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Novel By: Happiness
Young adult

(suspended indefinitely) Ivory has lived with a dark secret her entire life at Kingston Academy, one that she never planned on telling anyone. Until one night she drunkenly confesses to some stranger at a party that she didn’t even want to go to. The stranger promises that he would not tell anyone but sticks to Ivory’s side like his life depends on it, never letting her out of sight. Originally Ivory finds his behaviour annoying and it is disrupting the fragile peace she had made with herself years ago. She is tested to the very end and has to make a choice. Will she forgive the ultimate of sins or will she bring forth justice brewed from hatred?

Criticism is very welcome, I know I'm not the best at this :) View table of contents...


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Prologue ~ Then

"Now, let me tell you a story. It begins with Once Upon A Time…" Jason begun.

Jason was my brother, a vain person and obviously very full of himself. I had no choice but to agree because the other option was to be held down by him while he told me the story anyway. The only way to get out of this with my dignity intact was to agree and listen dutifully.

"Alright then, I'll listen. But it better be a good story." I threatened. He just rolled his eyes and started talking again.

"Once upon a time there was once a handsome prince who was destined to rule over his kingdom as soon as his father died. This prince had all of the best qualities he could need to rule a kingdom but also possessed and extra quality that was…" He paused, a thoughtful look on his face. After a while he finally continued, having found the words he was looking for.

"Not so necessary. Greed. This handsome prince was the greediest person in his kingdom but the king refused to even consider his son not being perfect and turned a blind eye to all of the terrible things his son had done.

"One day the prince grew tired of having to wait for his father to die as he wanted so dearly to rule his kingdom and prove to everyone that he was a worthy ruler of the throne, so he went to his father's room in the dead of night, and slit his throat with the kings very own sword. Everybody did not think that this was a coincidence and pointed their finger in the only plausible direction, the kings' greedy son.

"He was thrown out of the kingdom and banished, never to return. The handsome prince wandered around the kingdoms walls for a few short weeks and after no one wanted to help him he grew angry. Angry and very desperate.

"He climbed up the walls and killed every person he saw, he did not even spare the women and children. Soon the kingdoms guards captured and subdued the prince, taking him to the kingdoms new king.

"The new king was a very arrogant man also, and did not wish to simply throw the prince outside the kingdom where he could easily return again. Instead he made a display of him, promising that any traitors would receive the same fate as the prince soon would. The new king chopped off the prince's head, in front of a raving crowd with the princes very own sword."

"That's a horrible story! Why would someone even think that?" I cried, aghast.

"I don't know. I thought it was a rather good story if I must say so myself." He said, his chin turned upward and a look of vast haughtiness placed on his face.

"Well you must have to, because I sure as hell wasn't." Shaking my head I stood and went to walk out the door when suddenly, he grabbed my wrist.

"You're not going anywhere until you tell me you liked my story!" He growled in my ear and I suddenly felt the strangest urge to laugh, which was not at all ordinary. My next response was totally unexpected. I spun around to face him, wrenching my wrist from his grasp.

"Rightio then. I guess I'm not going anywhere because I'm not lying to you Jason. Your story sucked. Live with it." For a second I got the extreme pleasure of being able to see him caught off guard and his face full of shock. It didn't last long and was soon replaced with his usual look of anger.

"You bitch," He raised his hand as if to slap me but stopped at last second.

"You know what? I don't think I will hit you…Yet. I'm going to make this as torturous and as long as I can." He sneered, his voice dripping with malice. Oddly I wasn't scared at all, just a strange calm.

"Right, Jason. You have no means in which to do that and you wouldn't do it anyway," I replied, still deadly calm but with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh yeah?" He asked scornfully. "And why wouldn't I?'

"Because you're a self-centred coward but still a coward non-the-less. You stand there and threaten me even though we both know you won't actually do anything because you know I will tattle on you. And you know that you will get into a whole lot of trouble off dad because you also know that I'm his favourite and if you hurt me, like you did in fifth grade, he'll break you." Jason looked flabbergasted. I couldn't actually remember the last time I had stood up to him.

I usually just endure it and walk away later without thinking about it and hurting.

In fifth grade Jason had pushed me down a flight of stairs and I had broken my arm and a few ribs. I also had minor head injuries and lost heaps of blood.

Dad went off at Jason and wouldn't let him talk me for a few months let alone see me. I also think that he hit him a bit but I didn't see that.

"No he won't, not if he doesn't know and you won't tattle on me because you can't, he's not here." He smirked, looking pleased with himself.

"Yes, he will. And yes, I will. I don't care if he's not here and I don't care if he doesn't want us to call him for whatever reason. I. Don't. Care. I don't care Jason and if you do hurt me he will know and you will hurt." Again I was stunned at my ability to stand up to him when I wanted to.

"Not if I do something that you will never want to talk about ever again, even to tattle on me." He mused. He was even stroking his chin, as if a beard was there, instead of his measly stubble. Then, suddenly, his eyes grew larger and brighter as if he had thought of the best idea in the world.

Roughly, he grabbed me by my hair and begun dragging me towards the door; his movement's jerky and fast with excitement.

"What are you going to do Jason?" I asked, my voice soft, finally showing some sign of fear. Wiping my clammy palms on my jeans first, I failed to yank at his hand and make him let go of the strand of long brown hair that was curling around his fist.

"Oh never you mind." He replied, his face lit up with what would have been a gorgeous smile had it not been twisted and warped with cruelty.

"What are you going to do Jason?" I say again, more forcefully but my voice cracked, showing how afraid I really was now.

"Don't worry little sister. I'm going to enjoy this." He said, his face still lit up by the evil grin.

He walked - me being dragged beside him - down the hall and we were then out the front of Jason's room. My face paled as I began to realise what he might have been thinking. I began to beg.

"No Jason, please don't do this! Please don't do this! You don't want this, you won't enjoy it! Please don't!" But he just ignored me reaching out to open his bedroom door; his fingers still wound around the strands of my hair as my hands tried even harder to make him let me go but grew even sweatier.

He opened the door and dragged me across the room to his bed, roughly throwing me down when we reached it. I landed with a humph and started to sit up instantly.

"No! Don't move!" Jason snarled pushing me down and crashing any hopes I had that he wasn't going to do what I thought he was. He leaned over me to speak in my ear, pulling the collar of my light blue shirt.

"Don't move, or I will make this hurt as much as I can. Do you understand?" I nodded my head meekly looking at his shoulder. He got up and walked away for a few minutes, first to lock the door with a key he had in his pocket, and second to disappear into his closet for a while. I could hear him shuffling around and cursing through slightly muffled ears.

After a few minutes he emerged with a triumph grin, one of his hands held high. In the hand he held a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs.

If the situation wasn't so horrible, it would have been hilarious. As it was, the sight was so bizarre I still had the strangest urge to laugh but I kept myself composed, mainly because my mind was clouded with what I knew what was to come.

"Jason please don't do this!" I squirmed under his hungry stare, knowing my plea was useless, that he was going to do this no matter how much I hoped he wouldn't.

"You were right you know?" he said suddenly, surprising me.

"About what exactly?"

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to break you. Maul you. Crush you." I paled, knowing he was right. Knowing that he was going to do all of those things.

I spoke while he advanced on me, while he handcuffed my hand to his bedpost and hot, salty tears spilt down my cheeks and onto my shirt, staining the cotton a slightly darker blue.

"You're wrong. You won't break me. Or maul me or crush me." I closed my eyes just as he leant down, my eyes still streaming.

"You'll destroy me."


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