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The secrets under our rocks

Novel By: Hi Im a person
Young adult

He helps break her out of her shell, and she opens his eyes to the world around him.
Katarina Hunt has been bullied pretty much her entire life, and
has started to believe what they tell her. So why would Drew Trusso, the most sought after guy in school want to help her?
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Submitted:May 2, 2013    Reads: 43    Comments: 18    Likes: 4   

Okay, I was going to wait until tomorrow to update this, but I'm a little bored and this was just sitting in my computer taunting me! So I hope you guys like it.

That hands down had to be the best week of school in my whole 17 years of living!

Drew was a funny guy once I got to know him, always joking about something, or doing something stupid- just to make me laugh. But he was serious about one thing, he really was dead set on making sure nothing would happen to me in that school. He sat next to me during every class, within reaching distance. Joined me in the hallway where I usually ate my lunch, no longer bothering to sit at the table where all of his friends sat at. Waited by the door for me at school every morning, no matter what the weather was like outside, and drove me back home as well. He was almost like my body guard in a way. I was never out of his sight, well except for the bathroom but even then he would wait up against the wall across from the girl's bathroom door.

Today was the first day back on the football team for Drew though. He had missed two practices, one in the ambulance with me, and the other talking to me in his car both of us loosing track of the time. So today I would have to wait for him on the bleachers until he could drive me home. It's not like I asked him to drive me everywhere, because that was all his idea whereas I on the other hand had no problem walking myself home. But he was persistent, and refused he very thought of me being alone.

Okay yes it was a little weird, him suddenly wanting to be with me every moment of my life. But hey, if it got me out of having to deal with Amber and Aleeah, then it was fine by me. Amber hadn't even looked at me in the past week , and my daily little talks with Aleeah had stopped completely. And that was saying something! Those girls had been bothering me practically everyday for three years.

We had gotten ourselves into a kind of routine. Meet by the door, go to class, talk insentiently about random topics, sit in the hallway for lunch, back to class, helped each other with our homework during our free period, grabbed our jackets, and then I was driven home. We, along with the rest of the school had gotten used to our day to day system. No one stopped walking to stare at us as we walked to our hallway to eat lunch.

Midway there Drew grabbed my elbow and stopped me. He had a thoughtful look in his eyes and his eyebrows had scrunched together again. "Would you like to come sit with me at my old table...in the cafeteria." He said something that for most people wouldn't be such a big deal, but my mind of course went through every bad scenario that could possibly happen if I said yes.

Me getting hit again

Me tripping on the way to the table and everyone starts laughing

Me making a fool of myself

Saying the wrong thing and being shunned by the entire table

Me sitting down and everyone else standing up to leaving

I felt a hand on my shoulder and picked my head up to look into his face. Where I felt lost, confused, and scared he looked calm and sure of what he was doing- and that was why he was the perfect friend for me. I guess opposites really do attract. I nodded, and his hand that was reassuringly placed on my shoulder slid down to intertwine with my fingers. The moment he did that all of those depressing thoughts ceased their endless screaming in my head, and were replaced with some surprising words. Ok, so remember when I said that I wasn't a really mushy-lovey-dovey person. Yeah, I lied, because the only thing I was thinking was HES HOLDING MY HAND, HES HOLDING MY HAND, HES HOLDING MY HAND, HESHOLDINGMYHANDHESHOLDINGMYHAND!!!!!!

He lead me from the empty hallway into the crowded noisy lunchroom. I wonder how we looked, me smiling stupidly, gaze flickering down to our clasped hands, and him practically pulling my to a table. He led me to a table that was pressed up into the corner, nearest to the wall made up of only windows, and perfectly flooded with the white sunlight of the outside. But what was highlighted in my eyes was that the table was jam packed with half of the football team.

They were everywhere! In a table that was only supposed to fit eight, there were twelve of them all mushed together, and if you factor in their height and all of that muscle it was as if there were sixteen of them. And Drew thinks he could squeeze in there? And then somehow fit a girl into that as well? He was out of his fuckin mind!

One of them stood up and clapped Drew on the shoulder "Nice to have you back man" I stood behind Drew awkwardly, hiding behind him like a two year old.

"Yeah, I convinced Katarina to come sit with us" damn him, I was doing a great job at hiding. The guy looked behind him and smiled at me. "Hi Katarina, I've heard so much about you. Haven't I Drew?" He looked at drew, and my gaze followed his. Drew's usually calm eyes had become wide with his friends words.

"Oh, and I'm Jeffery by the way." he said. Jeffery had blue eyes, and blonde hair that was carelessly pushed to the left side of his forehead. He put out a hand, and I took it in mine shaking it.

'Katarina" Jeffery smiled and said "I know- remember" and with that his eyebrows rose, smirking back at Drew who was still at a loss for words.

As Jeffery sat back down, I gave a small tug at the sleeve of Drew's gray sweater. He looked down at me. "So what was that about?" I asked, singing the words a little to make him smile. And of course I got my way with that one, his white teeth came back out and his body shook with laughter. He directed me towards the table, as one of the other guys at the table got up and found the only extra chair in the whole cafeteria. Drew and I looked at each other for a minute, and I knew that in his mind he was trying to figure out the whole two people to one crappy, plastic, green folding chair.

Just to save time, in the end it came to Drew's idea wining the vote. And yes there was a vote. I thought it was pretty funny- until their votes led me to where I ended up. And to my utter embarrassment I spent the reminder of the lunch period eating my lunch perched on Drew's lap surrounded by a group of people I didn't know. But, hell if Drew trusted them I would too. Because I knew that Drew was the closest thing, if not the only true friend that I knew would look out for me, and always have my back


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