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The Secret // Book One in The Hunter Trilogy

Novel By: Hope Lund
Young adult

Crystal Dupree isn’t any normal eighteen year old college student. Instead of hanging out with humans in her free time, she hangs with the monsters.

Crystal will never forget the night she watched her parents get ripped apart by a monster. The memory is etched deep into her mind. Two years on… and determined to find the monster that killed her parents, Crystal has trained herself to carry on her parents job – hunting monsters of all kinds.

But, when she meets a new born vampire who is fighting to keep his humanity… will she go against all her parents had taught her and try to save him? But is it that easy, when Seth, her best friend and fellow hunter, will stop at nothing to make sure Crystal doesn’t fall for a vampire.

And when the pretty blonde, Aimee, who has a knack for ending up in trouble, enters the hunting world, she brings a lot more with her than she bargained for.
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ear. It hit Crystal like a ton of bricks, like thousands of sharp knives rushing towards her at full speed. She was cold, her whole body frozen in that position, hidden behind a decaying, damp wooden door. Crystal had no idea where she was, but she knew she shouldn't have been there. She had never followed her parents when they were hunting before, but tonight, this cold, misty night, it was different. They had led her to a rotting, abandoned house, in the outskirts of town - that way nobody would be likely to notice movement or hear anything out of the ordinary. It wasn't usual for Crystal to earwig in on her parents' conversations, but as soon as she heard the doubtful assumptions her mother was suggesting to her father, she felt she had to.

The words echoed through her pounding head once more, making this moment real.
'We've heard the stories, Jack… How the hell are we suppose to survive?!'
Her mother's worried voice replayed like a broken record, making a hot droplet fall from her tear duct. It brought slight warmth to her cheek.
The tears, now falling from her eyes, blurred her sight. Crystal instantly whipped away the tears that were burning the rims of her bambi-like eyes.

Crystal wanted to move; she needed to move. She needed to protect her parents, but how? She had no weapons. She only had her eight stone seven pounds self, shaking like a leaf, and the soles of her shoes moulded to the wet, concrete floor. Also, how the hell would she be able to help her parents against… whatever it was, even with a weapon? It's not that it looked 'big and scary', but she could feel the darkness, the evil power it had, poisoning the air. She almost felt the need to put her hand over her mouth and nostrils so she didn't breathe it in.

Her heart was pounding hard in her chest. Her breaths were coming faster in short gasps. Fear. She knew what was coming. She could already see it, playing like a memory in her mind. Why weren't her parents running? Why weren't they trying to escape? Crystal wanted to scream, create a distraction, let them know she was there, watching… but no sound came out. Her throat was sore and her mouth was dry. Her stomach twisted horridly. She couldn't stop the tears now. She was torn; should she have been brave and tried to save her parents? But what would it do? She knew it was some kind of monster; otherwise her parents wouldn't be hunting it.

Crystal's eyes focused on the monster. It was a dark mist, shaped like a human body, but it had horns and claws. The shadowy mist hooded two crimson eyes that seemed to have a silver lining to them and tiny black pupils. It lifted one bone-like hand towards her father and the other towards her mother. For the first time, Crystal saw her parents scared, quivering with fear. Crystal could - should - have run at that very moment; it would have saved her the pain that felt like someone had ripped her heart out as she watched her parents let out a horrific shriek, whilst the monster's clawed hands plunged through their bodies, tearing at their vital organs.

The scream that wouldn't escape her lips before, travelled through the atmosphere, piercing. She fell to the floor, scraping the skin that was exposed from her ripped jeans. The burning tears returned. She couldn't keep the sobs quiet; her parents were dead.

Crystal heard a horrible noise that made her jump, a screeching noise. Her head snapped up, her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped in horror. The monster was hovering over her parent's dead bodies, connecting to their wounds by a silver mist. The silver mist seemed to be being pulled from her parents, like the monster was… feeding.
Hell, this monster is something else!
Crystal thought as she rapidly lifted herself up, scraping her shaking hands as she did so.

Suddenly, the monster's head turned away from the lifeless bodies, and the silver mist disappeared. Crystal felt its blood red eyes on her, watching her, seeing her. It knew she was there, and one word screamed at her, in her head; run.

The Secret (Book One in The Hunter Trilogy) - Propety of Hope Lund.


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