not this time. I think the eerie silence in here is a good enough of horror film portrayal." It wasn't really eerie. Mya, Ace, and I were almost always the last people to leave Cedarton Tutoring, Ace's tutoring school.

"Danun…danun…danun danun danun," Mya muttered, attempting a Jaws theme. I laughed and closed the door behind me.

"Do you think this is funny, Sky?" Ace sighed, his anger clear.

"Sir, no, sir." I gave him a mock-salute and he sighed. Although the small grin on his face couldn't be helped.

"At ease, you fool." He sighed again and the anger was back. "What were you thinking yelling your head off like that? That's the mayor's wife and while she may be a "skank" you aren't allowed to say that to her. Or call her son and idiot."

"Believe me, the things in my head were much worse," I explained. He gave me an exasperated look. "The kid deserved it. He didn't even know what day the Declaration of Independence was signed. I would think 'ooh shiny, Fourth of July' would somehow enter into that microorganism he calls a brain but nooooooo. Not even fireworks could help him."

"But you don't. Tell. Him. That. Think it all you want, I don't give a bang about that." I had to laugh. Ever since his baby, Emily, was born he has stopped swearing completely. "Do you understand?"

"Yeah. Keep it in my head; I get it. So what did you give her to make her so happy?"

"Three months free with a different tutor. And probation for you."

"Probation? This is a minimum wage tutoring job for high school students - exactly what does probation do to me?"

"You have one last chance with one last student. Fail this, and I'll have to fire you. The student's…" He opened the little folder he had for every possible student and checked the stats. "He's failing his Algebra class and he needs to make at least a C in the class by the end of the year." Of course it's the last semester, second quarter so he actually needs an A to counteract his F from last quarter. Just my luck.

"Great. Will he be as brainless as the last?" He gave me a look to mean, 'keep it in your thoughts.' "What? You said don't say it to the person, not that I couldn't say it."

He rolled his eyes. "Just watch your mouth. I can't give you another chance after this. Your father may have been my best man - and that is one of the greatest reasons you're still here now - but I can't keep making excuses.

"I understand," I say a little ashamed. I just know Ace will tell my dad everything and the last thing I need is to put more stress on his life.

Ace realized the mistake of mentioning my father and tried a different tactic. "You're one of my best tutors and Michelle loves you, but I have to draw the line somewhere." I nod.

Michelle is our only challenged student here. She has multiple sclerosis and for some reason, she enjoys my company and my teaching more than any other tutor here. She's an amazing person - along with her parents - but people take one look at her and hate her instantly. It's sad and I don't know if she could deal with trying to find a different tutor than me.

"Now, get on out of here. Mya and I will close up. You have to get home and feed your brothers or we both know one of them will try to make something. The last thing your house needs is a food bomb exploding because of Adam. Again."

I smiled and laughed before actually looking at the clock (8pm? Yikes!) and rushing out the door. "Take the folder," Ace yelled before I could leave. I turned around and grabbed the student's folder, running out the door.

"Bye Ace. Say hi to Jackie and Emily for me." I left before he could respond.


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