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Erin Brooks is a dreamer. But how far is this dreamer willing to go to make her dream a reality? View table of contents...


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Erin stepped out of the cab and took in a deep breath, finally beginning the life she had always wanted. Or, at least, the first step to get there. It was a slow process, but Erin wasn't a quitter. She would make it big, and she wouldn't quit until she was at the top. She was one step closer, one step closer to seeing herself on the big screens. As the superstar actress she always dreamed of being. She could see it now, her name in bright lights: The One and Only Erin Brooks.

She smiled to herself as she retrieved her bags from the truck of the cab. She thanked the driver once again then headed to her apartment building. It was a warm, breezy day in Los Angeles. Her light brown hair blew over her shoulders and danced openly behind her back with every step she took, with her dark blue dress adding to the effect. A few men stopped and watched her strut, pulled in by her grace and beauty. She briefly smiled at them, but continued to walk without a word. She took pride in her looks, no one could blame her. Glossy light golden brown hair, with the perfect amount side swept to reveal her eyes, a glimmering mint green. She had a tall, thin, and healthy figure, a smile to stun, and the perfect voice to charm. She had it all together and she knew it. She found her apartment, walked in while leaving her luggage near the door and moseyed over to the balcony. She was breathless at the view of the city; her home. She rested her forearms on the rail, taking a deep breath in. She exhaled and closed her eyes, feeling the breeze brush across her skin. All was still and peaceful. It was as though the world stood still. Her meditation snapped when she heard someone behind her.

"Erin?" she spun around and saw Gabriel Sparks, the rising heartthrob standing before her. His hair was tousled, his clothes loose, as though he was sleeping. He had a thin layer of scruff on his face, but it suited him well. He smiled at her, revealing glistening white teeth. She smiled back and walked inside to meet him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, his arms wrapping around her waist. They shared an early morning kiss, reuniting the couple after months of separation. Even in a short amount of time, Gabe's career had taken off. His face was on magazine covers, TV screens, teenage girls' walls, and everything in between. He was the new face, and a handsome one. Although he loved his newly found fame, he knew how much Erin wanted the same dream, and he was trying his best to make it happen.

Gabe pulled his head away to look at her. She was gorgeous, stunning, ravishing. He was proud to call her his girlfriend. He knew Hollywood would love her. After how much he talked about her in his interviews, he knew they were eager to meet her. He gazed into her green eyes, full of potential and perseverance. They wouldn't be let down by eyes like those. She smirked up at him, fascinated by his look. His eyes were a shimmering light blue, hair a dark brown. She ran her fingers through it, locking eyes with him.

"Hello, Gabriel," she said with a small laugh. He pulled her closer, lightly kissing her cheek. "It looks like you've made it big, hot shot." He chuckled and gave his winning smile, half sarcastically, half arrogantly.

"You're next, Erin." He replied. Erin smiled at his compliment, but couldn't help but feel different in his arms this time. She was more than happy for his recent success. But she sensed something had changed in him to achieve it. Gabe's physical appearance was as charming as ever, but his attitude seemed…scripted. What worried her even more was if she would have to do the same. She pushed that thought to the back of her mind as he pressed his lips against hers again.

She closed her eyes, savoring his affection. She bit her lip, trying to maintain composure. He always made her feel flustered. His eyes teased her, his seductive smirk made her weak. Her breath grew shorter as he kissed her neck. She smiled flirtatiously, he back at her. He pressed his lips against hers, this time with more passion than before. They both began panting for air as they held each other close, lips still intertwined. Gabe pulled his head away, pressing his forehead against hers.

"You," Gabe said breathlessly. She exhaled sharply, eyes tightly closed. She quickly kissed his cheek as he swept her off of her feet and carried her into his bedroom, with a bright smile on both of their faces.


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