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Secrets of a Celebrity

Novel By: H G Cunnup
Young adult

Here's the thing. I live in a secret. I am Joannie Nance, who is a teen with every day problems. I also live the life of a famous singer. I am a secret celebrity. I have two best friends and live a life full of surprises with up and downs. At the end of the day I am usually proud of my self and who I am, but I still think I am living one big lie. View table of contents...



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Here's the thing.

People don't understand life of a celebrity and an unknown face. Also, that I live as Joannie Nance with another identity called "Holly Caroline", who is a singer known globally. Here's my story and what ever you heard from other people, they are WRONG.

Thursday, September 22nd

As Joannie and naturally, I have blonde, curly hair with moss green eyes. As Holly I wear a light brown, wavy wig with bangs. I also have another wig that is brown mixed with different blonde highlights.

I heard some footsteps approach. "Joannie, Where are you at?" May Godbey called, my best friend, who was a brunette with blue eyes. "Joannie!" She yelled and her footsteps were heavier.

"In here." I replied sitting in the student lounge on a big, soft chair. I was reading a teen magazine.

"What are you doing in here when you could enjoy the free tickets there handing out of Holly Caroline!" She exclaimed, while I rolled my eyes and looked back at the magazine.

"I don't like her and you know that, remember you have all her CD's." I said. May does not know I am Holly Caroline, because if she did she would freak out.

"Hello? Free concert tickets! We, also, may be able to get VIP passes!" She exclaimed again.

Oh, joyI thought, " May I'm still not going, Sorry" I said back, putting a sincere sad face.

"Could I convince you to come? Please! Please!"

"Nope." I shook my head and looked at the magazine., pondering things.

May grabbed my hand and jerked me up from the soft chair. We headed down the hallway, hearing the distant screaming of teenage girls.

Running up, "Hey Joannie! Hey May!" Becca yelled, another one of my best friends who has gorgeous red, curly hair, over the screaming fans. "Did you hear, Holly Caroline is coming to our school to do a concert and sign autographs later on tomorrow!," said Becca, enthusiastically and must have realized she was daydreaming, "Are you coming tomorrow?" She asked us.

"I'm coming but it won't be much fun without you, Joannie."

"Your not coming? That's crazy." Said Becca walking to the locker, waving the tickets in the air like there wasn't a tomorrow.

"That's what I told her but she won't listen," said May.

"We can talk about this later. Now, I just realized my parents have been waiting for my help. See y'all later." I lied.

I walked out of the crowded common area and down to my ford fiesta. I got in and went out towards my house. My parents bought it five years ago when we moved to Santa Monica.

Thirty minutes later, I arrived at my house and drove into the garage. My phone went off an hour after I had been home.


My caller ID said,May Calling. I answered. "Hey, what's up?" with a nonchalant tone.

"Nothing. Nothing. But except for the fact that you're not coming andJake Swanwas wondering why you're not coming?"She taunted me.

"Jake asked you?"

"He asked Becca. You won't be able go with him because you're apparentlybusy,"

"Now. I have got to go to this concert." I started jumping up and down excitedly.You cant stupid. Hello, remember you are Holly ALSO.I thought to myself.

May always has a devious plan and said, "If you're stuck doing a job, sneak out!"

I replied, not thinking. "It isn't a job I can sneak out of. The whole school is depending on me. Not thatyouwould know about."

"Wait, what did you just say?"

Oh crap. I cannot believe I just said that, I thought "Uh. Nothing. So how about the school reduction plan?"

"Joannie. I do not get you. Whatever, any who here's his number." She gave me his number and I called him. He ended up understanding that I had towork.

Friday, September 23rd

The next day I walked into the front doors and people were walking everywhere. The principal rushed to her office and slammed the door.Must be excited at the concert coming, I thought to myself. People came in through the doors when I was at my locker.

I saw May and Becca walking up and soon enough May asked me, "Why did you say 'It isn't a job I can sneak out of. The whole school is depending on me. Not thatyouwould know about' yesterday when I talked to you on the phone? I mean it sounded like you knew about a secretwe," May pointed to her and Becca, "Don't know about."

"Uh. I don't have any idea what you're talking about." I nervously laughed, lying again.

"You know Joannie!" May exclaimed. People turned around looking at us. "You're lying to us. But whatever it will come out sooner or later." People turned back to their own business.

"May, it's fine. Don't worry. Dang, I mean, she didn't doanything." Becca said, trying to calm her down.

"You are a LIAR Joannie! GO AHEAD AND SAY IT!" She screamed at me and passed out after saying that. About thirty minutes later, paramedics came and took her away to the hospital. No one knows why that happened. Some say too much soda.

I decided to write a letter to the principal that Holly wasn't coming tonight after all. Someoneapparently told her of the accident. I was just scared and freaked out at May's breakdown. The principal announced that Holly wasn't coming tonight after all and everyone was mad at the cancellation.

After school that day Becca rode with me to the hospital and we were silent the whole way until we got there and Becca spoke up.

"Joannie, You would tell me if you had a secret, right?"

"Yes. Of course I would." I replied back and we walked in to the emergency room entrance and asked where she was. We walked upstairs and to May's room. She had an IV in her arm and was knocked out.

"Joannie lets come back another time." Becca suggested.

"No. No. Don't do that." I heard May's voice. "I haven't had much company."

"May." Becca and I said together and we walked over to her bedside. I was relieved. "What had happened back at school?" I asked.

"I-I don't know. I only remember talking to you and Becca and then nothing, but I accused you, Joannie, of something."

"Its fine." Becca and I were not going to tell her.

"I just wish I knew because whatever I did, I am so sorry." May said.

"It's fine May. Uh Becca. Sorry but I got to go. Can you get a ride home?" I pointed out the door.

"Yeah, I'll call my mom and she'll pick me up."

"Ok. May, I'll see you later and hope you feel better." I walked back out to my car and left for home. That ride seemed like forever, I knew I was making it worse and worse by not telling them.

Monday came before I knew it and I knew I had to put the concert back on for Wednesday after school. I wrote up a letter and then it was announced later. Everyone was pumped back up.

May and Becca were at their lockers after lunch, "Hey May, how are you feeling?" I said.

"Fine. Can y'all believe it? We are going to the concert after all!" May exclaimed and started to try to hang on something before Becca caught her from falling.

"Are you okay May?"

She shook her head, "No. I have these 'spells' where I'll pass out."

"The dpctors told her parents and her parents told her and she told me. Now we are telling you. But it is fine." Becca said.

RRRING!!School bell rang for next class.


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