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My Second Sight

Novel By: HeidiNezat
Young adult

Ryleigh is not just your typical teenager; she's also a psychic. On her 17th birthday, she finds out that it is her destiny to figure out what happened to her father, and to stop whoever is behind his disappearance. Will she have help from the mysterious new boy in town, or will she do it alone? What will she find out along the way? Read on to find out more. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2: "Ryleigh! Wake up! Come on, we're gonna be late!" I woke up to my little sister jumping on my bed. It only took a second for my dream -more like nightmare- to rush to my thoughts. Thank God it was only a dream. "Get up! I don't wanna be late for school again!" cried my sister. "Okay, okay. Give me ten minutes to get ready." She scowled at me, but stomped out and shut the door. I turned over and then jumped when my alarm clock went off. A glance at it told me it was already 7:48. Holy crap! Apparently, I hit the snooze button a few times too many! I jumped out of bed and grabbed a pair of jeans out of my walk-in closet. I was grabbing a t-shirt out of one of my over-flowing drawers when I felt the familiar tingle, keeping me frozen in place. A picture entered my mind. I sorted through my scattered thoughts looking to see if there was anything more, but there wasn't. Just a picture. A picture that showed a stranger standing in what looked to be my school, but I couldn't be sure. I studied him closer. He looked to be about my age. And talk about tall, dark and handsome. He had hair the color of charcoal that stopped just shy of his eyebrows, and his eyes were as green as emeralds. I noticed they had a little mysterious twinkle in them. He was very tan and had nice muscles. His lips and facial features were perfectly sculpted. Overall, he was the best-looking guy I'd ever seen. A persistent knock on my door made me snap back to the present. "Yes Tiff, I'm coming!" I yelled, because I knew it was her. I swapped my nightgown I had on for the t-shirt I had grabbed and headed to the bathroom. I quickly examined my self in the mirror. My dark brown, curly hair was in knots down to my waist. I frantically brushed it before splashing water on my face. It was still pale from my nightmare so I pinched my cheeks to give them a little color. I brushed my teeth in double time before putting on a little mascara on my eyelashes -to make my light green eyes pop- and leaving my room. An impatient Tiffany was standing at the bottom of the stairs with the same look Dad always had when he was trying to look disapproving. I sighed deeply before quickly descending down the wooden stairs. "Good thing school is so close." she said when I reached the bottom. I tried smiling sweetly at her before we headed to my car, but I think it came out as a grimace because my attention was still on the picture of that boy in my head. We headed to my car, which was a 2007 Turquoise Honda Accord. I bought it when I turned sixteen and got my license with the savings account that my mom and dad had created before I was even born. As soon as I started it she put the radio on her favorite rock station and turned it up. I glanced in her direction and caught her doing the air guitar move. I rolled my eyes and tried concentrating on driving again, but I couldn't help the small smile that crept onto my lips. My thirteen-year-old sister was so silly, but she could always put a smile on my face. I was still thinking about the boy when I pulled into my sister's middle school parking lot. Was the vision a warning? No, it couldn't be. The boy looked harmless. "Bye, Ry!" With that said, she jumped out and headed to her class. I pulled up at my school about five minutes later. I looked at the clock and saw I was only a few minutes late, but I decided to just go get my tardy slip because if I didn't, my teacher would report me to the office anyhow. I tried to walk into the classroom as quietly as possible, but of course every set of eyes fell on me. I gave the teacher an apologetic glance and showed her my tardy slip. Then I made my way, sheepishly, to my seat in the back of the classroom. I was almost there when I saw the boy in my vision sitting at the same table as mine. I stumbled, but quickly regained my balance and slipped into my seat. Of course he was sitting at my table. It was the only vacant seat in the whole classroom. No one wanted to sit next to the "weird girl". At least that's what the rumors described me as. They started in second grade... I'd had visions when I was a kid, but now that I'm older they come a lot more frequently. The first time I'd ever had a vision was in second grade, and it was the worst thing I'd ever seen in my life. It was also when I'd learned about vampires for the first time. Of course I'd heard old myths about them, but that was the day I found out that they were real. *** ~I saw them when they entered our home. My mom wasn't there. Their footsteps were silent, so my dad did not hear them. Plus, his attention was on the television. The leader of the group motioned for them to stay put. He made his way to the sofa, right behind my dad and smiled a cruel smile, showing a glimpse of his shiny, sharp fangs. Then he was at my dads neck, sucking his blood but not taking enough to harm him. My dad struggled and, in the next second, the vampire knocked him out cold. I watched helplessly while they took my daddy away.~ The horrible vision came to an end, and I screamed, "Daddy!" When I looked around the class everyone was staring at me like some kind of freak. They were laughing and pointing fingers at me. Silent tears were streaming down my cheeks. Before the teacher could ask me what was wrong, I fled out of the classroom. I ran all the way home as fast as I could, but I was too late; he was already gone. I called 911, but I couldn't find my voice to tell them what happened. Even if I could talk, I couldn't tell then about what I saw. They would think I was a freak too. I dropped the phone before running to my room to cry. I couldn't think of anything else to do. A seven year old shouldn't have to see her dad get abducted. In fact, she shouldn't see anything like that in her head. What was that? A vision? I never really believed in all that, but there was no denying that I saw my dad being kidnapped, and now he wasn't here. About ten minutes later, the paramedics showed up. They realized they weren't going to get me to talk. My mom appeared not long after and asked me what happened. I knew I couldn't tell her about my vision either. Sobbing, I told her the story I came up with. "Daddy came pick me up from school because I wasn't feeling good, and I went to my room. A loud noise woke me up, and I was scared. I went to go down the stairs, but I stopped because I saw some bad men taking Daddy away. I didn't know what to do, but I knew something bad happened. I called 911 because that's what you and Daddy told me to do if I ever thought something bad happened, but then I didn't know what to say so I hung up." She told me everything would be okay and that Daddy would be back soon, but he never came back... *** So, that's what started the rumors. Thinking about my father still brought tears to my eyes. I took a deep breath and pushed the tears back. I tried concentrating on the lesson. I realized I didn't even know what page we were on. I started flipping the pages of my Civics book, trying to look for the chapter. That's when he spoke. "Page 74." His voice was like a nice, soft breeze rushing over my skin. It sent chills down my spine. It took me a moment to reply, but I found my voice and said "Thanks." "Thanks"? That's the best you could do? Come on, Ryleigh. It wasn't uncommon to have a new student at Northwest High. A lot of people transferred here. What was uncommon, was that I'd had a vision about him. Surely this boy -this very attractive boy- couldn't be involved in my future. I tried steal a glance at him, but he caught me and smiled. I smiled back before turning to face the front again. I didn't really pay attention to the rest of my classes, but I did notice he was in two more of them. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Please, everyone comment and let me know what you think! Don't forget to vote and fan! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! More coming soon. :)


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