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A Single Woman goes to the orphanage to adopt a little boy,

Novel By: GothicChick99
Young adult

Lynette Reed is a beautiful Single Woman, she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she lives in a suburbian house in a tree-line neighborhood. until she decided she was going to adopt a little boy. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, Lynette Reed was in the kitchen of her suburbian house, having a cup of coffee. she was feeling lonely, she decided she was going to the orphanage to adopt a little boy, she washed her empty cup of coffee, in the kitchen sink, she went out of her house, got into her car, and drove off to the orphanage, when she arrived at the orphanage, she sat down on the bench, she watched the little boys playing, until she saw one little boy, sitting by himself, She got up from the bench, she went to the little boy, she looked at him.


"Hello, Little Boy", Lynette said.

"Hello", The Little boy replied softly.

"What's your name, sweetie?", Lynette asked.

"I'm Joey", The little boy answered.

"How old are you, Joey?", Lynette asked.

"I'm 4-years-old", Joey answered holding up four fingers.

"Joey, do you want to come home with me?", Lynette asked.

"Oh, Yes", Joey answered.

"Ok, Joey go pack your bags", Lynette said.

"Ok", Joey replied.


Joey jumped off from his seat, and he ran inside the orphanage, up the stairs, into his bedroom, he grabbed his suitcase, he opened his suitcase-up, he grabbed his clothes, he put them in his suitcase, he zipped his suitcase-up, he saw his Teddy Bear that his biological mother had gave to him, before she passed-away, and it was sitting on his bed, he grabbed his teddy bear, he walked from his bed to the doorway, he turned around, took one last look at his bedroom, it was the only home that he has ever known, he closed his bedroom door, he went down the hallway, down the stairs, and saw Lynette waiting for him, she was smiling at him, he was smiling at her.


"Joey did you pack your suitcase?", Lynette asked.

"Oh, Yes", Joey answered.

"Ok, Joey, take my hand", Lynette said putting out her hand.

"Ok", Joey replied as he grabbed Lynette's Hand.


Lynette led Joey out of the orphanage, she opened the passenger-side door, Joey sat in the passenger-seat, Lynette closed the door, she got into the driver-side of her car, and drove off, Joey waved good-bye to the other children in the orphanage, On their way to Lynette's house, Lynette noticed that Joey was holding on to his Teddy Bear.


"That's a nice teddy bear, Joey", Lynette said.

"Thanks, it's the only thing I have, My Mommy gave it to me, just before she passed away", Joey replied.

"Oh, do you miss her?", Lynette asked.

"Uh-Hu", Joey answered.

"Well, I'm sure she's in a better place", Lynette said.

"do you think i'll see my mommy again?", Joey asked.

"I'm sure you will, what's your teddy bear's name", Lynette said.

"It's Mr. Bearinton", Joey replied.

"Oh, that's a nice name", Lynette said.

"Mr. Bearinton saids Thank You", Joey replied.


About an hour later, they made it to Lynette's house, they went inside, Lynette showed Joey his new bedroom, She let Joey unpack his clothes, They had dinner, and went to bed.



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