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Novel By: Happiness
Young adult

(suspended indefinitely) Ivory has lived with a dark secret her entire life at Kingston Academy, one that she never planned on telling anyone. Until one night she drunkenly confesses to some stranger at a party that she didn’t even want to go to. The stranger promises that he would not tell anyone but sticks to Ivory’s side like his life depends on it, never letting her out of sight. Originally Ivory finds his behaviour annoying and it is disrupting the fragile peace she had made with herself years ago. She is tested to the very end and has to make a choice. Will she forgive the ultimate of sins or will she bring forth justice brewed from hatred?

Criticism is very welcome, I know I'm not the best at this :) View table of contents...


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Chapter 2 - Now

Fairy tales are not something I am very comfortable with, ever since 'that day'. It's pretty understandable, when you think about it, but I guess, when you actually do, Jason's little story wasn't a fairytale, it was a nightmare, so it made no sense.

It may have started with Once Upon A Time, but that didn't make it a children's story. Either way, it had from that day forward, forever tainted my views on the tales that entertain little children so much.

That is why while standing at the back of my creative writing class, my palms are clammy and my head is swimming with memories and thoughts, like how I knew I shouldn't have gone to this lesson. In my stomach I can feel butterflies pressing on my urge to gag.

Sebastian watches me from across the room with concern as I turn white.

Miss Angela is telling everyone that in the next few lessons we will be studying fairy tales as they are an important aspect of creative writing and it will be the next major assessment we do.

By that point I was more than convinced I was going to throw up on the head of a nerdy boy with glasses and frizzy ginger hair sitting in front of me vigorously taking notes.

Jason's 'fairytale' has kind of scarred me and ever since 'that day' and I have never been able to fully get over the felling that there is something wrong with them.

Every time I'm forced to read or hear one I always end up in the same goddamn situation; feeling sick enough to puke or occasionally I've been known to even burst into tears. Sometimes though, I just get caught up in the horrible memories.

I can't stand them, not a single thing about them, even talking about them.

Flo realised this when we were first roommates and it is one of the only things she doesn't understand about me completely. She knows that something to do with them triggers horrible memories but she didn't know what those horrible memories are.

Nobody knows what those horrible memories are.

Jason had been right, as much as it humiliates me to admit. I never did tell anybody about what he did to me almost three years ago. It hurts to even think about it, makes me feel dirty and violated, filthy.

I have no idea how many showers I took after what he did, just to try and wash away the humiliation and the feeling of damage from my skin.

It never worked but the water had washed away the tears that I had wept, mingling with them and washing them down the sink in diluted saltiness.

I remember how much I hurt after, not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and how much I wanted to tell somebody, anybody, but every time I thought I had mustered up enough courage, just the thought of what he did to me made me crumble and eroded the little hope I had left.

I was never able to even mutter a single clue, but I couldn't stand even the sight of Jason anymore or walking down the hall he had dragged me down. I couldn't even stand being near his room or even the room we had talked in first.

My father soon grew to notice that I despised the very house that we lived in but he never guessed why.

He let me come to Kingston Academy so that I wasn't in misery anymore and so that I could make a fresh start, but I had never come back. I still talk to him on the phone occasionally but I haven't seen him for almost three years. I haven't seen Jason either, which was the whole reason I left in the first place.

I brought Sebastian with me because he was in as much pain as I was at the time.

I thought I had gotten over my aversion to fairytales a while ago but just being here in this classroom with the words in the air is making me sick.

"Fairytales are very important if you wish to understand the art of creative writing so, if you want to do well in the class, I suggest that you listen well and listen hard." I hear Miss Angela as if she is hundreds of metres away, like she is on the opposite of a massive, long pipe and is shouting to me, and I just can't hear properly.

The red haired boy is still taking notes but I grow more pale and with-drawn, not really even noticing or paying attention when Sebastian texts me to ask what is wrong.

I am in my own world to be honest, memories flashing past my eyes with incredible speed. They mash together, making it hard to realise when one ends and another begins.

Pink fluffy handcuffs, a key I couldn't reach, pain, pain, pain.

Pain everywhere. I was in pain. I am in pain.

I hear myself whimper, but I can't pull myself from the delusion that I am in pain at this very moment. It just feels so real.

From my clouded eyes I can see people watching me curiously wondering what could bring this reaction out of me, Sebastian's worried face standing out the most.

I whimper again and tears start flowing down my cheeks as my classmates curious stares turn to ones of confusion and concern, their backs twisted to watch the deranged girl at the back of the classroom.

Miss Angela stops the lecture that I haven't heard a single word of when she turns and sees the huddle of people that are now surrounding me, asking annoying questions like 'are you alright?' and 'hey, what's wrong?'.

I don't answer anyone until Miss Angela is standing right in front of me, asking me herself what is wrong. Her soft tone full of compassion and worry breaks me from my reminiscences.

I look up at her my eyes full of pleas, pleas to just stop. I feel so vulnerable, like anyone could take advantage of me.

I feel weak.

Miss Angela just nods and I stand and flee the room, not looking behind me at anyone's curious stares.

Just as I reach the door, I hear the squealing of a chair but don't look back, not that that would really do much, being as practically blinded by the crushing tears that I am. I also don't really care who the hell it is.

I push open the door with little difficulty and sprawl outside, taking huge gulps of the freezing air, happy to be free of the suffocating questions inside the room.

With a tiny little sob I lean back against the wall next to the door and slide to the ground, giving up and crying into my knees. And that is where Sebastian finds me just seconds later.

"Oh, Ivory, you poor thing." He says sympathetically when I look up at him with swollen eyes and tear-stained cheeks, with tears still coming. I just sniffle and wipe my nose on the back of my hand.

Slowly he sits down next to me, groaning when he finally sits on the freezing ground, and wraps his arms around my shoulders.

"Are you okay sweetheart? What's wrong?" He mumbles into my hair quietly, and for some reason that just sets me off and I start sobbing quietly into his chest while he holds me tightly and whispers soothing messages to my hair.

After about ten minutes I finally stop with the torrent of tears and shake my head, my face still pressed up against his now ruined black shirt and his arms still holding me tight.

I breathe in his usual woodsy smell that is now mixed with the smell of dampness and slowly begin to feel a little bit more calmed down.

I pull back a little so that I can look at his face and wipe my eyes with my hands.

"Thanks for that, I really needed it. And sorry for ruining your shirt… I'll buy you a new one if you want."

"Don't be silly Ivs, I'm a man I can deal with a wet shirt." He says and smiles, lightly tapping the tip of my nose with his finger. I breathe a sigh of relief that I haven't scared him away and wrinkle my nose up at him.

"But it's cold. You'll catch your death out here in that." I say while looking up at him, encased in his warm arms. I feel his laughter before I hear it.

"Only you, Ivory, could say that and not sound like a freak," He shakes his head down at me and smiles before continuing, "Especially with how you speak. Usually you're just so modern and then you just casually go throw in some old-fashioned bullshit. It's hilarious."

"No, I'm hilarious," I say and poke my tongue up at him, earning myself another rumble of laughter.

After a while of content silence I sigh and wriggle out of his warm embrace, shivering as the cold air of winter seeps into my bones.

"I guess we should probably go back in there now huh?" Standing up I loom over Sebastian, but as he stands up it becomes clear who's the tallest. I have to strain my neck to look up at him, and I'm not the shortest of people.

"No you numnut, we'd just have to walk straight back out again." He smiles as he says it though, so I know his insult wasn't real. I stick my tongue out at him again anyway and laugh as he looks mock offended.

"How very insulting Ivory Calvert! I might have to punish you now," He says with a devilish grin and a cheesy posh British accent. Slowly I begin to back down the corridor a smile playing on my lips.

"Oh god, and what would that punishment be?" I ask with one of my eyebrows upturned. It had taken me years to master the practice, but now I can do it without even thinking.

"I don't know," He says and strokes his chin making me laugh. After about two seconds he yells and raises one outstretched finger, pointing at me.

"I've got it! I know what I'm going to do to you," He says and smiles at me devilishly again.

"And what is it?" I say while still smiling, but secretly getting prepared to bolt.

"I'm going to…" His pause is maddening and I can feel my body reacting, standing me up on my toes to make it easier to run away. Not because Sebastian would ever hurt me but because he is likely to tickle me.

Childish, I know, but I'm super ticklish and he knows it.

He takes one step towards me and I back up one almost at the same time. His smile is now as wide as it possibly can be and a feverish look is in his eyes. I know what he's going to say before his lips even move and I take off running down the hall, laughing as I go.

"I'm going to get you Ivory and your little dog too!" He yells with a laugh just as I turn a corner with a laugh of my own.

AUTHORS NOTE!!!!: Why hello there :) Its nice to see you here :P And I know that this is pretty random, but I thought I would just let you guys know that you will most definitely learn more about Sebastian later... I just felt really weird throwing him in there without a proper introduction and without really explaining him on the spot :P And that is it from the weirdo mind that is me XD Have a nice day :{) (MOUSTACHE!!! XD)


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