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The One and Only Tune

Novel By: HeartStone451
Young adult

Nikki Flask and her family have just moved to Washington, Seattle from hot, humid Florida and Nikki gets to be the new kid at Harvard High School starting ninth grade. Now, Nikki is a average 14 year old and average student, except when it comes to music. She is a prodigy at the piano, and has won many competitons, and has been at a high level for her age.

One day her new piano teacher puts her in annual competition. Nikki is okay, and excited about it, until she finds out that THE Tyler Mckinley is one of the choosen preformers. Tyler Mckinley is a very talented violinist and when he was just seven he had won first place at a university competition.

Nikki is now worried about the competition. will she make it? Will she find out what it really means to love something? and find out what music is really all about?

I would like to know what you guys thing of this, good and bad and any adivce. :) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 8, 2013    Reads: 34    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1

A constant beeping sound pierced my dark and silent room, I jerked awake and groaned as I got up and leaned over on my bed to turn off my alarm., on my night side. I switched on my small lamb, that basked my room in a bight, soft glow. Five cardboard boxes were stacked on top of each other in the corner of my room, between my bed and closet. I got up and stretched, my muscles loosening, a soft knock came from my door. "Come in" I said, my mom walked in, tieing her her short, jet black hair in a short ponytail, she was dresses in her nurse uniform. "Your lessons start today after school" my mom said in a cheerful tone, I smiled, they were piano lessons, I had started playing when I was six, and not once thought about doing any other hobby.

"Alright, thanks mom" she smiled and walked over, kissed me on the forehead and left, leaving for work. I sighed, yay, I get to be the new kid I thought walking to the shower. After blow drying my hair, I slipped on a pair of red skinny jeans, a loose, white shirt, and slipping my feet into my black ankle high converses. I walked down stairs, iinto the kitchen, placing two LeggomyEggo waffles in the toaster. A pair of foot steps landed on the smooth wood floor, with a thump.

I looked to the side, to the entrance of the kitchen, seeing my dad walk in "hey kiddo"he said, rustling my wavy, layered, short dark brown hair. I wacked his hand away, fixing my hair back in place, he smiled. "Have you finished unpacking?" he asked reaching for a box of cereal, "nope" I said, placing my waffles on a plate and decorating them in butter and syrup. My family and I had just moved up to cold, snowy Washington from hot, humid Florida. I wasn't to glad about moving, I missed my friends and my piano teacher, but I was also excited, I had never seen snow, heck, I didn't even know what color it was.

My phone virbrated as I placed my plate in the sink, I flipped it open. It was Cassie, my senior partner for orchesatra and jazz band. The text spelled my name in big bold letters, with a lot of exclamation points. That was so Cassie, she was a enterprising person, the outgoing one. I said goodbye to my dad, slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed out the front door. Cassie had driven up to my driveway in her green Jeep. "Hey" she said giving me a cheerful smile, then turning back to her mirror, putting on a line of eyeliner. Cassie was very pretty, even without makeup, she had that untan smooth skin, and long staright glossy blande hair, her bangs even perfect. Her eyes big and the color of dark green and tall and lean.

I wasn't to much into makeup, I wasn't very good at putting it on, unlike Cassie. I usually just put on a little blush and eyeliner. I was much different than Cassie to, I was tanner then her and had had hazel colored eyes and always had to swoop my bangs to the side, from my eyes with a flick of my head. and I was a height of 5'8. I smiled back, Cassie and I had bounded the first day we meet, which was over the phone. My parents wanted every thing done, brfore we moved down here, so I had sent my audition, to get in one of the high level classes, when i was living in Florida.

Our band teacher, Mr. Kirk, grouped the under classmates with upper classmates, so we could learn from one another. Cassie and I played different instruments, but she was one of the best and played more than one instrument. "So, are you ready to show Harvard High School what the great Nikki Flask is all about" Cassie grinned at me, her eyes showing amusement. I rolled my eyes, she laughed "it'll be alright" she said still smiling. I grunted in response and sank down into the seat, and maybe, just maybe the seat would magically consume me, so I wouldn't have to worry about the feeling of butterflies in my stomach,


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