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Devils in Disguise

Novel By: Haddley Fox
Young adult

Some girls are overly weight conscious, some girls are perfect. Most girls are both. Most girls like those are from Beverly Hills. Rich and Pretty with either Famous parents or Top Jobbed ones. These girls are Devils in Disguise. These girls have a lot in store for them.

The Characters and Events in this Book are fictitious. Any Similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the Author. View table of contents...



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Sabrina Parker stared at her one-oh-five point eight pound figure in the mirror. She wasn't too happy about the decimal. Maybe she should have thought twice about the portobello pizza she had last Tuesday. Although it was approved by her strict, south beach diet.

Regretting the afternoon snack of Grilled chicken salad with Tzatziki sauce she had earlier, she made a mental note to check its total carbs before going to bed.

It wasn't too long ago that she had been a 180 pound freak of nature, she very much wasn't looking forward to going back to that horrifying time in her life again.

In fact, she was so horrified with the thought of that, that there were days when even a 9 g carb platter made Sabrina feel much heavier. Although when she had taken this up with her therapist, otherwise known as a shrink, Dr. Moore, he had stated that it was all just part of the trauma from her former, pig like state.

Plopping herself down on the velvet sheets covering her California king sized bed, she found herself thinking back to the time when she had been a depressed fattie.

Her mothers death, of course, had accounted for her depression. And the depression had led to her many binging sprees that led to her weight problems, not to mention, she had already been overweight before it all went down.

Back then, she only had one friend who stuck by her, before fat camp. Sylvia Kirk. Even when she had been a fat loser, Sylvia had been there for her. Even going to the extent of joining her many binging expeditions.

Like that Pear Party they had gone to. The food was so exquisitely made that Sylvia had claimed to gain a pound or two after filling herself with the variations such as; Poached Pears, Ginger Pears, Chocolate Stuffed Steamed Pears, The Asian Pear Salad, and yes, even the Chicken en Papillote with Pears. Strange but delicious.

The obnoxious ringing of her cell pulled her out of her reverie. Fishing the noisemaker out of her jeans pocket, she answered it.

"Is it bad that I ate a Crab Cobb salad tonight?" Her friend Irina Sander gushed from the other end of the line.

Sabrina couldn't help the little roll of her eyes. Though she was a weight-obsess-er herself, she didn't understand how the biggest problem for girls these days, or more likely her friends, was the fact that they had over eaten.

Aren't people in Africa or some country or another, dying from lack of food?

"No. Irina. That's like 261 calories. You won't gain a pound" She assured her overly wight conscious friend. Well. She was one to talk, only a few minutes ago she had been obsessing over her weight as well.

"But I had two servings. Two" Irina emphasized her point by saying it twice. It wasn't such a crime, but she felt like crying her eyes out. Sabrina wasn't the only one who had weight problems. Irina and her had gone to fat camp together, they go way back.

"It's alright. Have you weighed yourself?"

"Yes. I didn't gain a thing, but what if it all comes pouring in tomorrow? I don't want to go back" Irina wasn't the only one who was scared of going back to fat. So was Sabrina.

"I don't either" Sabrina replied in a hoarse whisper. Those times were horrible. "I've just weighed myself and I gained a point eight. I was trying to get rid of five pounds, but instead, I gained a point eight"

"I'm so sorry. We should go hit the gym tomorrow, yeah?" Irina's offer was a good suggestion, Sabrina needed an immense workout, but she never used her personal gym here in her fathers grand estate.

"Sure. I'll meet you at Ten?" A bit early, but Sabrina wanted to get a kick start, she planned on staying for the rest of the day.

"Alright. Night" And with that, Irina hung up. Leaving Sabrina wondering back further into the depths of her thoughts.


Ada Jackson walked into Lucky Club, well aware that all eyes shifted to her once she stepped into the premises. It was no surprise. She was used to the amount of eyes that got attracted to her like bees to honey.

Not a stranger to the fact that she was easily the hottest and most gorgeous girl in town, she always made sure to be dressed in the best. She smiled satisfactorily as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirrored wall opposite her. Black Falke tights, little white Marc Jacobs dress and Diane von Furstenberg closed toe heels. As perfect as usual.

Shrugging off her silver Burberry Porsum jacket, she took a seat in one of the many bar stools. Placing her hands on the bar, she waited patiently for her drink to arrive. She's been here enough times that she needn't say a word anymore, the drink would just come to her.

She grinned as a Cherry Vodka Cocktail landed in front of her. Thanking Paul, the usual bartender who was quite handsome, she took a big gulp. Smiling and winking, Paul walked away to serve another customer.

It wasn't long before someone had sat next to her. In fact, it was't long before the whole bar was filled. To her left was a grungy old man who she held no interest in and to her right was a boy of her age.

His eyes were dark brown and contrasted with his messy blonde hair. As she scanned him, his eyes met hers. It was like electricity,the spark when they're eyes met, they couldn't tear it apart.

It was like those Cheesy Romance Novels. When the two main characters who fall in love meet. Never had Ada believed any of that shit--until now.

Ada was a girl of much power. She was flawless, she was an impeccable beauty. She was the girl that every boy wanted and every girl wanted to be. She was a trendsetter. She had everything any person in this world could ever want.

She got everything she wanted. She never came onto boys. Boys came onto her. Every time.

But it didn't look like that was the case today. Breaking the spell they were in, the boy turned back around as Paul handed him a shot. It was pure rejection. He never turned back to her once.

It was either he was a very shy boy (which didn't seem like the case) or he was just uninterested. Before now, Ada had swore that it was impossible for a boy to resist her, single and taken, they all wanted her.

Except for him.


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